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‘Well-Intended Love’ Episode 1 Recap

Disclaimer: When English subs rolled onto the scene, they were very, very bad. I was distracted by some of the missing subtitles and trying to decipher some of the translations. (Now, this is not me being ungrateful. I’m grateful to whoever tried their best to translate. I just wanted to point out that I decided to bide my time and wait for higher quality subtitles to come out.)

This drama is now available on Netflix. At the time I recapped this episode, we only had fan subs. You can watch it here on Netflix.

Well-Intended Love: Episode 1 Recap

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Xia Lin is a budding actress, who is waiting for her big break. She has not landed a lead role yet, and to further add to that turmoil, she’s just been diagnosed with leukemia. Coming from a healthy family with no major medical problems, this a huge blow for Xia Lin.

The doctor tells her that they need to confirm it through a bone marrow test, but Xia Lin becomes morose and faints after the initial prognosis. Now, what?

Seven Hours Earlier.

We rewind to seven hours earlier. Xia Lin exits the hospital and receives a call from her Uber driver. He explains what his car looks like and where to find it.

She thinks she finds it and is surprised when there’s another person sitting in the back seat. Of course, Xia Lin misunderstands and thinks that her Uber driver is making her “carpool” with another person.

Truth be told, it’s actually CEO Ling and this is a company car driven by his driver. Xia Lin then concedes and says that it’s fine as long as the driver takes her to her destination first. She asks the “handsome” CEO Ling if he can move over so that she can get in. Not missing a beat, he asks her if she’s sure she wants to get in the car.

CEO Ling moves over and Xia Lin gets in. Unsurprisingly, her destination is the same as Ling’s: Lin Yun Hotel. Xia Lin, under the assumption that she’s in her Uber, makes the promise that she’ll give them a good review if they get her to the hotel on time.

The driver and CEO Ling communicate through their eyes and a head nod that it’s okay. Truth be told, they were actually waiting to pick someone else up.

And they leave him behind. Oops.

Angry, Chu Yan calls Ling Yi Zhou and asks what happened when he was supposed to pick him up. Yi Zhou sneaks a peak at Xia Lin and plainly states that something came up that he needed to take care of. Chu Yan isn’t happy at all and he makes sure his displeasure with the situation is known. Apparently, Chu Yan is some kind of actor/celebrity, and he is not thrilled when Ling Yi Zhou asks him to take a taxi.

Ling Yi Zhou hangs up on Chu Yan. As paparazzi start to take his picture, Chu Yan concedes to defeat and runs to the nearest car, which happens to be a taxi. No love is lost here between these two as Ling Yi Zhou lets Chu Yan deal with the situation on his own.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Back in the car, Xia Lin is sensing deja vu. “Handsome” as she has called him multiple times already looks familiar to her, but she can’t seem to place it. Not wanting to reveal his identity, Yi Zhou simply babbles on about the Hippocampel Effect and how some images can seem familiar to others.

He even states that Xia Lin looks familiar and her face suddenly lights up. She babbles on about one of her very minor roles where she was a servant that was poisoned by the second lead. Of course, Yi Zhou doesn’t watch very much TV and she chuckles in embarrassment. It’s clear Yi Zhou isn’t on the fast track to making friends. He’s barely being polite.

The awkwardness is curbed when Xia Lin gets a phone call. It turns out that the Uber/car service she called is looking for her as he’s still waiting outside the hospital. And then it finally dawns on Xia Lin that she got into the wrong car. She apologizes for her mistake and asks to be let out, but Yi Zhou tells her that there’s no need since they’re both going to the same place.

Could he come across anymore bored by the situation? Yi Zhou is definitely not the open and kind social type. He speaks very matter-of-fact and doesn’t even show a twinge of emotion.

At Lin Yun Hotel.

Xia Lin and Yi Zhou finally arrive at the parking garage of Lin Yun Hotel. Meanwhile, Chu Yan roles up in the taxi and he looks completely irritated when he sees Yi Zhou with a girl. He was ditched for some girl? Poor guy.

But things get even more interesting when Xia Lin explains that she was in a hurry because she has a commercial audition at Lin Yun Hotel. This is also the same audition that Chu Yan is supposed to be judging. Uh oh. Sounds like Xia Lin is accidentally stirring up trouble for herself.  And Chu Yan further misunderstands when Xia Lin whacks her head against the glass and loses a contact. She gets close to Yi Zhou and now Chu Yan is seeing red as it looks like she’s laying her head on Yi Zhou’s chest.

