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All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.

Much like the line in Taylor Swift’s popular song, our lives have a tendency to change course when we’re least expecting it. In the 3 years and 7 months since I first started watching dramas, I’ve been taken on the journey of a lifetime. Many things in my life has changed since then. Since I value all of you and your dedication to my blog, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate my current stance on k-dramas and provide some backstory about myself.

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The Sharing Corner #001: What K-Dramas Mean To Me

As long as I can remember, I’ve been enchanted by story-telling. There’s simply something magical about slipping into another world and getting to embark on a journey — whether it’s character or plot driven. It’s a feeling that’s hard to replicate — let alone compete with. Honestly, books have been my number one for so long that I never thought I’d find anything else that I enjoy as much as books. I have one distinct memory from when I was in elementary school.

On a Friday afternoon, I checked out The Wizard of Oz from the school library. After school, I didn’t have the opportunity to read it. Instead, I woke up early on a Saturday, sat at the kitchen table and read more than half of The Wizard of Oz in one sitting. I ended up finishing it later that same day. There’s something to be said for the stories that capture your heart and full attention, but a good story isn’t just limited to a literary classic.

Good stories come in many forms. I learned that lesson well when I discovered k-dramas. Whether there’s the conflict between the first and second male lead vying for the same female lead or the terrible-mannered chaebol heir that falls unknowingly in love with the opinionated, sassy poor girl, you can’t help but fall in love anyway. And it’s not because the male lead is rich and the female lead is poor. On the surface, maybe that was a reason that attracted you to initially watching. (Or maybe it’s because Lee Min Ho is your bias and you can’t help but moon over him as you watched Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter and The Heirs more times than you can count.) For me, story-telling trumps all. I love the character development, the journey, the conflict, and most of all the ability to learn, appreciate, and love another culture.

It’s a great feeling escaping into k-drama land whether it’s a soapy melodrama or a psychological thriller. In nearly a year, there’s very little I haven’t liked about k-dramas. Sure, there are some of the troupes that drive me mad on occasion, but I can’t imagine a world without my favorite k-dramas. Not only are they my escape, but they’re my inspiration. It got me to feel alive and passionate about something again; it got me writing and blogging again, too. It also helped me to deal with my occasional bouts of depression/anxiety. Finding k-dramas has made me a genuinely happy and more upbeat person.

At the end of the day, where would we all be without inspiration and passion? I know I’d be trapped in the dull, monotonous grind of my job.

So, what do k-dramas mean to you? Are they your escape from some of the problems in your real life? Maybe they lift up your spirits when you’re feeling down and depressed? Or maybe what k-dramas mean to you is too hard to summarize into words? (I know I struggled with it.)

A few things about me:

I’m 27 and I’m a Capricorn. In the Chinese Zodiac, I’m the Rabbit. Sadly, I don’t know what my blood type is. When I’m not working, I spend my time split between family, reading, and watching k-dramas. In the midst of all that, I try to squeeze in blogging. I love to help my family save money, so I am a dedicated couponer. I get my thrills from finding a good deal, lol. I also enjoy graphic design and I personally design all of the headers on this blog. The latest features one of my favorite romantic comedy k-dramas: Lie To Me.