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Filipino Movies and Dramas on Netflix

filipino movies and dramas on netflix

Filipino Movies and Dramas on Netflix

Netflix continues to expand its International market by adding Filipino movies and dramas to its site. There is a combination of period, romantic, thriller, and action movies to choose from. I’ve included direct links and summaries of each movie to help you gauge what Netflix is offering and if it’s worth it.

Disclaimer: Netflix availability is regional. The following movies and dramas are specifically available through the US Netflix. As you know, licensing is regional, and depending on where you’re from, you may have more or less of these.

Filipino Movies:

all of you filipino drama

All of You

Two strangers meet on a dating app and experience instant chemistry, but their relationship unravels as jarring differences catch up to them. Starring Jennlyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay.

kita kita on netflix

Kita Kita

When a tour guide in Japan goes blind after seeing her fiance’s infidelity, she befriends a fellow Filipino keen to coax her out of the darkness. Starring Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez.

goyo the boy general

Goyo The Boy General

Brash ladies’ man Gregoria “Goyo” del Pilar rises to become one of the Philippines’ youngest generals in this historical epic sequel to “Heneral Luna.” Starring Paulo Avelino, Carlo Aquino, and Arron Vaillaflor.


In a mazelike Manila slum, at war with incensed civilians and a brutal cartel, special agent Nina Manigan must fight her way through once fierce night. Starring Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera, and Victor Neri.

Heneral Luna

In the 1890’s, Gen. Antonio Luna leads the fight for independence from the U.S. during the Philippine-American War. Prequel to “Goyo: The Boy General.” Starring John Arcilla, Mon Confiado, and Arror Villaflor.


A sheltered farm girl inadvertently shoots an endangered Philippine eagle, setting off a police investigation that exposes violence and corruption. Starring John Arcilla, Arnold Reyes, and Mary Joy Apostol.

My Ex and Whys

Popular blogger Cali is hired for a marketing campaign alongside another viral sensation: her ex-boyfriend Gio, who’s intent on winning her back.

Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four sisters unite to stop their young brother’s pending nuptials upon meeting his fiancee’s demanding family, revealing long-simmering family issues.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Gab is eager to tie the knot with her handsome boyfriend, but there’s a problem, and it’s a doozy: She’s already married to a total stranger.

Beauty and the Bestie

Finding himself in a desperate situation, undercover agent Emman asks his former best friend, Erika, to join him on a dangerous mission.

She’s Dating the Gangster

To make another woman jealous, a campus hearttrob asks a fellow student to be his pretend girlfriend, but fate has other plans for the fake couple.

You’re My Boss

Pong, a corporate assistant, poses as his company’s president in order to help Georgina, a marketing executive, close a crucial business deal.

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy

Quadruplets separated as babies reunite in Manila when one needs a liver transplant, but long-held family resentments threaten to derail everything.

Bride For Rent

Rocco needs to hire a bride so he can access his trust fund. Rocky desperately needs a job. Their marriage starts out fake, but ends up as much more.

It Takes a Man and a Woman

Laida and Miggy used to be in love, but now they’re forced to work together in a professional capacity — and neither is completely over their past.

A Second Chance

Following their storybook wedding, Popoy and Basha find married life — and starting a business together — more challenging than they ever imagined.

The Mistress

The mistress of a wealthy businessman is torn between her loyalty to him and her love for a young architect connected to her in unexpected ways.

The Breakup Playlist

A rock musician and a law student whose true passion is music fall in love and pursue a romance that complicates both of their blossoming careers.

The Only Mother To You All (Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat)

Raising her large family alone after her husband’s death, Ina searches for work and finally lands the most unlikely job: president of the Philippines.

You Changed My Life

Laida and Miggy think they’ve found perfect happiness with each other, until their burgeoning careers force them into a long-distance relationship.

Everyday I Love You

While patiently waiting for her boyfriend to come out of his coma, Audrey finds herself falling for the caring and successful Ethan.

No Other Woman

A happily married man gives in to temptation when a wealthy client pursues him, setting off a torrid love triangle.

Starting Over Again

An architecture student and a history professor fall in love, pursue a dream, split up and bump into each other years later. Can there be a second chance?

The Love Affair

Feeling betrayed by  their romantic partners’ infidelity, Adrianne and Vince struggle to forgive while finding comfort with each other.

Ang Tanging Ina

After the untimely demise of her first  three husbands, a stoic single mom is left to raise twelve children on her own and provide for her big family.


Two half siblings separated by family conflict cross paths as adults at a fashion agency — but one of them has a vendetta, unbeknownst to the other.

That Thing Called Tadhana

A devastating breakup with her boyfriend may be the start of a new beginning for Mace, thanks to the an adventurous and kind stranger named Anthony.

