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K-Drama: ‘Bride of the Water God’ Poll

Hi readers! I’m currently watching Bride of the Water God and I thought it was time to take a poll. If you’re watching, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. After I catch up on today’s episode, I will be talking in depth about this one and School 2017 as these are the two k-dramas I’ve limited to myself in this round of dramas.



Sensory Couple: First Impressions [Episode 1 & 2]

When I saw the first episode of Sensory Couple (also known as The Girl Who Sees Smells) was available to stream, I knew I had to jump at the chance to watch it. Why? The concept seemed fun and engaging. Plus, there’s Yoochun (huge Rooftop Prince fan here). So, I pulled an all-nighter just to watch it—and let me tell you that it was a struggle to make it my Thursday at work. I’m sure we’ve all been there—getting sucked right into a drama that we throw all rational sense out the window and stay up a lot later than we probably should.

But as any k-drama fan knows, the drooping eyelids and constant yawns throughout the day are totally worth it. (Most of the time, that is.) And if I may be so bold to say, I think Sensory Couple is totally worth a watch or two or three… well, you get the idea.

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two episodes, please proceed with caution as you’ll probably see a lot of spoilers. Read More