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A Year In Review: 2019

2019 was quite the tumultuous year. As we’re only a few days from ringing in 2020, I thought it would be a great chance to get back on track and talk about all things dramas.

Personally, this was not my favorite year for dramas. I fell into a massive slump over the past few months and I’ve never recovered. I’ve also watched way more c-dramas than k-dramas this year. As much as I love my k-dramas, I wasn’t very wowed with the selection this year. To be quite honest, 2019 was a letdown for me when it came to k-dramas. There were a few shining stars, but again, not too many of the series that came out this year caught my attention.

Everyone has different tastes. Maybe 2019 was an amazing k-drama experience for you. For me, it was just okay. For the most part, 2019 was a forgettable drama year for me. Perhaps my heart just wasn’t that into it this year. Between scandals and suicides, 2019 was a very rough year in South Korea. I can only hope for a brighter, healthier 2020.

A Year in Review: 2019

We started off the year strong with Kingdom, which had me extremely hopeful for the year. I love the zombie genre and also loved the box office smash movie Train to Busan. Zombies in the Joseon era had my undivided attention. I also loved Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, so I had a feeling that Kingdom would be right up my alley. It definitely was.

Lee Jong Suk slayed me in his noona drama Romance is a Bonus Book. I don’t think there’s a drama I’ve ever disliked of his. Absolute Boyfriend and Hotel Del Luna starred breakout actor Yeo Jin Goo and I’ve never loved him more. Also, lets not forget to mention IU and her breathtaking wardrobe and acting skills—she completely owned her role as Man Wol. While the endings of both dramas weren’t my favorite, both were able to make me laugh and cry.

Park Min Young reminded me of how versatile an actress is with her role in Her Private Life. I love me a good rom com and this ticked all the right boxes. Who else wishes they had a Ryan Gold in their life that would be supportive of your fangirl tendencies? Also, while I haven’t finished it, I wanted to talk Melting Me Softly. I love the concept and am enjoying Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah together. While everyone hasn’t been a fan of this drama, it’s kept my attention. This hasn’t engrossed me to the degrees that Healer and Just Between Lovers have, but it’s still one of the better k-dramas I’ve watched this year.

Next to KingdomHe Is Psychometric was the darkest drama I watched this year. I honestly was pleasantly surprised and hooked. There were twists and turns with the characters and plots that I wasn’t expecting at times. The relationship between the brother’s (okay, so not real brothers but they treated each other like one) gave me flashbacks to I Remember You with Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum.

As far as c-dramas, my favorite of the year was Go Go Squid. If you like a lighter drama with unrequited love, gaming, and a smart female lead, I readily recommend this one. An honorable second place was The Brightest Star in the Sky. I haven’t posted about this c-drama just yet, and while the plot isn’t really that new or inventive, the characters and their stories really resonated with me. The Brightest Star in the Sky stars Tao (former Exo member) and I felt that he really owned the role. By series end, I felt that his character had grown tremendously and blossomed into the best person he could be. Put Your Head on my Shoulder was also cute and I enjoyed the co-habitation hijinks.

In general, I haven’t finished as many dramas this year as I have in the past. I had a hard staying interested in dramas. The rare exceptions were the ones I binge-watched in less than a week, or waited on baited breath for them to be subbed weekly on Viki.

When it comes to Thai dramas, I was enraptured by Boy For Rent. It was my favorite of the year, actually. To be fair, I haven’t watched maybe Thai dramas or lakorns this year as I just didn’t have as much free time. But this was the one drama I was obsessed with and had a hard time waiting for the weekly episodes to air.

Overall, how did I feel about 2019?

It was a bit of a bust to be honest. Real world drama coupled with many dramas that didn’t hit the mark made this a less than impressive year for me. I certainly had a few favorites that I feel confident in saying have great rewatch value.

What does 2020 hold?

Well, I sort of have a second job in additional to my full time job. I’m trying to find a good way to balance all of that as well as this blog. My goal is to keep myself organized in 2020 so that I can do everything I want without feeling too stressed or spread too thin. These things are a delicate balance to master. I will try to post more as well as bring on a friend to help with posting content when I’m too busy. I plan on revamping this site with a new layout, so stay tuned.

I’m hoping for a bright and prosperous 2020. And I hope all of you will stay with me to enjoy the ride.

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