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First Impressions of ‘I Hate You Juliet’

My first impressions of I Hate You Juliet are mixed. I’ve watched about five episodes and I have some good and bad feelings. To be fair, I had extremely high expectations since this is the first time we’ve had Lee Hong Ki star in a lead role since Modern Farmer in 2014. Just wanted to point that out before I jump into my first impressions. I am only covering my thoughts on the first 5 episodes.

After an electric shock, a top celebrity (Lee Hong Ki) is suddenly able to hear a script-writer’s (Jung Hye Sung) thoughts. Knowing her true thoughts and feelings, he finds himself falling madly in love with her! But when he loses his ability to read her mind, would he still be able to win her heart? -Viki

First Impressions

I Hate You Juliet has a really nice opening scene with a young boy and girl playing. When it rains, they both run under the same tree to retreat from the rain. The girl ushers the boy closer to her, and when their skin touches, he shocks her. She grins from ear-to-ear and the boy is confused under she explains that her mother told her that when you get a static shock, it means that person likes you.

When she asks if he likes her, he doesn’t answer but just smiles. It’s an adorable moment. Oh, young childhood love.

It’s when we forward to 10 years later that things get interesting.

Lee Hong Ki’s character, Cha Yool, is a top star. He’s a heartthrob with teens, 20’s, and 30 somethings with his successful solo comeback. Cha Yool attends a rich, upscale party that Gu Na Ra’s mom is having. She wants to show off Na Ra and raise her like a princess that lives like a queen.

Na Ra is in college and just wants to dress comfortably–not lavishly like her mom tries to force on her. It’s clear she’s not a big fan of her mother’s parties, and I can’t say I blame her. She ends up spilling a glass of wine all over her dress, and quickly runs off. Na Ra ends up bumping into Cha Yool and they don’t have the very best first impression of each other.

When they both end up falling into the pool, Cha Yool is struck by lightning. From that moment forward, he’s able to hear everything that Gu Na Ra is thinking, but he has no idea what’s going on. Things get interesting when Cha Yool shows up at her university; it’s mutual dislike.

He continues to hear this voice and is obsessive in his pursuit with Na Ra. The thing is… he’s not trying to woo her or romance her. No, Cha Yool wants her to go to the hospital to get checked out because he’s worried something is seriously wrong with him and he thinks it’s related to Na Ra.

Na Ra has little tolerance for Cha Yool’s antics and she couldn’t seem to care less about him. Truthfully, he is kind of weird and creepy with the way he’s been pursuing her, so you can’t blame Na Ra for that.

Now, Na Ra, on the other hand has stars in her eyes for her sunbae, Bong Joon Mo. He’s kind, considerate, and seems to be looking out for Na Ra. He’s also all kinds of adorable and Gu Na Ra clearly likes his romantically. I can’t say I blame her because he seems to be an all-around good guy who has her best interests at heart, but I’m only five episodes in and you never know what will happen next in dramaland.

Some other stuff happens in between these events, but I just want to stick to the basics.

Final Thoughts.

So far, I Hate You Juliet is short, thoughtless fun. There isn’t much time to develop characters or stories with such short episodes, so the pacing is fast and not the smoothest. After seeing Lee Hong Ki as PK in Hwayugi, his character here isn’t particularly innovative or memorable, but he has great execution of his comedic lines.

The female lead, Jung Hye Sung, is okay at times, but still waiting for her character to win me over. This won’t be the best k-drama you ever watch, but I don’t think you’ll regret giving it a try either.

These are just my first impressions of I Hate You Juliet up to episode five, so I always suggest you give the drama a try to formulate your own thoughts and opinions. I’m curious to see how the story pans out and I like the comedic element, so I’ll keep watching. I’m just wondering how the romantic element will develop as they say there is a fine line between love and hate.

You can watch this drama on Viki. Currently, there are 8 episodes available to watch.



    1. By k-drama standards, this one isn’t too good but it’s okay. It’s a decent enough filler drama and I keep watching for Lee Hong Ki.

  1. I have finished this drama in a haste.. I just wanted to finish it the soonest because I hate that the story it is not well thought as well as the execution. I’m disappointed about the acting as well. The story line is a mess. Jam-packing different plots in an 18mins per episode drama is like suicide… As if your running in a cliff and the ebding is death..

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