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K-Drama: ‘My Only Love Song’ Brief Review

Good morning to all my fellow ‘K’ fans out there. Things have been kind of crazy at work and home lately. Not that it’s an excuse, but I’ve had a tough time lately. I’ve been emotionally and physically drained these past few months as there have been a lot of changes to my job and my responsibility. Not that I have an issue with that, mind you. My issue is that I’ve been in a strange place mentally. I’ve been going through the motions and lost my interest in watching dramas for a bit there. After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, things took a turn for the worse at work, and this blog suffered for a few months.

Nonetheless, I love my job. We’re just coming into our busiest time of the year, so stress plays a huge factor in my drama watching.

I attempted to get into the swing of things last month, but when blogging is your hobby and real life strikes, priorities are shifted again. On top of my continued internet woes, I haven’t exactly been a happy camper. It’s okay to be moody. It’s okay to watch dramas and not talk about them. But it’s so relaxing when I can throw all of my energy into talking dramas for a while.

Whining aside, I’m here to talk about a newer k-drama on Netflix called My Only Love Song.

It’s a time slip, fusion historical drama. I watched it as it aired on Netflix in June but I’ve been a little quiet as I’m not entirely sure where I stand with this drama.

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K-Drama: ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ Coming to Netflix

If you’re a fan of Lee Kwang Soo, the adorable giraffe and BFF to Song Joong Ki, you’ll be able to see him in the web drama The Sound of Your Heart. This drama, based on a webtoon, aired last year on Naver TV Cast. It is not available on Viki or DramaFever. In an interesting turn of events, The Sound of Your Heart (all ten episodes) will be available on Netflix on February 24th. It is being called a Netflix Original Series, so this breeds the question: is Netflix getting in on the k-drama game? The answer isn’t clear or definite, but it’s certainly worth thinking about as Netflix continues to grow and provide more original content.

(I apologize if this is old news to anyone. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not on top of anything that goes on with Netflix, but I thought the information was worth sharing!)

Lately, I’ve noticed that there are more k-dramas available than ever on Netflix. I don’t have numbers or proof to back myself, but k-dramas must be generating a lot of hits on Netflix. (That’s my hunch.) Either that or they took a chance on something different. (And something different is certainly something Netflix excels at.) But, generally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of Netflix Original Series as I find a lot of them weird and hard to get into, but I’m actually looking forward to this one.

P.S. Don’t forgot to click the link above. For 2018, Netflix is turning Love Alarm (a graphic novel by Chon Kye Young) into a live action drama as well. Here’s the actual press release from Netflix. I can’t wait to see how Love Alarm does next year. Any chance to have more choices of k-dramas is a chance I won’t let pass on be. And ever since I lost my grandfathered Netflix price, I’ve been wondering if paying $10.79 a month is worth it since I spend most of my drama watching on Viki or DramaFever. I may have just found a good incentive to stick around a little longer. Let’s see what you’ve got, Netflix! 


A Few More K-Dramas on Netflix

Guys, it’s been a very, very trying month. My internet has been so slow that it’s been virtually impossible to stream or watch anything. Getting any of my drama fixes has been a seriously awful ordeal. Thankfully, I was able to hook up our new modem, and I can stream again! I almost cried from sheer joy.

As I result, I happened to go on Netflix and saw that they added even more k-dramas. Daebak!

I really should be in bed as I have work in the early morning, but I linked the newest Netflix offerings in k-dramas. No summaries or pictures this time. Sorry!

Never Die

9 Seconds – Eternal Time

Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Full House 2

Korean Peninsula 


Newest K-Dramas on Netflix

It’s been a while since I posted about available dramas on Netflix, so this post is an attempt to remedy that.

I’m sure you’ve all read my old post on how to find dramas on Netflix. The process hasn’t changed, but if you’re unsure about giving the streaming service a shot, I’ve compiled a list of the latest new additions. There has been a major shuffle in dramas lately, so I’ll try to keep on top of that. Also, I haven’t been watching too much on Netflix, which is a contributing reason as to why these posts have been so few and far between. (Oh the woes of too many streaming subscriptions and so little time!)

