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Upcoming Thai Drama: ‘3 Will Be Free’

3 Will Be Free

3 will be freeIt’s felt like a lifetime since I talked about a GMMTV Thai drama before it was airing, but it’s not shocking that upcoming Thai Drama ‘3 Will Be Free’ has caught my undivided attention.

If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that I love Mild Wirapon. She first caught my eye in The Ugly Duckling Series: ‘Don’t, then in Kiss: The Series, Kiss Me Again, U Prince Series: Badly Politics, and Love Books Love Series: Secret & Summer.

While I love when she’s typecast as an outspoken tomboy, I have to say that I love Mild’s character already. I watched the 3 Will Be Free trailer on youtube and was floored. Her character is very bad ass and different.

This is heavy content for GMMTV and I love that our characters seem more mature. Typically, Thai dramas contain content that usually in school—whether it’s high school or college.

I’ve included the synopsis of 3 Will Be Free below. Judging from the summary and genre tags on MDL, we’re in store for a very intense, thrilling Thai drama.


Neo is a stripper who is running away from a loan shark and his gang (Known as Crazy48) for stealing a purse that contains compromising information from the group. One fine day, the criminals find him in the bar where he works. In attempting to escape, he ends up bumping into two people who will change his life: Chin, a gay boy who is the son of a gangster who is frustrated at being rejected by a friend; and Mew, the manager of the stripper bar who is running away from her past. Accidentally, they end up killing one of the gang members who was chasing Neo, which make them enemies of the gang. Now all three need to find a solution to escape from this situation together, while at the same time managing the physical and sentimental attraction that arises between them.  –MyDramaList

My Thoughts.

The content reminds me more of a grown up lakorn than a GMMTV Thai drama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Here we’re going to have gangs, death, violence, loan sharks, prostitution, strippers, and quite possibly a poly-amorous relationship between Neo, Chin and Mew? Oh yeah, GMMTV has upped the ante and is giving us everything we never knew we wanted all rolled up in one Thai drama.

As 3 Will Be Free is only billed with 10 episodes total—it poses a great question. How long will these episodes be? 45 minutes? 1 hour? Time will tell, but I’m hoping for long episodes as we have an action-packed drama on our hands. We also have a great main cast with Mild, Tay, and Gun. I’m looking forward to an edgy, dark drama that is full of a variety of characters.

The 3-minute trailer is available on YouTube and is fully subtitled in English, Korean, and Indonesian! I have appreciated the fact that GMMTV really cares about their international audiences and releases subtitles in multiple languages. This year, I have really enjoyed their ability to post new thai dramas while they’re airing live in Thailand. In the past, the turnaround was never this quick.

Are you a fan of the cast? Have you watched Thai dramas from GMMTV before? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments. Also, if you’ve enjoyed the content, don’t forget to like and subscribe. It helps me know which posts you’re enjoying.

3 Will Be Free begins airing August 9th 2019. It will air live at 9:45 on ONE31. At 11:00 pm it’s available on LINE if that is available in your country. However, GMMTV has been uploading new episodes of Thai dramas the same day that they air. These episodes will not have subtitles instantly; they are raw uploads. Subtitles are typically added after that.

I’ll be impressed if 3 Will Be Free follows the same posting and subtitling process as dramas like Boy For Rent. Most likely, we’ll have episodes available on Friday. Subtitles should be available by noon on Sunday (EST).

Stay tuned as I plan to catch this drama once it begins airing. I’ll try to post about it here, too.


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