Kim Woo Bin Movie Recommendations

kim woo bin

  Kim Woo Bin Movie Recommendations: As you may or may not know, Kim Woo Bin’s been out of the spotlight for more than a year. In 2017, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. He has been seeking treatment, but updates on his health condition have been few and far between. Although, whenever we get an […]

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My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018

My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018 I had a tough time with k-dramas this year. A lot of them just didn’t appeal to me in any shape or form. Try as I might, I was unable to press play on quite a few dramas this year. Sometimes we go through phases where hardly anything is […]

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How To Help Get Dramas Licensed On Viki

how to get dramas licensed on viki

Let’s get those dramas licensed! Your thoughts matter and can help get content licensed. Submit your drama requests and don’t give up. It may seem like a pipe dream, but your thoughts can be heard with a little determination.

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ISWAKD Getting in the Halloween Spirit

Hi, all! Are you into spooky movies? If yes, this post may be for you. This week, the 31st, is officially Halloween. It falls on a Wednesday, so it will be hard to binge watch any series this late in the game, so I opted for some movies instead. I haven’t watched all that many […]

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K-Movie Recommedation: ‘Train To Busan’

If you’re still in the throes of despair after having to say goodbye to Goblin and Gong Yoo, I have some great news to ease your pain. While going through Netflix, I discovered that Train To Busan is available to watch. Score! I saw this movie last year and thought it was excellent and top notch. If you’re a fan […]

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