My Top 3 ATEEZ Music Videos

ateezI find it hard to keep up with all the k-pop artists that debut every year, but rookie group ATEEZ is a rare exception.

As I made the decision to attend KCON NY, I realized I didn’t know very many of the artists. Up until this year, I’ve focused more on Asian dramas and movies rather than music. However, I really wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about k-pop and the culture in the flesh. And what better way than through KCON.

I prepared the best that I could and listened to playlists on Spotify that featured all of the groups attending KCON NY. The most surprising realization for me was taking a special interest in ATEEZ. Of course you’ll ask why and the answer is quite simple. I am not a fan of the rap genre. It just doesn’t do it for me—and this is not me trashing the genre; it’s just a personal preference. And yet, somehow, spunky and energetic Hongjoong captivated me with his rap lines.

When I started to research the group and realized that Hongjoong and Mingi contribute a lot musically in terms of lyrics, it really made me respect and see the group in yet another light.

The icing on the cake was seeing them perform live at Madison Square Garden. It has only fueled my love for this adorable group of guys and their catchy music. I can’t describe the electricity that went through the venue when they performed. It still gives me chills when I reminisce. To me, they are and still will always be my favorite act from night one. The rest of the crowd seemed to agree with my thoughts.

They have become my go to music at work, and to honest, ATEEZ is all I want to listen to them at work. I find them inspirational and appreciate all that they do for their fellow ATINY.

Although, I don’t get to watch their MV’s enough, here are my top three.


The choreography is stunning and the level of energy and intensity in this music video is ATEEZ at their very best. They’ve got rings of fire, chains, stairs to nowhere, a marching band, flowers, flags and so much more going on in this video. Wonderland is a bop and it’s clear why this song was chosen as their first single on their latest album Treasure: Ep:Fin: All To Action. Continue to slay my boys, continue to slay.


Wave is a laid-back, beachy song that screams summer bliss. On first impression, it might not be that special, but it’s ATEEZ having a good time at a skate park, dancing through a supermarket, and dancing on the beach. The last shot pans away from the group watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean. This was my summer jam and this music video was just all kinds of fun. Upbeat, full of bright colors, yet simple in execution. You can’t help but scream “Hakuna Matata” at the top of your lungs while watching and listening to this song.


The “treasure” is all over this music video. ATEEZ are on their own flying pirate ship, and yes, their name is branded on the side. They’re hunting for treasure and tiny Hongjoong’s sass and personality sparks through the screen and was one of my personal favorite elements on this video. The boys are dancing around and on the hunt for treasure. Illusion is a jam that will have you dancing and jumping around, unable to contain yourself. A very fun concept and excellent video.

And there you have it, 3 of my top ATEEZ music videos. It was a tough choice, but I went with the ones that had the most re-watch value for me. Do you like ATEEZ? Let me know your bias and favorite song. I love each and every member, but I can’t lie and admit that Hongjoong is my bias. Picking a favorite song is tough as their latest comeback album is really stealing my heart.

I also wanted to mention that their V Lives are also the cutest things ever. You can head to their official website to learn more about this group and add them on all social media platforms.


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