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Weekend In Dramaland Podcast: Episode 13 ‘KCON 2019’

Welcome back, friends!

Our topic this week is all about KCON 2019. Now, as a disclaimer, Tiff and I have never been to a KCON before, but we are familiar with conventions and concerts. Together, we pulled important information and shared some of our past experiences.

Stay tuned for an additional podcast when we receive details on line up, ticket prices, and the packages that will be available for purchase.

Links To Websites Mentioned:

It Started With a K-Drama


Available to Stream:




Google Play


Sorry for the delay. I was having issues with wordpress last night and had to hold off on adding this to the site until today. Turns out one of my plugins was interfering with my ability to post, so I had to troubleshoot through that issue. Nonetheless, this episode is up!

Phew! Let Tiff and I know what you think and if you have any information to add regarding KCON. We’ll include that in our next podcast update for KCON. Thanks all. šŸ™‚

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