Japanese Dramas on Netflix

japanese dramas on netflix

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I thought it would be perfect timing to add Japanese dramas that are currently available on Netflix. If you don’t know, I spend a lot of time looking for Asian content on Netflix. My hope is to help shed some light on the many options we have available. With the sheer volume of content available, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for. 

These Japanese dramas are available on the US Netflix. This may vary depending on where you live, so please keep that in mind as you continue reading. If you’re looking for other Asian content on Netflix, I will provide additional links at the end of this post.

Japanese Dramas on Netflix

japanese dramas on netflix

Good Morning Call: A high school girl finally gets her own apartment, but she has to share it with the most popular boy in school. No one can know they’re living together.

japanese dramas on netflix

Mischievous Kiss: When high schooler kotoko is forced to live in her crush Naoki’s house, she realizes she has a second chance to win his love, or to wind up in tears.

japanese dramas on netflix

Mischievous Kiss 2: Kotoko and Naoki have finally wed, but balancing married life with their studies isn’t easy, and new romantic rivals threaten their relationship.

japanese dramas on netflix

My Husband Won’t Fit: Kumiko and Kenichi meet in college and build a happy marriage together. But over time, an unusual problem threatens to destroy their relationship.

japanese dramas on netflix

Mob Psycho 100: There’s an organization gather espers for a nefarious purpose. Powerful psychic Mob, however, is just trying to be the protagonist of his own life.

japanese dramas on netflix

Blazing Transfer Students: Featuring the boys of Johnny’s West, a gang of zany transfer students are recruited for a mysterious mission ordained by their shadowy principal.

japanese dramas on netflix

Smoking: Seeking a greater justice, a band of homeless assassins flays their human targets and delivers the tattooed skins as proof of a contract fulfilled.

japanese dramas on netflix

Atelier: A young “fabric geek” lands a job at an upscale Japanese lingerie company — and quickly discovers she’ll need help to survive.

Switched: High schooler Ayumi’s perfect world evaporates when her envious classmate Zenko somehow steals her body, boyfriend and her life.

Love and Fortune: Frustrated by life with her boyfriend, thirty-something Wako can’t stop herself from being interested in high schooler Yumeaki, despite their age gap.

My Little Lover (Minami Kun No Koibito): Two childhood friends have drifted apart. But when one of them is suddenly shrunken in size to 15 centimeters tall, they have a chance to reconnect.

Erased: After finding his mom killed, Satoru’s time-traveling ability takes him back 18 years for a chance to prevent her death and those of three classmates.

Million Yen Women: Five beautiful but mysterious women move in with unsuccessful novelist Shin, who manages their odd household in exchange for a tidy monthly sum.

japanese dramas on netflix

Stay Tuned!: She’s the most unlikely candidate to ever stumble into the role of a reporter, and she’s keeping everyone on their toes with her eccentric ways.

Kakegurui: Yumeko Jabami enrolls at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where students are ranked by their gambling winnings and fame and fortune awaits those on top.

Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light: A father and son rekindle their bond through the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV in this live-action series based on a true story.

Re:Mind: Eleven high school classmates awaken, restrained to a large dining room. While fearing for their lives, they question a motive to this bizarre act.

The Many Faces of Ito: A jaded rom-com screenwriter in her 30’s mines four love-sick women for their stories under the guise of providing them with romantic advice.

The Could’ve-Gone-All-The-Way Committee: People bring their stories of missed lust connections to an objective panel of experts who them judge whether they could have gone all the way or not.

Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot: In the 1980’s, a simple-minded fool named Hideaki meets comedy legend Sanma, changes his name to Jimmy and becomes a comedic superstar.

Hibana: Spark: A dramatic series about friendship and conflict between two comedians who search for meaning in life and comedy. Based on the prize-winning book.

Love and Hong Kong: The lives of five stranger becomes intertwined forever when a starlet filming a documentary is kidnapped on the streets of Hong Kong.

Followers: (No episodes available yet.) After an aspiring actress hits it big thanks to a candid Instagram, her life intersects with many other Tokyo women as they follow their dreams.

Scams: (No episodes available yet.) Hit hard by the Lehman shock, a well-meaning young man joins a phone scam operation and gets increasingly embroiled in the underworld.

Overall, this isn’t a bad selection of Japanese content to choose from. Nonetheless, if you still don’t find something you like above, I’d like to recommend other Asian dramas available on Netflix. I also covered Thai, Filipino, and Chinese/Taiwanese dramas.

Please note this list does not include Anime or any reality TV series or documentaries. This is strictly just a listing of Japanese dramas you can find available on Netflix. If you would take the time to like this post, comment, and subscribe to the blog, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you would re-blog and share with your friends, that would be even better. I know that it is tough to find Asian TV shows on Netflix as most don’t have a proper category. I hope this helps many of you.

XOXO, Andrea.


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