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Secret Garden: Series Review

Disclaimer: I’ve been hesitant to start this series. Before anyone starts throwing day’s old rice in outrage at me, there’s a good reason. I promise. Ever since I started k-dramas back in April of 2014, I’ve noticed that Secret Garden is on the top of many favorite lists — along with other popular dramas such as Lie To Me and Coffee Prince. So, why have I hesitated for nearly a year? To be completely honest, it was the summary. As I’m a huge book worm, summaries make or break a lot of what I choose to read. Dramas aren’t much different. So, when I discovered that this drama would involve the main leads swapping bodies, I wasn’t feeling the urge to whip up snacks and binge-watch Secret Garden.

Luckily, I saw it again on my most recent search on Netflix, and I thought, “Why not?” Like many dramas before, I’ve experienced a lot of good dramas with terrible summaries and a lot of bad/just-okay dramas with awesome summaries. It’s really hard to predict what you’ll like and what you won’t by a summary or concept alone, but I have to be honest: I understand the appeal of Secret Garden. And this is quite impressive as Rob Schneider’s body-swapping role in the American movie Hot Chick has made body-swapping roles uber creepy and bizarre for me ever since.

Not that anyone needs the mental image, but here it is anyway:

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Another Netflix Addition!

Yet again, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix. I honestly feel like I’ve hit the jackpot as it appears that Netflix is getting a few more licenses for k-dramas. In the past few months, it’s seemed like dramas have been dropping like flies. The selection isn’t the best or newest, but it’s not that bad. Still, it leaves a lot to be desired, so the inner kid in me can’t help but do a victory dance when a new drama surfaces.

If you’re no stranger to k-dramas, or you’ve been around for a few months, there are certain dramas that you hear a wide range of people recommend. This particular drama is one that I’ve seen on many “favorites” lists. It’s also on my enormously long list of dramas to watch as well. Seeing as it’s available on Netflix and I don’t have to endure ads interrupting the middle of my marathon, it looks like I might be watching this one even sooner than I anticipated.

Secret Garden

Summary: A wealthy man and a poor stunt girl fall in love. But things get complicated when their souls become inexplicably swapped and dark secrets surface.

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