Thai Drama: ‘Kiss Me Again’ Review

Kiss Me Again Review. 5 of the ‘Kiss’ Novels by Hideko Sunshine Disclaimer: There was a lot going on in this version. They crammed so many characters into this drama. Why they decided to cram in 4 books of content into one drama, I’ll never know. It made it overall messy and sometimes lacking. (At least Blue […]

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Dramas I’ll Be Watching In January

New Years come with many resolutions. Some of us may start the year off idealistic and determined to meet all of our goals, but then life happens and things fall by the wayside. I know I am guilty of this and sometimes this blog fails to be current due to my own shortcomings. But, with […]

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Give Thanks: Thai/Lakorn Style

give thanks: thai/lakorn style

Keeping up with the tradition of the last segment, this time we focus on Thai Dramas and Lakorns. Both may be spoken in the same language, but the style of storytelling is so much different. Be sure to read and check out some of my Thai and Lakorn suggestions below to help you get into the giving thanks mood.

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Poll: What Drama Should We Podcast Review Next?

Hi, all! A new podcast episode is coming this week. We will record it Thursday evening and I will try to edit and upload that same night. (If not, then Friday evening after work. I am prepping for a huge yard sale this weekend, so after work, my free time is really tied up at […]

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‘Panthakan Rak’ Review

panthakan rak review

  Panthakan Rak Review Panthakan Rak is centered around the story of Panthakan aka Pan. He is rich, educated and good looking. On the other hand, he has an awful personality, torments his father and stepmother, and is very vengeful. Pan is the furthest thing from empathetic and kind, which shows in spades. As a child, […]

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