‘I Hate You Juliet’ Coming Soon To Viki

‘I Hate You Juliet’ Coming Soon To Viki

i hate you juliet on viki

Lee Hong Ki, Anyone?

It’s about time we get to experience Lee Hong Ki starring in I Hate You Juliet, which is soon to be available on Viki.

The last time we saw Lee Hong Ki was in the Hong Sister’s drama Hwayugi. As PK, he wasn’t a main character, but I wasn’t the only one touched with his friendship with the zombie-girl Buja. (Still have some bitter feelings about Hwayugi, so I won’t drag anyone down with that mega rant.)

Nonetheless, I Hate You Juliet is the first time we see Lee Hong Ki as the male lead since 2014’s Modern Farmer. Personally, I feel that Bride of the Century was his best drama where he was the lead. I gushed over that early in the day’s of this blog with my review here.

I Hate You Juliet is penned by Lee Jung Pil and directed by Kim Jeong Kwon. It stars Lee Hong Ki (Hwayugi, Modern Farmer, Bride of the Century) and Jung Hye Sung (Oh, The Mysterious, Manhole).

As this is a web drama, there will be 18 episodes and each will only span, roughly, 18 minutes. While I would have loved to see Hong Ki for a longer period of time on my screen, I’m honestly just thrilled that we’re seeing him as the lead again. My hope is that this is the beginning of seeing him in more dramas. I know he’s probably busy with FT Island, but it’s always such a joy to see him on my TV screen.

I’m overjoyed that Viki is picking this one up. I stumbled across it on their ‘Coming Soon’ page and legit screamed. That’s an internal scream, FYI.

i hate you juliet on viki


It is about two very different man and woman falling in love each other. Jung Woo is a top celebrity doesn’t believe in fates and Ji Won is script-writer student who thinks life is all about one’s destiny. Jung Woo falls in love with Ji Won, who he never thought he would do after the electric shock with her.

After the incident, he can hear what Ji Won thinks inside and the more he gets to know her, the more attached he is to her. When he is convinced that he’s in love with her, his ability goes away.. Can those two different people could be first love for each other? – Viki

My Thoughts.

I Hate You Juliet has supernatural elements, but is billed as a romance. (Yay!) We’ll be joining these characters on a college campus as they’re currently studying in college. LHK is pretty youthful so I think he could pass as a college student. I’m not too familiar with Jung Hye Sung, but I know she’s been in numerous dramas I’ve watched. I can’t really remember her character that well in any of them, but I’m still curious to see her working with Hong Ki.

I’ve honestly enjoyed everything I’ve watched Lee Hong Ki star in, so I’m hoping this drama will continue to raise the bar. I also watched a little teaser trailer on youtube. It’s safe to say I’ll be tuning in. Also, I’ve included a 10 minute behind-the-scenes video to watch below. If it’s any judge by the behind-the-scenes video, it really looks like the cast and everyone involved had fun working on this project. It makes me anxious to wait and see when the first episode hits Viki.


What about you, readers? Will you be watching I Hate You Juliet when it officially hits Viki? Let me know in the comments below.



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