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Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar (Part 4)

lead couples that still make my heart soar part 4

It’s been almost a year since my last entry regarding Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar, but we’re already up to part 4. I can’t wait to tell you all about the couples I’ve been unable to get out of my head during this past year. As always, I choose couples that have tugged at my heartstrings the most. These tend to be the lasting couples for me.

Don’t forget, to read the first 3 parts of Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar if you haven’t already. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar (Part 4)

Lee Gang Doo and Ha Moon Soo: Gang Doo and Moon Soo have suffered greatly from the devastating S Mall collapse. I treasured their connection and support of each other. As a very heavy and mentally exhausting drama, these two opening up to each other was magnificent. Some of the most touching k-drama moments in history have happened for here in this very drama. Gang Doo and Moon Soo understood each other in ways that no one could understand. Their struggle was both tragic and heartbreaking, but having them reach out to each other and be each other’s support was so endearing.

I was unable to choose just one video. The second video has a beautiful voice over and really encompasses all of the reason I love this coupling. Never have I loved or cried this much over a couple. Lee Junho and Won Jin Ah were complete and utter perfection in every scene.

This is a heavy melodrama and you will cry. It’s got some dark content, but I explain if Just Between Lovers is worth the emotional turmoil. I ended up giving my first impressions and also 10 reasons you need to be watching this drama. If you haven’t yet, this is a beautiful story. It’s not easy. I won’t lie to you. But is it worth it? Absolutely, 100%. I rated this drama as my favorite melodrama of 2018.

P.S. I couldn’t pick just one MV for Moon Soo and Gang Doo, so I ended up going with two.

Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So: What would this list be without the delightful What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Lee Young Joon is a complete narcissist and he often thinks without speaking, but he treasures Kim Mi So. Not only has she been his faithful secretary for nine years, but they have a shared past and connection. All Mi So wants to do is quit her job as a secretary, but Young Joon is determined to find any excuse and reason to convince her to stay. Through all of these antics, Young Joon and Mi So fall in love. It’s not the perfect drama, but this was a great couple to watch on screen.

Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon have a believable chemistry. I really felt it when they interacted. It’s funny, but Park Min Young has landed on every one of my Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar list. She has wonderful chemistry with all of her co-stars. My best friend and I covered this entire drama through a series of our Weekend In Dramaland Podcasts if you’re interested. I also put together a 10 Reasons post as well as my First Impressions.

Ke Zhen Yu and Cheng Jia Le: This is the very first Chinese drama couple to make a list. Zhen Yu and Jia Le had me in stitches over their initial meeting. Meet Me @ 1006 is a Taiwanese drama that has a time slip element. Jia Le from four months in the past is able to come into the present time with Zhen Yu every night at 10:06. The two don’t like each other very much initially, but when they have a common goal and start working together, a sweet chemistry and connection develops.

I love the hi jinks of when they both shared the same time. A sense of urgency and fear developed as Jia Le’s life is in danger. Can the cold, cocky, lawyer, Zhen Yu, save Jia Le? I reviewed this gem here and think it’s a great choice. Taiwanese dramas can be hit or miss, but when a good one comes around, it’s such a satisfying experience. This was another drama that I cried a bit, but I just loved Jia Le and Zhen Yu so much as the story went on. This series went down with DF, so finding it subbed will require a thorough Google search.

Zhao Yiting and Lee Xinyu: Yes, it’s true that I’m adding another Taiwanese drama to this list. Behind Your Smile starred Marcus Chang and Eugenie Liu. These two are actually friends in real life, but their on screen chemistry and cuteness had me glued to my seat. Zhao Yiting is another cold leading man, who is wealthy. He is orchestrating revenge against the family that caused a loss in his family. Lee Xinyu, sweet and clueless, gets caught in his cross hairs. Oddly enough, even though he’s scheming and doing all of these things to Xinyu and her family, he also grows very protective of her. These two are constantly up and down throughout the entire series.

Lee Xinyu is sincere and a good person. She’s also upbeat and loving despite losing everything in her own life. I really enjoyed watching her breath life back into Zhao Yiting. Whenever Marcus Chang smiled, my heart would skip a beat. I have no idea why it took me so long to watch a drama with him in it, but this is pretty good for a revenge drama that has some romance entangled within. I really disliked Yiting at times, but when he was sincere and loving, it was hard not to fall in love with him. If you’re interested in finding out more about Behind Your Smile, I actually reviewed it here.

Daniel and Fahsai: I couldn’t round out this list without mentioning Daniel and Fahsai from Karn La Krang Neung… Nai Hua Jai. Mik and Pimmy as Daniel and Fahsai were on fire. I LOVED every moment these two interacted on screen. Yes, Daniel is a gang/mafia leader, so this lakorn has some heavy content – fighting, death, guns, kidnapping and so much more. But there is also a tender love story between Daniel and Fahsai that can’t be ignored. While Karn La Krang Neung… Nai Hua Jai is jam packed with action, I stayed to watch the love story unfold between Daniel and Fahsai.

The music video above shows a bit of a darker side to Daniel, but he’s mostly a sweet guy who treats Fahsai really well. It’s been a few years since I’ve watched this lakorn, but I still can’t get enough of Daniel and Fahsai together. I never blogged about this series as I was watching it, which I regret now, but this is a top lakorn and Daniel and Fahsai only made it sweeter.

Neko has subbed this drama here. Show the lovely Neko some love and support for all of her hard work.

Final Thoughts.

We’v reached the end of yet another Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar. I knew since part 3 that I was going to feature Gang Doo and Moon Soo from Just Between Lovers in part 4. All I wanted to do was finish the drama first. This round, I focused on two k-dramas, two t-dramas, and one lakorn.

I was really terrible at watching and completing dramas in 2018, so this list really only featured top contenders for me. I’ve been keeping a pretty good schedule with dramas, so there’s a strong chance I may have a part 5 later in the year. Who knows? Depending on how many couples I fall in love with, it could be sooner.

The best way to keep up to date is to make sure you’re subscribed to the blog for all of the latest posts. If you’ve made it this far through this long post, I hope you give this a quick like and leave a comment. Do you like any of these couples? Or maybe you have personal favorites that haven’t made the list? Keep in mind, I may have watched a lot of dramas, but there are so many more on my watch list.

XOXO, Andrea.


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