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What I’m Watching In September

Hi friends,

Long time, no post! Drama watching has been on the back burner the past month, but I wanted to put together a list of what I’m watching in September. Or what I’ll be watching. I’m getting back into the swing of posting full time again, so feel free to let me know what you’re currently watching this month.

Currently Watching:

The King’s Avatar: This is a Chinese drama that is currently available on Netflix. It stars Yang Yang and is based on a donghua series of the same name. The gaming scenes are awesome and I love the attention to detail. Yang Yang is also convincing as his character and I enjoy all of the relationships surrounding his character… for the most part. There isn’t any romance in this drama, and as a romance-loving girl, it is a downside but it hasn’t affected my overall interest in the story.

Sometimes I find parts and focus on other characters to be a bit boring, so I do have the take the occasional break from this one. The friendship/camaraderie is what keeps me coming back, but if I’m being completely honest, the subtitles on Netflix are a mess. I’m familiar with some gaming terminology, but it’s sometimes hard to understand what some of the phrases mean.  I wish that the subtitles also included explanations—something that I really appreciate about the fan subbing community on Viki.

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (Season 1)This is yet another Chinese drama, but it is currently subtitled on Viki. Master Devil is cheesy, low-budget, and it isn’t full of the best acting. It’s not often that I watch youth dramas like this again, so I’m surprised that I’m still sticking around. The dubbing is also noticeably off for some characters, which can be a small distraction at times. Nonetheless, it’s a silly kind of fun drama that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I am a bit miffed by some of the plot holes and lack of logic at times, but if you don’t go into this drama expecting something amazing, it’s an okay choice to pass the time.

Hotel Del LunaI plan to wrap up this drama this month. It has exceeded all of my expectations and I am just loving Yeo Jin Goo and IU. They are slaying everything. I’m also really proud of the Hong Sisters. I’m up to episode 14 now and I’m pretty happy with the plot, characters, and the direction of the story. You all know that Hwayugi was an extremely sore spot for me as that drama seriously fell off the wagon in the last half and never recovered. I feel like Hotel Del Luna is proving to be one of the best Hong Sisters dramas in recent years. That’s my personal opinion, of course.

3 Will Be FreeThis is a Thai drama that is currently being uploaded with English subtitles on YouTube. I am so stoked to see Mild portraying a different sort of character than she usually does. This drama is a bit more mature and may not be appropriate for younger viewers. It’s probably the darkest Thai drama I’ve ever watched from GMMTV.

Back To 1989: My Taiwanese-loving-heart has a big thing for Marcus Chang. Recently, I’ve started to dig into some of his other dramas as I really enjoyed Between (except towards the end) and loved every second of Behind Your Smile. I’m really enjoying seeing Taiwan back in 1989. The fashion and the technology also makes this drama a delight for me to watch. It’s still early in my watching on this drama, but I’m hoping it’s a bit better than Between. 

To Watch List:

Vagabond: Lee Seung Gi, check and more check please. I’ve never not liked LSG in a drama. Suzy is not a favorite actress of mine, but the trailers of this drama look too awesome to dismiss. For me, this is the “drama of the year” that I’m most looking forward to watching. This series will be airing on SBS and internationally we’ll have access to it on Netflix.

And there you have it! A few dramas I’m currently watching in September as well as the k-drama I’m most looking forward to watching this month.


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