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Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar

In k-drama land, there are plenty of reasons that make us love one more than the other. It could be a culmination of factors — plot, acting, setting, music, etc. For me, some the dramas that stand out the most are the ones that have strong, beautiful, epic-style love stories between the two leads. I won’t even attempt to lie: love stories are my favorite part of books and moves. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me wishing that I’ll one day find my own love. Either way, I have a deeper connection with the dramas that have beautiful love story over the sillier, quirky dramas. (Not that the silly ones aren’t good, FYI.)

Below I’ve compiled a list of the leads that have made me feel every emotion in the book… and then some.

Warning: As always, there will be spoilers in my list. Please proceed at your own risk.

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Bride of the Century: Review


Bride of the Century, a romantic melodrama with supernatural/fantasy undertones, was a masterpiece from start to finish. It’s the story of a prominent family that runs a huge business called Taeyang Corporation, who believe in a one-hundred-year-old curse that’s been passed down through the generations. The basics of said curse are that the eldest son’s first bride will die.

Cue the drama, folks!

You know how you always seem to find a diabolical, scheming mother in every other kdrama (slight exaggeration… I know)?  This one starts with two, but only one mother turns out to be just as bad—possibly worse—than Goo Jun Pyo’s mother, Kang Hee-soo, from Boys Over Flowers. What I will spoil is that one mother will suffer for her choices while another mother will rise above and get a second chance.

There’s also the mystery of how Yi-Kyung and Doo Rim could pass for twins. That story won’t be answered until the final episode, so practicing your patience skills is a must to truly love this drama. Were they separated from birth? Are they related somehow? Was it just a coincidence? Was it something else entirely?

The breakdown of the plot is that Yi-Kyung is the fiancee of Kang-Joo. It’s basically an arranged marriage. Na Doo Rim is brought in when Yi-Kyung vanishes. They want to keep up the facade because their company is going to go under unless they get some money. It turns out that the arrangement with Na Doo Rim was orchestrated because of the curse associated with Kang-Joo and his family legacy. Because of the curse, Ma Jae-Ran conspires with her daughter to bring in Na Doo Rim to marry Kang-Joo and essentially sacrifice herself.  Na Doo Rim, needing money for her grandmother’s surgery, agrees to the conditions of the plan, but she has no idea about the curse or the family using her as a sacrifice.

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