Kid Kulafu

Growing up in poverty and political turmoil, he found his way out in the ring. The early years of world-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao unfolds in this biopic.

Barcelona: A Love Untold

While pursuing a degree in Spain, an architecture struggling with grief meets a fellow expatriate trying to flee a difficult family life.


Sarah leaves her son in the Philippines to reunite with her husband in London where she struggles personally and professionally as a care-home worker.

Always Be My Maybe

After being unexpectedly dumped by their respective lovers, a man and a woman have a chance meeting at a resort and embark on a unique relationship.

Finally Found Someone

After a woman is very publicly left at the alter, the PR expert hired to fix the situation winds up falling in love with her.

A Love Story

Self-made millionaire Ian thinks he’s found happiness when he marries caring Joanna, but his love is put to the test when he meets stewardess Karyn.

Everything About Her

A hard-driving real estate tycoon who becomes ill with cancer hires a medical caretaker who helps her begin to mend fences with her estranged son.

Seven Sundays

A dying father asks his busy and grown children to spend their Sundays with him, forcing his family to confront their issues before it’s too late.

The Super Parental Guardians

Following his best friend’s death, Arci takes charge of her two boisterous children with some help from their gang-affiliated uncle.

The Third Party

When aspiring fashion designer Andi reconnects with her ex-boyfriend Max, she’s surprised to learn that he’s in a relationship with a man.

Vince & Kath & James

Love can be complicated, especially when Vince agrees to secretly woo Kath via text on behalf of James — while falling for her, too.

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin

Now a celebrity, Benjie is tasked with taking care of a General’s young son, who has information about a looming terrorist threat.

Suko6 (aka The Wedding Curse)

Two weddings marred by tragedy lead the respective brides to believe that they’ve been  cursed by an old cultural superstition.

The Unmarried Wife

Tired of her husband’s cheating, Anne begins a passionate new relationship — while still wondering if she should give her marriage another chance.


A fatal shipwreck spurs an inkeeper and her sister to recover the missing victims’ bodies — until the dead come seeking shelter themselves.


An ex-assassin tries to leave her dark past behind her until a power-hungry gang targets her and her family, forcing her to summon her killer instincts.


When a student’s suicide rattles an all-girls Catholic school, a clairvoyant guidance counselor leans on a ghost to uncover the convent’s abusive past.

crazy beautiful you

Crazy Beautiful YOU

A rebellious daughter accompanies her mother on a medical mission where she falls for the handsome politician’s son assigned to be her chaperone.

the girl allergic to wifi

The Girl Allergic to WiFi

When an internet-obsessed teen develops a rare illness that forces her to move to a remote town, she must navigate her relationships without technology.

Filipino Dramas:


Despite the Philippine government’s crackdown on narcotics, high schooler Joseph expands his drug running while his cop uncle profits from corruption. Starring Derek Ramsay, Vince Rillion, and Allen Dizon.

Final Thoughts.

It may not seem like much, but Netflix is continuously adding a Filipino movie here and there. For now, the selection is a bit small and leaves a lot to be desired. I’d love to have more availability to Filipino dramas for the US, but I’m honestly happy that at least the movie selection is growing.

Could this be the beginning of having easier access to Filipino dramas and movies? A lot of these seem to be Star Cinema/ABS-CBN dramas, which I believe are also available through a TFC (The Filipino Channel) subscription.

Nonetheless, we now have the option to watch Filipino dramas and movies on Netflix, which is a pleasant surprise. I would love to see more content. Viki currently has two Filipino dramas: My Love From the Star (Korean Drama Remake) and The One that Got Away.

If you enjoy ABS-CBN content, they subtitle a heap of their movies and dramas at TFC TV. It will require a paid subscription to watch any of those movies or dramas.

I do my best to stay on top of Asian content and it’s availability. I’ve put together some lists you might find useful such as Thai Dramas on Netflix, Chinese/Taiwanese Dramas on Netflix and Japanese Dramas on Netflix. Also, I try to update these lists at least once a month or as soon as new content is available.

Are you a fan of Filipino dramas and movies? What about on Netflix? Are you happy to have more options on Netflix? Let me know what you think the comments below. I’ve also put together a post listing Love Teams and explaining what they are.

As always, please comment, link, share, and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed this content. I talk about a variety of Asian dramas, so I hope there’s a little bit of everything. My hope is that you find something that will appeal to you.

Updated 9-07-19

XOXO, Andrea.



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      Currently, none of those TV dramas are available on the US Netflix. I just checked. May I ask where you’re from?

      1. Ah… I’m in Taiwan but I got access to other country Netflix since I have VPN.

        The TV series looks like an experimental phase, since these shows are not Netflix Originals and owned by ABS-CBN compared to Amo. It might have to do with money, since ABS-CBN TFC is popular in US – maybe not in other countries.

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