Podcast Reviews

podcast reviews

Welcome to our blog’s newest page!

In an effort to make all of our lives easier, I have created a new page specifically for reviews that Tiff and I record through the Weekend In Dramaland podcast. I know reading a review is faster than listening to all of these episodes, so please be sure to add your feedback. We may do companion written reviews to accompany podcast reviews. Anything is possible.

If you’re interested in our other podcast episodes, you can find a complete listing for Weekend In Dramaland. Depending on where you like to stream, you can find us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and our podcast host: Castos.

Podcast Reviews

100 Days My Prince
1-4 5-8

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
1-4 | 5-8 | 9-10 | 11-14 | 15-16