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Drama Roundup: Get Your Binge Watch On

It’s the middle of summer here in the US, which means it’s a great time to binge-watch some dramas on those sticky, unbearably hot nights. If you don’t live somewhere that you can beat the heat (like me), it’s the perfect chance to have a quiet, sweat-free weekend with your A/C on full blast as you marathon a new drama.

Some of my selections have wrapped up recently while others have been completed months ago. Nonetheless, these dramas are the best (in my opinion) of what I’ve personally watched. I am very behind in drama watching lately, so I might continue with a part two in the coming weeks.

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Sensory Couple: First Impressions [Episode 1 & 2]

When I saw the first episode of Sensory Couple (also known as The Girl Who Sees Smells) was available to stream, I knew I had to jump at the chance to watch it. Why? The concept seemed fun and engaging. Plus, there’s Yoochun (huge Rooftop Prince fan here). So, I pulled an all-nighter just to watch it—and let me tell you that it was a struggle to make it my Thursday at work. I’m sure we’ve all been there—getting sucked right into a drama that we throw all rational sense out the window and stay up a lot later than we probably should.

But as any k-drama fan knows, the drooping eyelids and constant yawns throughout the day are totally worth it. (Most of the time, that is.) And if I may be so bold to say, I think Sensory Couple is totally worth a watch or two or three… well, you get the idea.

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two episodes, please proceed with caution as you’ll probably see a lot of spoilers. Read More