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Every Drama I Finished, Started, & Dumped in February 2019

Hi, friends! February 2019 was quite an interesting, short month for dramas. I feel like I didn’t watch nearly as many dramas as I’ve been wanting to. Honestly, I’ve been watching way too many movies and binge-watching fixer-upper shows on HGTV. (I regret nothing.) Nonetheless, I did manage to squeeze in some dramas in February.

To be honest, I wasn’t excited about many of the new dramas. I can watch historical drama sometimes. Look at how I was hooked on Kingdom. Some other dramas have been getting good reviews, but nothing really jumped out at me that I wanted to watch right away. Hopefully, March brings on some more dramas that reignite the drama spark for me.

So, without further ado, here is every drama I finished, started, and dumped in February 2019.

Dramas I Dumped in February 2019.

february 2019 dramas

I had high hopes for The Item but I barely got through the first two episodes. There were only two things I liked about the first two episodes of this drama: Joon Ji Hoon and his character’s relationship with his niece. Everything else was unappealing and I don’t regret dumping this one.

To be fair, I really liked Joon Ji Hoon in Kingdom, but even here his presence wasn’t enough to make me want to continue. I don’t know how to describe this drama but it was weird, awkward, and disjointed in the worst possible way. The directing wasn’t that great and the CGI was really terrible at times. 

Honestly, I feel bad about dumping it. I’m not the type to easily surrender and wave a white flag. I will usually hunker down and make it as far as I can. The only other drama I ever dumped was Cheondamdong Alice and that was because I absolutely hated Moon Geun Young’s acting. I feel like her facial expressions never change, either. But let’s get back on track…

I really try to adopt the ‘4 episode rule’ to give every drama a fair chance, but when you don’t even have the will to force another episode onto yourself, it’s time to move on. Maybe I will revisit The Item sometime down the road. My mood can make all the difference.

For now, I’m taking a hard pass and trying other dramas.

Dramas I Started in February 2019.

february 2019 dramas

Touch My Heart has been such a fun, delightful ride so far. Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook have an excellent repertoire. This is billed as a romantic comedy and is much lighter than others. I am also enjoying the workplace hi jinks.

The secondary characters have actually been growing on me. Lawyer Dan is so quirky and clueless, but I’m rooting for her to find love and not just a pretty face that is going to use her or dump her like yesterday’s garbage. A positive thing about this drama is that it doesn’t spend a lot of time in the courtroom, so we really get to focus more on the characters instead of the ‘problem or case of the week’ format.

If you like to avoid the procedural format, I really do think Touch My Heart avoids the stuffiness that can sometimes come with this type of workplace drama. It’s a good, old romantic comedy.

Khun Mae Suam Roy is a style of Thai drama called a lakorn. It centers around Sina and Siriya, who are twins. Sina ends up impersonating her sister to find out who is responsible for Siriya being shot and paralyzed from the waist down. I’m liking that this lakorn isn’t quite as crazy or over-the-top as some in this drama. (I can barely handle slap and kiss lakorns. If there’s even a hint of the ‘rape’ element, I’m jumping ship. Those lakorns are way too violent for me.)

There are also some Thai Dramas on Netflix I’m thinking of starting soon, so I hope it’s a more accessible drama for you all to watch.

Dramas I Completed in February 2019:

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is the only drama I completed in the month of February. I don’t watch too many youth dramas these days, but since our characters were in college, I thought it was worth a shot. Going into this drama, I had so many reservations. I really came out loving it.

No, it wasn’t perfect, but for an idol actor, I thought Cha Eun Woo (of k-pop band Astro) did a pretty convincing job with his character. I regret not watching this drama sooner because it was really packed with good content and left some positive messages, which I think is important in any youth drama. I was happy to see this drama licensed on Viki, as it previously went down with DramaFever.

Final Thoughts.

This is quite a sad list, but I have also been watching Romance is a Bonus Book. That started airing at the end of January, so I really couldn’t include it here. Lately, I’ve been watching a combination of Japanese, Thai, and Filipino movies lately. I’m not sure what brought on this kick, but I can thank Netflix for it.

So, readers, what about you? What were you watching in February of 2019?

Any dramas you dumped? We have historical’s The Crowned Clown, Haechi, and The Last Empress. There is also Radiant with Nam Joo Hyuk and also Spring Turns to Spring. There are probably other recent dramas I haven’t mentioned here, so feel free to tell me everything you watched in February.

Be sure to leave a like and a comment below. I’d love to know what everyone has been watching.

XOXO, Andrea



  1. I am new to Thai dramas (I don’t really understand if there are various styles or all of them are called lakorns) but I really don’t understand why they like so much the forced, slap, kiss and rape themes. Can you please tell me a bit about if you know, thank you so much!

    1. Hello! I’m so sorry for the delayed response.

      Traditional lakorns (aka Thai Soap Operas) are aired on prime time channels in Thailand. The slap-and-kiss are prevalent in lakorns because they tend to draw in higher viewer ratings. I refuse to watch any lakorn with slap-and-kiss elements, but it’s a popular formula for lakorns, sadly. We’re talking 30+ years of popularity. Not to mention, quite a few lakorns have been adapted from novels.

      “Thai dramas” are different than the traditional lakorns. They typically focus on high school and young adult characters. The content is also a lot less graphic and more similiar to a k-drama. The Thai dramas or Thai series air on cable networks. For some examples, GMMTV is one of the networks that produce Thai dramas aimed at a youth market. Here’s a link and you can look through some of the dramas available:

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