Asian Dramas on Netflix

asian dramas on netflix

Here is a listing of Asian dramas you can find on Netflix.

Disclaimer: These listings reflect what is available on the US Netflix. Licensing is different around the world, so please note that some of these options may or may not be available to you. I try to update and maintain all of these listings at least once a month. Sometimes there isn’t any new content, so I won’t always have new Asian dramas to add from Netflix.

The reason I’ve put together these types of posts is because I know Netflix is not always the easiest to find what you want. You may search for a Japanese drama and find results that are Chinese or Korean. It’s not a perfect system. Whether you’re a Netflix rookie or an expert, I hope these lists prove useful.

Thai Dramas

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas

Filipino Movies/Dramas

Japanese Dramas

COMING SOON. I will also be putting together a listing for Malaysian and Singaporean dramas on Netflix very soon. Korean dramas are pretty easy to find on Netflix, but I’m thinking of adding them as well. My goal is to have a well-rounded list of Asian content available on Netflix.