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As I’ve watched a copious amount of dramas since May of 2015, I thought it was long overdo to add onto my original list found here. This time, I’ll be adding other Asian dramas to the mix to make this list more well-rounded. I have watched many amazing series in the past year, and while I don’t get to mention or post about them all, there are characters I simply cannot forget. I love a good romance and having any excuse to dote over my favorites.

Note: I took an agonizing amount of time on YouTube searching for the videos that I felt best encompassed these characters and showcase why I love them as much as I do. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. I might continue these kinds of posts in the future if there’s an interest for it.

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Drama Roundup: Get Your Binge Watch On

It’s the middle of summer here in the US, which means it’s a great time to binge-watch some dramas on those sticky, unbearably hot nights. If you don’t live somewhere that you can beat the heat (like me), it’s the perfect chance to have a quiet, sweat-free weekend with your A/C on full blast as you marathon a new drama.

Some of my selections have wrapped up recently while others have been completed months ago. Nonetheless, these dramas are the best (in my opinion) of what I’ve personally watched. I am very behind in drama watching lately, so I might continue with a part two in the coming weeks.

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