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T-Drama: ‘P.S. Man’ Series Review

I have quite the growing ‘to watch’ list, so I decided to tackle it with a Taiwanese drama since I had such a good experience watching The Perfect Match last year. Make note: my experience with t-dramas is quite limited. I’m continuously trying to broaden my horizons and be better-rounded in the Asian dramas I watch.

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with blogging, too. I’m on a bit of a drama kick, so you’ll be seeing much more from me this year. Hopefully, I can keep up this momentum throughout 2018!


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T-Drama: ‘The Perfect Match’ Series Review

Hi, readers!

I’m in the midst of getting back into a schedule for drama watching and blogging. Hooray! That said, I surprisingly fell in love with The Perfect Match and I’m recommending it readily. The review will be a bit lacking in gifs as my slow-loading internet is still holding a grudge against me. At least I can spend some time talking about this drama as I’ve enjoyed it beyond measure.

The Perfect Match is a Taiwanese drama that heavily centers itself around cooking, family, and love. It stars Chris Wu and Ivy Shao who have some pretty sizzling chemistry together if you ask me.

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All The New Things

Hi guys!

It’s been quite a month and k-dramas had to be pushed to the back burner for a bit. I was still watching, but I was unable to blog for a bit. But I’m back and ready to start blogging again.

Right now, the only k-drama I’m currently watching is Suspicious Partner, which I hope to touch base on soon. I like it, think it’s well written, and both Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are fantastic, but it feels like it’s missing a little something. It was the perplexing feeling I had while I watched Legend of the Blue Sea. I still can’t place what was off there, either. Nonetheless, I do thoroughly enjoy Suspicious Partner and can’t wait to talk about it as there’s a lot to love and chat about.

I’m not the biggest Taiwanese drama fan. I have a lot more misses than hits, but if a summary catches my eye, I’ll usually give it a shot. Recently, I started The Perfect Match and I’m completely addicted. T-dramas are not my favorite style of dramas, so when I fall in love with one, it’s pretty special. The Perfect Match only has two more episodes to air before it’s over, so it’s a great time to jump on in. This is top T-drama material and it’s easily the best Asian drama I’m currently watching. Two big thumbs up. Stay tuned as I plan to do a review on this drama when it wraps in two weeks.

Other than dramas, I recently fell down the rabbit hole and found myself swept up in Lularoe. I’ve already met a lot of great people through this company, and it’s inspired me to be more pro-active with my own dreams. It hasn’t been particularly kind to my bank account, so I’m practicing self-control and restraint this month.

I’ve also been on the road to rebuilding my credit. Long story short, there were a period in my life where I wasn’t working and also didn’t have health insurance. It resulted in some medical bills going to collections and majorly damaging my credit. Not my finest hour, but I’ve been spending a lot of time clearing things up and getting my credit back to tip-top shape. I’ll get there eventually, but working through this and other real life drama unfortunately has left me emotionally exhausted and too “meh” too blog.

But back to dramas and blogging. I’m working on a few posts to hopefully finish in the coming week.  I’m also trying to decide on another k-drama to watch, but I haven’t been wowed by any of the current dramas. If you have suggestions, I’m happy to listen. Once Suspicious Partner ends it’s either work on my “to watch drama watch” or take on a new show and hope for the best.

I also want to do a major overhaul of this blog – in terms of the layout theme. I’ve had this current theme for three years and I feel it’s more than time for a change. I do swap out header images that I design, but I feel in need of a larger change to breathe fresh life into ISWAKD. This probably won’t happen this month, but it’s on my list of things to do in the near future.

So, a brief overview:

  1. New content coming to the blog this week. (1-2 posts at least.) Yay!
  2. In need of k-drama suggestions. (Leaning towards new dramas, please!)
  3. Working on a new blog design for the distant future.



T-Drama: Alice in Wonder City


Once in a great while, I find myself yearning to watch a Taiwanese drama. When I saw that Viki finally obtained the license for Alice in Wonder City, I headed straight down the rabbit role to join the adventure. I have to openly admit I am drawn to most things that find inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” and this drama was no different for me.

If you click on the link below, you can read some of my thoughts. But be warned: there are some spoilers. I tried to keep it brief, but I do give a few things away.

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T-Drama: Murphy’s Law of Love


I’m going to stray from my usual posts to focus on yet another branch of delightful Asian dramas: Taiwanese dramas.

While I don’t have the experience with t-dramas the way that I do with k-dramas, I’m still going to spend a little bit of time talking about my new favorite drama, Murphy’s Law of Love. I’ve been feeling a serious lack of connection with dramas lately. After Healer wrapped up in early February, I feared that the bar had been set too high. (What could top that drama for me? What could be half as appealing as Healer was? Ji Chang Wook, this is all your fault!)

I’ve been singing the drama blues, readers. It seems that I’ve started more than half a dozen dramas and then… well, I kind of left them hanging. New, old… didn’t matter. I couldn’t find a single show that hooked me in five minutes. The struggle was real until I gave Murphy’s Law of Love a chance.

I do warn all of you that this post will contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched the series or if you’re not up to date, please proceed with caution. 

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