k-drama recommendations

Action Recommendation:

City Hunter Promo Poster 4

One of my favorite dramas, to date, is City Hunter. It’s full of action, some bad ass fight scenes, a sweet romance, great characters, great chemistry between the actors,  an awesome original soundtrack, clever twists and it contains a very progressive plot. This was my second back-to-back drama staring Lee Min Ho. It wasn’t until after City Hunter, that my curiosity grew about Lee Min Ho and I started to do some research. Apparently, he’s a household name in South Korea. After watching this drama, you’ll understand exactly why. This series is what I dub a “repeat offender.” One watch is never enough.

Pairs well with: Healer

Fantasy/Romance Recommendation:


How about a series that will give you fairy tale feels? And how about a series that adds a dash of supernatural to the mix? When combined, you get Bride of the Century. I am all for a drama that keeps moving forward, and Bride of the Century definitely fits that bill. Moreover, the plot is original, the curve balls really impressed me, and there was also a sweet chemistry between the lead actor and actress. It’s a little heavy on the “drama” sometimes, but Yang Jin-Sung effortlessly blew my mind as she played two radically different characters that are identical in looks. Jin-Sung’s subtle differences between Doo-Rim and Yi-Kyung was flawless. I assume that they had to use “split screen” technique with Jing-Sung where both her characters interacted. This is definitely a must watch for fellow romantics who like a dash of mystery and supernatural woven into their dramas.

Pairs well with: Rooftop PrinceQueen In Hyun’s Man, and Secret Garden.

Paranormal/Mystery/Romance Recommendation:

When it comes to paranormal dramas, Who Are You scores high points across the board. It’s the story of a woman who wakes up from a six-year coma only to realize that she can see ghosts. On top of that, she’s dealing with the gaps in her memory and what happened to her the night she landed in the hospital six-years ago. Who Are You is an absolutely brilliant, well-written drama that excels in the story-telling and character growth department. If you like your series with a dash of darkness and mystery (and even a nice little thread of romance), Who Are You doesn’t disappoint in the least.

Pairs well with: I Can Hear Your Voice.

Romantic Comedy Recommendation:

marriage, not dating

There is a large portion of my heart that has a soft spot for a good romantic comedy, and Marriage, Not Dating left me smiling from week-to-week. It’s the story of 29 year-old Joo Jang Mi, who works in a department store. She dreams of finding true love and getting married. Throw in some hi-jinks and a fake marriage with Gong Gi Tae and stir well. This drama is a crazy ride, but it’s a fun ride you’ll be glad you took a chance on. Things only get better when the fake arrangement prompts genuine feelings between the two. Even the leads have palpable, believable chemistry that makes you want to root for their characters to get it together. If you want a good ol’ romance that isn’t too serious or melodramatic, you’ve found a great place to start with a show that has just recently finished airing.

Pairs well with: Lie To Me and Jeju Island Gatsby.

Music-Centered Romance Recommendation:

I tend to have insanely (re: impossible) standards when it comes to finding a drama that is music-centered. For that reason, I’ve left this spot empty. But Tomorrow’s Cantabile came along and stole my heart. One might argue that the best part of this drama were the classical music history lessons that the show managed to effortlessly weave into the story. (I definitely won’t argue that point.) Tomorrow’s Cantabile tells the story of Nae Il, a quirky yet talented pianist. She’s fun, playful, and doesn’t like to take music too seriously. Enter Joo Yin who is serious, standoffish, and a brilliant pianist who has aspirations to become a conductor. Nae Il and Joo Yin are the opposites in every way, but music is the foundation to their souls, and it’s what helps bring them together as they study, learn, and grow up while attending a music university. I love this drama to bits — just keep in mind that Nae Il’s character may not be everyone’s cup of tea (type).

Pairs well with: Trot Lovers and Heartstrings.


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