‘Well-Intended Love,’ A Contract Marriage C-Drama

Contract Marriage, Anyone? Let me tell you a secret little. Well, this might not be a secret to everyone, but I have a sweet tooth for contract marriages and marriage of convenience plot lines. Seeing two people entering into a fake relationship and, most times, thrust into co-habitation can make for a great story. I […]

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How To Help Get Dramas Licensed On Viki

how to get dramas licensed on viki

Let’s get those dramas licensed! Your thoughts matter and can help get content licensed. Submit your drama requests and don’t give up. It may seem like a pipe dream, but your thoughts can be heard with a little determination.

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Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

give thanks: chinese drama style

I round out the Give Thanks series with some of my favorite Chinese and Taiwanese dramas that fit this theme. Whether it’s food, family, or romance, every drama I’ve listed has elements of each to get you in that Thanksgiving spirit.

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New Chinese Streaming Service ‘Bambu’ Coming in 2019

New Chinese Streaming Service 'Bambu'

Disclaimer: This isn’t brand new news. If you watch a lot of Chinese dramas, you may already know about this. It’s been posted on multiple websites, but I just wanted to share anyway. If you’re interested in trying Chinese dramas but haven’t yet, stay tuned and keep reading. More options are coming, yay!  New Chinese Streaming […]

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