Chu Yan puts on a good performance and we see the steely Yi Zhou smile. Yes, he can smile! This guy is capable of more than one emotion. Thank the heavens. When Yi Zhou tells Chu Yan to “cut” as in end his acting performance, he gets serious and asks who this mystery girl is. Without missing a beat, Yi Zhou explains the exact truth: she’s just a woman who got into the wrong car by mistake.

At The Audition.

Xia Lin finally makes it to her audition. She explains that she graduated from a film academy and is currently employed with Tian Yi Media. One of the judges turns to Chu Yan and comments that she’s from the company as Chu Yan. Chu Yan doesn’t seem impressed in the least as he looks over her resume. As she’s asked questions, Chu Yan gets the bright idea to put her through the ringer and test her acting basics.

As hard as he tries to challenge and put her through the ringer, he has no idea what is coming next. Xia Lin completely gets into character, crawls onto the judge’s table and invades Chu Yan’s personal space. Flustered and angry, he quickly yells “cut” while the other judges snicker. When the audition is over, she asks for an autograph for her friend and he hastily signs her resume.

Alone at a restaurant, Xia Lin ponders what she ever did to Chu Yan. If she only knew that her mistake earlier with Yi Zhou’s car is the source of Chu Yan’s fury. To further add salt to her wounds, Xia Lin gets a call from Lisa, from her agency, and discovers that she didn’t nab the lead role. Sad, Xia Lin tells Lisa she’ll do better next time.

At Xia Lin’s Boyfriend’s Place.

Xia Lin has had a trying day, so she goes to see her boyfriend. She’s so thoughtful that she even brings him food. He tries to get her to leave and is acting shady, but she just wants to rest for a while.

The truth becomes abundantly clear when Xia Lin sees the naked body of a woman through the mirror in Jia Yan’s bedroom. Great, we have a cheating scoundrel on our hands. And further, it’s with her college classmate, who shows zero remorse for what she’s doing. She tosses the food and it gets all over Jia Yan’s bed. She’s furious and tells the jerks to be together if they want to.

Outside, Xia Lin tries to take a cab, but he’s going to pick up his girlfriend. She flies off the handle as she’s an emotional wreck and gets out. She starts to walk and all of a sudden her breathing grows shallow and she collapses.

Back At The Hospital.

We’re now back to the present time after Xia Lin fainted in the hospital. The nurse tries to sooth her by telling her that Leukemia can be treated and even cured early on–she just needs to find a bone marrow match. She suggests that Xia Lin gets in contact with her family and ask them to get checked as they may be a potential bone marrow match.

Seemingly defeated, Xia Lin returns home. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling or what she’s going through. A cancer diagnosis is never easy to stomach, but it’s probably not any easier to deal with on top of the rest of her day. We have her getting in the wrong car, pissing off an audition judge (Chu Yan) and losing a shot as starring in a commercial, and then finding out that her boyfriend is a cheating scumbag.

Even as her phone rings, she doesn’t answer it.

Back at the Hospital.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

It’s a new day and Xia Lin returns to the hospital with documents in hand. She stops outside of the doors briefly and takes a deep breath. As difficult as it is, she seems ready to face the fact that she has cancer and she enters the hospital.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

We switch to Yi Zhou who is also at the hospital. He seems to be visiting an older woman–maybe his grandmother? She talks about speaking with his mother and something about Yi Zhou forgiving her.

Yi Zhou asks if it matters if he forgives his mother or not. She apparently abandoned him and he doesn’t seem to think very highly of her. Not that I can blame him, either.

Grandma and Yi Zhou discuss his lack of a girlfriend. She understands that he has trust issues from his mother, but Grandma wants him to be happy and find a girlfriend. To make her happy (it’s clear he adores her), Yi Zhou says he’ll think about marriage. Grandma suddenly perks up and asks if he has a girlfriend. Of course Yi Zhou sort of skirts around the question and says that he has something like that.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Things continue in a downward spiral for poor Xia Lin. The doctor confirms with 100% certainty that she has leukemia. There is only one cure: she needs a stem cell transplate from a matching donor’s bone marrow. The hospital currently doesn’t have a match, so the condition can only be handled with medication–chemotherapy.  But that’s going to interfere with her acting career as she’ll lose her hair and become very ill.

