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K-Drama: ‘My Shy Boss’ Brief Overview [Ep 1 – 4)


I’ve been anxious, nail-biting anxious in fact, to see Yeon Woo Jin as a leading actor again. Marriage Not Dating is my go-to k-drama rom com. Woo Jin and Han Groo just stole my heart week after week. And while he has been in Divorce Lawyer in Love, I haven’t found the interest or inspiration to try that one just yet. But if you have watched and enjoyed it, you are welcome to lay it on thick. Work your k-drama magic on me. But back to the story at hand–My Shy Boss has really impressed me with it’s blend of comedy, sincerity, and also the realistic portrayal of social disorders.

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K-Drama: ‘My Shy Boss’ Trailer Reactions & 7 Min Teaser

Hi readers!

As I’m working hard to prioritize my k-drama consumption this year, I came across My Shy Boss (aka Introverted Boss) and knew I had to add it to my ever toppling watch list. Drama watching and the real world is a delicate balance, one that I haven’t quite mastered, but I’ll get there eventually. If I can ever stop those late-night, binge-watches! I’m not holding my breathe on that one, but alas! Let’s get down to business and talk about this new workplace drama that will be airing on tvN.

Warning: This looks to be an exclusive on Drama Fever, so this one won’t be available on Viki right now.

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