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Thai Drama: ‘Boy For Rent’ Character Descriptions

boy for rent character descriptions

I’ve become completely addicted to the Thai Drama Boy For Rent.

In a previous post, I even explained 5 reasons you need to be watching Boy For Rent. As we’re now up to episode five and are just one episode shy of the halfway point of this drama, I wanted to do a breakdown of the characters.

This includes what I’ve learned and any personal feelings or biases I may have. As this drama continues to grip me, I really wanted to talk about this drama and the characters.

This isn’t really a recap or review of what I’ve watched. I’m simply focusing on the characters and I thought some of you might enjoy some more background into these character. Please note there will be spoilers in this post. If you keep reading, you will come across many spoilers as I include information we’ve learned up to episode 6. Please proceed with caution.

Anyone interested in seeing me review this series? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll keep the Boy For Rent content coming.

Boy For Rent Character Descriptions.


boy for rent character descriptionsLiz is a college student who is also a musician and is in a band. She was dating Badz until the two had a falling out. Liz believes that Badz is cheating on her, but he’s secretly doing Boy For Rent behind her back to protect her. In an effort to get back at him, she signs up for Boy For Rent and grudgingly rents Kyro after a fair bit of persuasion.

While Liz is very angry and untrusting of Kyro, she starts to warm up to him and gives in—bit by bit. Liz is passionate and has a fiery temper. She isn’t the nicest person out there and I was really annoyed by her poor attitude when she met Smile and they fought over the Boy For Rent flyer.

Aye definitely plays her character well. Liz can come across moody and judgmental at times, but they tend to be balanced out with some nicer moments to show that there’s more to her character than first impressions show.


Kyro’s character comes across as the confident, playboy type. When Smile boldly confesses to him one day, he expertly shoots her down. Why? Smile isn’t his type.

Despite getting trapped in an elevator briefly, there’s zero chemistry between the two. Kyro is mysterious and there’s not much we know about him—besides the fact that there’s more to him that meets the eye.

He’s also one of the boys from Boys For Rent. And we don’t have any idea how he ended up in that job, but if it’s anything like Badz’s situation, I’ll assume that it probably wasn’t his first choice. Like Liz, he’s also a musician. He can both sing and play the guitar.

Lee is the reason that I started this drama as I’m very biased when it comes to his work. I love how mysterious his character is here.

One moment I’m ready to dislike Kyro and then he does something decent and swoon-worthy. His genuineness towards Liz makes it hard to believe he’s nothing more than an arrogant playboy.


boy for rent character descriptionsDespite having the strangest name of the bunch, Badz has intrigued me the most. He is secretly doing Boy For Rent to pay off his little sister’s debt. Jayden and these guys are straight up crazy mafia dudes who are armed and dangerous.

Of course, Badz, in an effort to protect his girlfriend, hides the truth of his shady side job. Liz thinks he’s a cheat scumbag and decides that the two need a break. Badz is also popular on campus and can act. He’s cast as Romeo from Romeo and Juliet.

Meanwhile, Badz is rented to shy, awkward Smile. It’s his job to teach her how to date so that she can get Kyro’s attention.

As a disclaimer, I have to mention that Mond has my undivided attention at Badz. (I started this drama for Lee and now I seem to be sticking around for Mond. Not that Lee is lacking in any way. Please remember that.) I didn’t even think I was going to care much for Badz, but Mond’s portrayal of this character is stellar. He’s another example of a character that appears one way at the surface, but deep down, there’s so much more going on. His genuine kindness and teasing with Smile is also an added bonus.


boy for rent character descriptionsWhen it comes to Smile, she’s passionate yet dorky. She’s inexperienced yet smart. She’s gone her whole life without dating and she has no idea how to get a boyfriend. Yes, her character is a bit typecast with the short hair, wide-rimmed glasses and her clueless-ness, but Fon plays her with a relatable amount of cuteness.

Smile is the first girl out of our main cast that rents a boy from Boy For Rent. It turns out that she rents, Badz, and his girlfriend is Liz. It becomes a complicated love square, but I can attest to the fact that she has honorable intentions.

Also, seeing her interact with Badz and fail at common dating habits and tactics is not only relatable but just makes this pairing all the more cuter. As embarrassed as she gets, Smile is determined and doesn’t give up easily.

I know Fon played a nerdy character in Kiss Me Again, but I just love her character in Boy For Rent so much more. Plus, when Fon played Sanwan in Kiss Me Again, she wasn’t even concerned with boys or dating. She was completely against dating initially. I think Fon as Smile is different enough from Sanwan that I don’t find myself comparing the two.

Where to Watch?

Don’t forget that you can watch Boy For Rent over at GMMTV’s youtube channel! I’ve embedded the first part of episode 1 below.

If you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to share your thoughts below—whether it be a comment, like, share, or even subscribing to the blog. I tried to put together character descriptions for Boy For Rent that wouldn’t give every detail away.

XOXO, Andrea.



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