The doctor compares her to Selena Gomez, who received a life-saving kidney transplant from her close friend Francia Raisa. He points out that she was able to recover well and return back to her acting job. As he talks, he tells her not to lose hope, but Xia Lin isn’t an idiot. She’s done her research and knows how low her chances are of finding a donor.

The doctor confirms, after pleading from Xia Lin, that they actually found her a match but that the person refused to donate. She wants his contact information, but the doctor can’t give her that information due to patient confidentiality laws.

When the doctor steps out, Xia Lin rifles through the files on his desk and discovers the name of the matching donor.

Ling Yi Zhou.

At Xia Lin’s Place.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Xia Lin is determined not to give up. She begins researching CEO Ling and tries to find out more about this man.

As she’s researching, her friend, Fei Fei, enters. Fei Fei starts scolding Xia Lin and calling her an idiot for not telling her about her ex boyfriend’s slimy, cheating ways. Qing Jing has already posted a picture of them together on Wechat and Fei Fei is pissed. Xia Lin thought Fei Fei was talking about the “cancer” situation and she suddenly sounds sad and defeated.

Fei Fei wonders why articles of Ling Yi Zhou are on Xia Lin’s computer. She thinks she’s already moving on from her douchebag of a boyfriend, and she misunderstands when Xia Lin asks for his contact information. It’s at this moment that Xia Lin whispers the truth to her friend. They decide that they must find a way for Ling Yi Zhou to help Xia Lin. Fei Fei puts out a call to some of her friends to find out where Yi Zhou goes outside of work.

They find out that he’ll be at Leisure Pool tomorrow and the first plan is set.

At Leisure Pool.

Fei Fei and Xia Lin show up at the Leisure Center, but they have one problem: Wei Li. He’s Ling Yi Zhou’s right hand man and there’s no getting past him. They need to distract Wei Li so that Xia Lin can meet with Yi Zhou. Fei Fei feigns a leg injury and luckily they’re able to get Wei Li’s attention. While Xia Lin sneaks out, Fei Fei clutches onto Wei Li’s leg and won’t let him go.

Knowing that won’t work as a long-term solution, Fei Fei starts crying that Wei Li is trying to violate her as she unbuttons his jacket and pulls the end of his belt out of the loop.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Finally, Xia Lin escapes to the pool room and gets Yi Zhou’s attention. She expresses her gratitude for him helping her the other day, but he knows that she didn’t go through all this trouble just to thank him. When she asks what kind of person he thinks she is, Yi Zhou gets instantly suspicious and says she’s not his type.

Truthfully, Xia Lin doesn’t even have a romantic thought about him. She explains her situation in the hospital and that she has cancer. Even when she explains that Yi Zhou is her match, he doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t know her and he certainly isn’t interested in helping her either.

In a comedic timing of events, Fei Fei has poor Wei Li tied to the arms of a treadmill. He asks what it is that she wants, but she just cryptically replies that she needs him to “stay put” for a while longer. Wei Li threatens to expose her lies as there are cameras all over the gym and that the truth about the “violator” will come out. Of course Fei Fei doesn’t miss a beat. She makes the excuse of needs to go to the bathroom and she increases the speed of the treadmill.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Things are not going well for Xia Lin. She follows Yi Zhou out of the pool and tries to appeal to his kind, sensible side. But does that even exist? She tries to explain that he once wanted to help someone or he wouldn’t be willing to be a donor in the first place, but he just replies that it was his thought at that time.

Yi Zhou is a brick wall. There is no getting through to him.

She genuinely knows he’s a good person because he helped her, but even that admission isn’t getting through to him.

He coldly explains that he’s a businessman and there’s no advantage to helping her. No matter what she does or says, she’s back to square one.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Xia Lin puts on the acting performance of a lifetime as she dramatically explains that she might as well die pretty. She throws herself into the pool and pretends to drown. Yi Zhou doesn’t even flinch as he knows she’s acting. But when she’s perfectly still in the pool and doesn’t move, the steely Yi Zhou jumps in and pulls her up.

