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One, quiet, muggy night, I toss and turn in bed. There is nothing particularly special about this evening. I’m a chronic insomniac. And I honestly, truly, 100% believe that some of my brightest ideas come between the time of wanting to sleep and the frustration of being unable to sleep.

And on this normal, April night, I am plagued with the image of a Korean Drama I recall seeing on my Netflix recommendations. The thought of it is haunting me in my sleepless state and I don’t know what to do. Then, an idea, as frustratingly bright as an LED bulb, strikes me. I’ve had the Kindle Fire HD for over a year and I’ve never watched a single movie or television show on it.

By this point, I roll over in bed, grab my Kindle frantically and rush to the Amazon Appstore and download the Netflix app. It’s probably the longest minute of my life (slightly exaggerated) but my racing heart reminds me that it’ll all be worth it. This “need” to watch is foreign to me. I can’t escape it until I relent and give in.

And, thus, knowing absolutely nothing about k-dramas or which ones to watch, I plunge wide awake into the world of Playful KissI’m a bit overwhelmed as I try to expertly split my attention between reading the subtitles and watching the actions of the characters on screen. It all begins a lot like a love-hate relationship where I’m equally captivated and frustrated, but as I’m not the type to give up easily, I carry on.

It happens before I even realize it. Just like that, my eyes are glued to the screen, and by the first handful of episodes, I know full and well how to say “sorry” in Korean. (I might even start whispering it in my sleep, but that story is better suited for another time.) All I know is that my love for k-dramas is stubbornly sticking around. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

My journey has only just begun.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, one and all!

My name is Andrea. I’m 31 years young and I’m also a k-drama fanatic. In recent years, I’ve gotten into k-pop and have much adoration for EXO and rookie group Ateez. I also have a tendency to play addicting k-drama soundtracks on repeat.

When I’m not blogging, watching dramas, or listening to k-pop groups, I can be found couponing, podcasting, baking, going on mini road trips, gardening, reading and more.

This blog began as a place to occasionally talk about dramas and keep track of them for my own records, but it has grown into so much more. I’ve even expanded to other Asian dramas over the years—Taiwanese, Chinese, Thai (Lakorns), and even Filipino dramas every now and again. I watch more than I blog about, but I’m actively working to change that.

Please feel free to stick around and introduce yourself. This little blog is my labor of love and my safe haven. It all began here at ISWAKD with my Welcome Wagon post.

Tiff’s portion coming soon!



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