Behind The Blogger, Part 2

Hi friends!

It’s been two years since I last did a Behind The Blogger post. If you don’t know what that is, it is essentially a post packed with information and random trivia about me. The first round was pretty basic, so I decided to include different questions this round. While I enjoy sharing all things Asian with all of you, I feel it’s also important to share more about me. Friendship has always been important to me and these kinds of posts really help us to find common interests and make new friends.

Without further ado, enjoy the question and answer session as well as some facts. If you want to copy and paste or reblog in your own space, please feel free to do so.

Behind The Blogger, Part 2:

YouTube Channels I watch regularly:

Cari Cakes is a favorite of mine on youtube. I only started watching her videos earlier this year, but Cari is a California native that has been living in Seoul, Korea for five years now. You can find all kind of content on her vlogs from fashion to food, traveling to book reading, and so much more. She has a very calming style of creating content and I’m in a much better mood after watching her videos.

Glitterandlazers aka Anna O’Brien is a very inspiration plus size woman who loves fashion. She is so bright, bubbly, and positive that I just gravitate towards her channel. As a bonus, she has written a book called A Life Full of Glitter: A Guide to Positive Thinking, Self-Acceptance, and Finding Your Sparkle in a (Sometimes) Negative World . I own this book in hard cover and I can attest to the fact that it’s a great read and touches on topics that all of us can relate to at one point of our life or another.

GMMTV  I’ve mentioned this frequently, but I love the fact that GMMTV subs their Thai dramas. Most of these are youth dramas, so the focus is primarily on high school and college aged characters. There are quite a variety of different dramas in English subtitles, so if you’re looking for something different to watch and want to avoid illegal sites with their gazillion popups and ads that might infect your computer, I say this is a great place to start!

List 5 goals on your to-do list:

  1. Learn to at least speak conversational Korean. I have been practicing in my free time by using Living Language Korean and I love it. It’s been a slow process, but with years of k-drama watching and years of k-pop listening, I’ve been having an easier time with the basics.
  2. Go to KCON 2019 in New York. NYC is only a 4 hour drive for me, so I really hope I can attend and provide coverage of my experience here and through twitter/instagram. I’m really excited because I’ve been to the Javits center before for Comic Con.
  3. Save money for a vacation.
  4. Read more books. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit and haven’t been reading much for a while.
  5. Do something I’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, but I want to break out of my comfort zone.

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

It depends on what kind of bad day I’m having. Usually, I dive into a k-drama or re-watch scenes from some of my favorite dramas. I do also find comfort in watching the YT channels I’ve mentioned above. If I’m having a really bad day and I’m completely mentally drained, sometimes I just opt to be alone and cry it out. Sometimes I just need to let go and release the emotions I’m feeling. When all else fails, I’ll listen to music. Usually either EXO or OST’s from my favorite dramas. This can be so therapeutic at times.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher. I used to set up barbie dolls and stuffed animals. I’d pull encyclopedias off of my bookshelf, grab my mini chalkboard and I’d start teaching the dolls and stuffed animals lessons and random facts.

What’s one hobby that you’d like to take up?

I’d love to try pottery. I’ve been to one paint and sip, which I loved. So I’ve had strong feelings about taking up painting as a hobby. I know this is technically two and not one, but I couldn’t choose.

What’s your Zodiac sign?

I’m a capricorn.

What phone do you have?

Samsung Note 8. I’ve had it over a year and the reason I bought it was because of the S pen, which I use a lot. Daily. I’m always taking notes or jotting down ideas for blogging and podcasting, so having the ability to write notes when I don’t have pen and paper is a huge plus.

Is blogging your job?

No, but I do wish it could be. I have a full time job Monday through Friday. I have weekends off, so that’s always a plus. Also, I like what I do and who I work with, so it’s really a good job. I wish I had more time for blogging and podcasting, but I’m trying really hard to carve out more time.

What’s something few people know about you?

I almost died when I was two from a traumatic brain injury. I’ve spent over 29 years battling constant vertigo and chronic migraines. The doctor’s never thought I’d survive and prepared my family for the worst, but I pulled through. I’m actually missing a small piece of my skull above my ear from this injury.

What’s your greatest fear?

Flying. I don’t travel well, and if I travel for an extended period of time, I become extremely sick. Sometimes it takes me days to recover from the motion sickness. If it triggers a migraine, I can only recover in complete darkness and silence. Sometimes they get very bad. If I get sick enough (slight altitude changes really get to me) I have no way to remove myself from the situation until the plane lands.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

This blog and my podcast. It’s something I never imagined myself doing, but when I got into k-dramas and other Asian dramas, it really fueled my passion for writing. I’m super shy and very awkward in real life, so I’m not very social. I thought I’d be terrified talking into a microphone, but I actually love it. I can’t imagine giving either of them up. Doing these things have allowed me to build confidence and not be so scared by the unknown. I will never be the most successful or most talked about blog or podcast out there, but that’s okay. I simply enjoy what I’m doing and that’s enough for me.

Your last email?

It was actually a work email.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I’ve had multiple experiences at my house, so I’m a believer.

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

Any of the house flipping shows. I’m obsessed with all of them. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Zombie House Flipping and Flip Or Flop. I also indulge in some HGTV marathons of Love It Or List It.


    1. Oh you’re welcome! The D.O news crushed me. Hoping he comes back post military and stars in a great drama. Not only do I love his singing but his acting as well.

      1. I heard that he might not return to music after he comes back 🙁 I am currently watching “It’s okay It’s Love” and he is just sooo cute and adorable and like you said a great actor. I am hoping to watch his latest drama after I finish “It’s Okay It’s Love.”

        1. I hope that rumor’s not true as he’s such an amazing singer. If he wanted to focus on acting, I’d probably understand, though. I actually got into EXO later than most. It was back in 2015 when I saw D.O. in Hello Monster aka I Remember You. His character was so chilling and I remember being so impressed that I started researching and found out he was in a k-pop group. I fell down the EXO rabbit hole and never came out, haha.

          1. That’s the perfect way to describe what it feels like to get into Kpop lol. I’ve always liked EXO but for me it wasn’t until last year when I was watching MoA and fell for Chanyeol and then I made sure to have EXO’s new music on repeat. I became a true fan right on time for Tempo and Love Shot. D.O has a special place in my heart too though. He’s my favorite on TV shows 🙂

  1. I heard that he might not return to music after he comes back 🙁 I am currently watching “It’s okay It’s Love” and he is just sooo cute and adorable and like you said a great actor. I am hoping to watch his latest drama after I finish “It’s Okay It’s Love.”

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