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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘I Hear You’

i hear you

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘I Hear You’

It’s not too often that I gush over a Chinese drama. While I’ve certainly loved some, I’m equally disliked others. Some are, frankly, too many episodes and my attention span wanes. But I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to try I Hear You on Netflix. I’m game for cohabitation and forced relationship plots.

I’ve been binge-watching this one every chance I can get. With only 24 episodes averaging in at 40 some odd minutes a piece, it’s really not hard to finish this one quickly. I still have two more episodes to finish before I leave for New York for KCON, so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. My final verdict on this drama will be in a series review that I post after I get home from New York next week. We’ll see if this drama finishes out strong… because I have a feeling the story is hinting around at some ‘noble idiocy’ decisions. I’m not too fond of that, but I’ll reserve judgement for later.

Bei Er Duo, a girl from an ordinary family, dreams about studying in Japan to be a professional voice actress. However, her mother wants her to marry rich whilst she is young, leading to continuous blind dates which irritate Bei Er Duo. In her desperation to raise funds for studying overseas as well as helping her best friend Tang Li out of a crisis, Bei Er Duo joins a couple reality program, encountering top violin maker Ye Shu Wei. 

Ye Shu Wei is from a family of artists and has a low-key, mysterious, and genius character in both the composing and violin industry. He was forced to join the reality program having lost a bet to his nephew Yu Sheng. In fact, the actual reason that attracted Ye Shu Wei to participate in the show is not his bet with Yu Sheng. Instead, he seeks to identify the person who correctly answered his audition question. Because the reality show is faced with the crisis of integrity, Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei start a lively and funny cohabitation life, and spontaneously fell into the fate of a wonderful romance together. – MyDramaList

i hear you

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons that I think you should be watching I Hear You.

COHABITATION AND FORCED RELATIONSHIPS. This can be such a delicate balance. Our two leads are thrust together as couples on a reality TV series. They’re brought together by mutual friends, and it’s easy to see that both characters are polar opposite of the other. Beir Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei have their own reasons for ‘agreeing’ to help their friends. Yet, it’s downright comical watching them pretend to be a couple. And they do it so, so badly in the beginning that it’s cringe city. It might not sound appealing, but I love the journey of these sorts of relationships. Our leads literally start at ground zero and learn to work together and support each other.

ADORABLE CHARACTERS. Let me tell you how much I adore Zhao Lu Si’s character, Bei Er Duo. She’s kind, quirky, nerdy, hard-working, and has such an upbeat personality. While Ye Shu Wei is frigid and reserved, Bei Er Duo is the sunshine that brings warmth. I also think she’s a nice character that doesn’t try to get others to pity her when tough stuff happens. She just muddles through and tries to find a solution. She isn’t perfect, nor does she try to be, and I find her flaws refreshing and relatable. Most of the time, I find her to be more wis and mature than her mother.

And let’s not forget about the ice box known as Shu Wei. Gosh, Antarctica may not be as cold as this guy. But, when he shows hidden glimmers of his true personality, I just want to squish him in a hug. Then, there’s Yu Sheng and Tang Li that are all kinds of adorable—most of the time. To summarize, there’s a lot of adorable stuff in this drama.

INTERESTING CHARACTER JOBS. This is the first Asian drama I’ve watched where not only is Shu Wei a brilliant violinist (and he’s pretty stellar at the piano too), but he also builds violins. In a drama, this is a complete first for me, and I enjoy when we end up at Shu Wei’s workshop where they’re building violins or where he’s teaching Bei Er Duo. And also, Bei Er Duo aspires to get into voice dubbing and she’s a huge manga/anime fan. It’s also interesting to see more behind-the-scenes into voice dubbing. A lot of Chinese content is dubbed to have a uniform dialect.

ADAPTED FROM A WEB NOVEL. Yes, this is based on the web novel The Most Pleasant Thing to Hear, which has been fan translated in entirety over at Novel Updates. Personally, I haven’t read this yet, but I think it might be fun to compare and contrast later.

IT CONTAINS 3 C’S: CUTE, CLICHE, AND FULL OF CHEMISTRY. Let me take a moment to explain myself. Cliche and cute may not always make for the best dramas, but it works well here. The story excels at character development, and when a cliche pops up, I find it more endearing than annoying. I might not love them all, but hey, cliche is still cliche and we can’t love them all. Also, let’s note the chemistry between Shu Wei and Er Duo is on fire.

On occasion, I felt butterflies dancing in my stomach when they interacted.And let me just throw in something totally unrelated and talk about the height difference between Shu Wei and Er Duo. I, personally, am more drawn to tall guys. The height difference is a factor that I enjoy—especially when Shu Wei refuses to meet Er Duo halfway and she has to…improvise.)

And there you have it! 5 reasons you should be watching I Hear You.

If you want something a little light, a little fun, and full of quirky characters, I readily recommend on giving I Hear You a try. You can watch it on Netflix here. If you want to check it out, here are some more ‘reasons’ posts for you to check out: School 2017, Boy For Rent, and 100 Days My Prince to name a few.


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