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Man Crush Monday: Lee Jong Suk

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening drama fans!

Today I bring you my latest Man Crush Monday: Lee Jong Suk style.

man crush monday: lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk?

He is mesmerizing on screen. No matter the role he takes on, he makes it his own and dazzles the audience. Whether it’s his blinding, million watt smile or his way of speaking, I can’t help but be entranced by all of the roles he takes on.

In real life, Lee Jong Suk is even supportive of his friends. One of his closest friends, dating back from their modeling days, is Kim Woo Bin. You may or may not know that Kim Woo Bin has cancer, but the two continue to remain close. They vacationed together in August 2018 in Hawaii. Knowing that the two continue to remain close makes me smile brightly. Who doesn’t love a bromance?

Dramas I Love.

Lee Jong Suk is known as a Noona Killer. He has amazing chemistry with older actresses.  He stole our hearts in I Can Hear Your Voice, where he starred as the young Park Soo Ha. Lee Bo Young played Jang Hye Sung and they sizzled together. Despite the age gap, they had a believable chemistry with each other. Their characters are only six years apart in age in the drama, but I always feel that Lee Jong Suk is so adorable and baby-faced at times that he can look much younger; it depends on how he acts and how the stylist styles him. You can watch I Can Hear Your Voice on Viki.

man crush monday: lee jong suk

The drama that cemented my love for him was W – Two Worlds, where he played the cool and wealthy Kang Chul who was accused of murder. A webtoon coming to life was such a great plot that it quickly catapulted into favorite drama territory for me. Even further, I loved his interactions with his leading lady, Han Hyo Joo. To date, W – Two Worlds is one of my top favorite k-dramas, ever, because of Lee Jong Suk. You can watch W – Two Worlds on Viki.

Currently, Lee Jong Suk is entrancing the viewers in Romance is a Bonus Book with his sweet, unrequited love for his childhood friend and noona played by Lee Na Young. I really enjoy seeing this sweeter, gentler side of Lee Jong Suk. Sure, his character, Cha Eun Ho is a bit prickly at times, but he’ll do anything for his noona. You can watch on Netflix.

Final Thoughts.

And there you have it! This Week’s Man Crush Monday: Lee Jong Suk style! Stay tuned for more Man Crush Monday’s. I plan to update ISWAKD quite often. What does this mean? More Man Crush Monday’s. All I need to do is up my game and watch even more k-dramas this year.

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man crush monday: lee jong suk

My previous Man Crush Monday was all about Park Seo Joon.

XOXO, Andrea.



  1. He has the incredible ability to obsess anyone who looks at him. Certainly even the directors who let the camera linger on his enchanting face to the point of touching a real declaration of love. He is certainly the boy who has more close-ups in the history of kdamas and obviously is also the best kisser. How could it be otherwise? He has unbelievable lips.
    He cries on command, and when he does it you do it too. And goes from being funny and adorable to being sexy and strong in a nanosecond.
    In short, he is a dream that can hurt.
    Before being an actor he was a model, obviously at very high levels. Let’s say that the boy was already devastating at an early age. If you want to have a look:

    1. Hi Sophie! Thanks for sharing. I do know that Lee Jong Suk was a model before he got into acting and boy does it show. What you say is very, very true. He is quite enchanting and I am going to miss him very much now that he’s enlisted. Guess it’s time to go back and watch all the dramas with him that I haven’t watched yet.

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