If you need a refresher on navigating Netflix to find k-dramas, you can read about it here.

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9 New K-Drama Additions on Netflix


Do you hear that fellow readers? That’s the sound of me shouting from the rooftop how thrilled I am with Netflix right now. Quick, grab your headphones, snacks, and any k-drama watching essentials!

Wae, you may ask? It’s because the site has finally added of wealth of new k-dramas to their lineup. The reason I’m so over the moon is because the k-drama changes have been very few and far between in the last six months or so. I’ve pretty much exhausted myself by constantly checking and wishing and hoping that some more options would arise. I mean, I love and support sites like Viki, Soompi TV (formally k-drama), and even Drama Fever.

But what grinds my gears? Ads. Lots and lots of ads. And repetitive ads at that. I know, I know. It’s a free service, so the ads shouldn’t bug me that much, right? Except my computer almost always freezes on these blasted advertisments and it takes me three times the normal amount of time just to watch one episode. Of course, this could be fixed with buying premium accounts. But seeing as I already have a Netflix subscription, and it’s the most I can afford right now, it’s my go-to place for high quality k-dramas that are ad free. One of these days, I will quit my complaining and find a way to afford premium subscriptions on other websites, but alas, that’s a story for another time and another post.

Here’s the point: If you have a subscription to the streaming site, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some new offerings on the site. During the last six months, k-drama additions have been pretty scarce, so this a pretty major change for those of you that use the streaming service. Below, I’ve compiled a list of all 9 dramas. Also, don’t forget to look here if you’re newer to Netflix and need help finding out how to find k-dramas on the site.

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How To Find K-Dramas And K-Movies On Netflix

When it comes to finding what you want, Netflix can either be a blessing or a curse. And let me tell you that typing “korean drama” (or any other variation) in the search bar on Netflix isn’t very helpful. (And that’s being generous.) You’ll probably bring up a whole mess of results that most likely have zilch to do with your beloved k-drama search. So, if you’re new to Netflix or if you’re thinking about trying it out for a month-long trial, here’s the best way to get straight to your favorite Korean dramas ad free.

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Another Netflix Addition!

Yet again, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix. I honestly feel like I’ve hit the jackpot as it appears that Netflix is getting a few more licenses for k-dramas. In the past few months, it’s seemed like dramas have been dropping like flies. The selection isn’t the best or newest, but it’s not that bad. Still, it leaves a lot to be desired, so the inner kid in me can’t help but do a victory dance when a new drama surfaces.

If you’re no stranger to k-dramas, or you’ve been around for a few months, there are certain dramas that you hear a wide range of people recommend. This particular drama is one that I’ve seen on many “favorites” lists. It’s also on my enormously long list of dramas to watch as well. Seeing as it’s available on Netflix and I don’t have to endure ads interrupting the middle of my marathon, it looks like I might be watching this one even sooner than I anticipated.

Secret Garden

Summary: A wealthy man and a poor stunt girl fall in love. But things get complicated when their souls become inexplicably swapped and dark secrets surface.

*Click on the image above for a direct link to the Secret Garden Netflix page!


Latest Netflix Addition

There haven’t been many new dramas added to Netflix since I started watched them in April. And even if you sort TV Shows by the “Korean Dramas” subgenre, you still won’t see all the available k-dramas. Nonetheless, on my weekly round of Netflix, I noticed a new addition. (Click on the image below to be taken right to the drama’s page on Netflix.)

The Great Queen Seondeok.

Summary: This historical epic follows the rise of the first female ruler of Shilla and the palace intrigue and romance accompanying her reign.

I can’t vouch for this series as I’ve never watched it, but as I’m a historical drama junkie, it seems like it would be right up my alley. Goodbye, weekend! Hello, k-drama marathon!