When she grips his arm in the pool, he knows she was just pretending all along. He orders her to wake up or he’s going to use his mouth to resuscitate her. She perks up instantly and he lets go and swims away from her. That did not go well.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

Back at Xia Lin’s, the girls aren’t ready to give up. We have a music sequence as the two are coming up with a plan to get Yi Zhou to help Xia Lin. I hope they have a good plan because Yi Zhou isn’t going to budge without an advantage to helping Xia Lin.

At CEO Ling’s Company.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

The first order of business is getting through to him at his company. She pretends to be a new hire, but the guards aren’t buying it. Xia Lin begs for them to see her and he tells her that she’s basically a gold digger and needs to leave. He tells her to leave and makes the remark that all these girls just make up stories. I guess this is something that happens a lot?

Never fear! Xia Lin and Fei Fei still have plans to execute. Xia Lin shows up at the company as a janitor/cleaning lady. When she sees Yi Zhou and tries to interrupt him and Wei Yi, he completely ignores her.

The desperation continues as she tries to stop them from leaving and she jumps in front of his car. Her efforts are in vain because when she goes around the car to try and get in, Wei Li steps on the gas and leaves her behind. But this isn’t the end. She also pretends to be pregnant with the CEO’s baby. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only girl to think of that as there are a handful in the waiting room pretending to be pregnant as well.

well-intended love episode 1 recap well-intended love episode 1 recap

It’s time for plan B. Xia Ling decides to wait patiently outside of the building until CEO Ling leaves. He tells her to get in the car and that he can help her. It’s the first time since the beginning of the episode that Xia Ling has smiled so brightly. Of course, it’s not without a requirement. And she says she’ll do anything he wants as long as it’s not illegal.

Without missing a beat, he tells her, “Let’s get married.”

Wow, what an episode! It felt like a lot of stuff happened in 40 minutes. Xia Lin mistakes a car as her ride, finds out she has leukemia, fails her acting audition, and her boyfriend cheats on her. In only the first episode,our main character is going through so much. Somehow, she still ran into Yi Zhou numerous times and she thinks it’s fated since he can save her life.

Although, I am really curious to learn about Yi Zhou. He doesn’t speak to his mother and his grandmother is ailing. I wonder if Yi Zhou wants to get married just to make his grandmother happy. If that’s his train of thought, her health must be in very poor condition.

I don’t have a lot to say, but I thought this was a pretty interesting beginning of Well-Intended Love. This is only episode 1, and there is plenty more to come. If you are interested in seeing more episode recaps from me, please let me know. I may also post a First Impressions post of this drama to go into more details.

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  1. Hi Andrea, thank you for the recap of Well intended Love! I’ve just finished watching the whole thing (yup, i was late coming in, eheh … but better late than never!). Your recap pretty much sums up my thought when i first watch this episode. Looking forward to your recaps for the rest of the episodes! xxx

    1. Thank you very much! I will continue to recap this series, but it will be a bit of a slow process as recaps are time consuming. Thanks for your feedback — I decided to recap this series on a whim. It’s hard not to binge-watch, but I have to pace myself so I don’t get too far ahead. 🙂

    1. Yes, but at the time I recapped this episode, it wasn’t on Netflix yet. I’ll edit the post to update that info, thanks!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I found your site yesterday and I’m currently watching this drama (after I watched the K-Drama Jugglers. I could make you a list though 😉 ) and so far, I do like it.
    For a C-Drama, t’s not like the usual C-dramas I watched like My Queen (I prefer the k-drama version) or Fated to Love You (and yes, I prefer the k-version too) but, I like It started with a Kiss and They Kissed again and My Amazing Boyfriend (I don’t use the forward button watching these 😉 )
    Enjoy dramas ^_^

    1. Hi Cat! Thank you for stopping by and commenting about dramas. I hope you’ll stick around. 🙂 I took a little break on Well-Intended Love, but I’m going to try to pick it up again soon. I completely agree that it isn’t like the usual c-drama format. I am currently watching the Taiwanese drama Between, k-drama Hotel Del Luna, and Thai drama Boy For Rent.

  3. Andrea, you’re welcome and I may say I’m glad I found your site ^_^
    I think I’m going to do that 😉
    I have Hotel del Luna on my watchlist as Level Up and WWW and some others. I have a list of what I’ve watched and what dramas I stopped because I wasn’t hooked by the plot… But some like My Love from the Star, Healer or… I can watch these again and again.

    1. Healer is one of my favorite k-dramas of all time! Never gets old. That drama cemented my love for Ji Chang Wook.

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