Kim Woo Bin Movie Recommendations

kim woo bin

  Kim Woo Bin Movie Recommendations: As you may or may not know, Kim Woo Bin’s been out of the spotlight for more than a year. In 2017, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. He has been seeking treatment, but updates on his health condition have been few and far between. Although, whenever we get an […]

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My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018

My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018 I had a tough time with k-dramas this year. A lot of them just didn’t appeal to me in any shape or form. Try as I might, I was unable to press play on quite a few dramas this year. Sometimes we go through phases where hardly anything is […]

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Man Crush Monday: Park Seo Joon

Welcome to Man Crush Monday: Park Seo Joon style! If you’ve been having a tough day, I hope this post will help cheer you up. While this isn’t a shocking choice as Tiff and I have been devouring and podcasting all about What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, I thought it was only fitting to give Park […]

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Man Crush Monday: Marcus Chang

marcus chang

Good Morning drama lovers! Welcome to Man Crush Monday: Marcus Chang style! I started Man Crush Monday a few years ago, but never continued it. In my effort to be stricter with myself and keep a schedule with regular content here at ISWAKD, I am resurrecting Man Crush Monday. Two years ago, the winner was Ji […]

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Seo In Guk ‘Best of the Best’ K-Drama Roundup

Well, I’m pretty devastated that we’re losing yet another 1987 (my birth year as well!) actor: Seo In Guk. (Why does it always seem like your favorites are all going at the same time?)  The adorable and charming singer/actor, will be signing up for his mandatory enlistment on March 28th. And cue the cry heard […]

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