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First Impressions of ‘Touch Your Heart’

touch your heart first impressions

I’ve just finished watching the first episode of Touch My Heart. With excitement mounting, I ran to blog right away. This is only episode one, but I thought you’d all enjoy my First Impressions of Touch Your HeartPlease note there are lots of spoilers in this post. Please don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be privy to spoilers of episode one.

Who is Oh Yoon Seo?

touch your heart first impressions

Oh Yoon Seo is a famous actress known for her notoriously bad acting. Her popularity stems from her beauty, but that doesn’t seem to be enough these days. After she gets mixed up in a drug-related scandal, her image suffered greatly. In a world where image means virtually everything, it doesn’t matter that Yoon Seo was proven innocent. All that matters was that she was embroiled in a scandal that tarnished her pristine image.

Forward to two years later and it’s make it or break it time for Oh Yoon Seo. Her time is running out, but no one in the industry wants to hire her. What’s a girl to do? When she gets a hold of famous writer, Lee Se Jin’s script, Love is Painful Law, she locks herself in the bathroom and beings reading. Yoon Seo is barely able to contain her excitement and she easily falls in love with the script.

As she “daydream acts” out the scenes, fellow drama lovers will be quick to spot the Descendants of the Sun air strip sequence with the scarf. Cue the familiar love ballad playing in the background and I’m dying of laughter on the inside. You know you’re in for a treat when a drama makes references you actually understand and love.

After Yoon Seo snaps out of “daydream acts,” she’s determined to make this role hers. She wants nothing more than to star in Love is Painful Law, but the problem is getting the writer, Lee Se Jin, on board. Even she’s not oblivious to Yoon Seo’s lackluster performances. The only way she’ll consider her for the role is if she studies for the role properly by working in a law firm for three months.

As she’s on the verge of forever being a washed up actress, she begrudgingly accepts the offer. She doesn’t want to do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Yoon Seo barely lasted a month at law school, so it’s not going to help here here. And neither is acting.

Most of the employees welcome Yoon Seo to the Always law firm except for Kwon Jung Rok.

touch your heart first impressions

To be fair, Yoon Seo shows up late on her first day while wearing stiletto booties, a short, tight body con dress, a fur coat, and sunglasses. She shows up in total diva mode and first impressions are set. What I like about her is that she isn’t mean. She’s actually quite kind, but she sets a bad first impression with Jung Rok.

It doesn’t help that Yoon Seo is a bit ditsy and clueless. For whatever reasons, she lacks basic knowledge that the rest of know. (Poor girl — you don’t take a 30 day supply of multivitamins in one shot. How the heck has she survived this long? Was someone always preparing everything for her and she never had to learn to do anything?)

I loved the fact that Jung Rok is completely oblivious to who Yoon Seo actually is. I was dying when she started re-enacting commercials she starred in. She really got into her roles. Jung Rok barely bats an eye. He’s like, “Are you done yet?” Hahaha!

By the end of episode one, we see her take her position more seriously as she pulls an all-nighter studying up on law secretarial duties. I must say, I really admired that about her. For her second day, she gets to work on time, learns how to answer and properly transfer phone calls, and she learns from a fellow employee how to make copies. It’s not a huge accomplishment, but at least Yoon Seo is putting in some effort.

Who is Kwon Jung Rok?

Kwon Jung Rok is Always law firm’s ace lawyer. He takes his work extremely serious and is not pleased to have Yoon Seo working under him. But his boss forces Jung Rok’s hands by blackmailing him with an event that occurred five years ago. He has no choice but to accept Yoon Seo, whether he likes it or not.

Aside from making a terrible first impression, Jung Rok isn’t the most sympathetic guy. I smiled when he brought Yoon Seo sushi for lunch. Maybe Jung Rok is kind-hearted, deep down, after all.

Too bad she never gets to eat it because he blows a gasket when she’s socializing with the other employees. The office is not a playground and he’s very clear when he scolds Yoon Seo. He’d rather her sit back and do nothing instead of cause him more trouble.

Yoon Seo and Jung Rok continue to put heads on day two. While Yoon Seo is pleased as a peach that she’s mastered transferring phone calls and making copies, she takes things a little too far and does something she shouldn’t have. She organized Jung Rok’s desk because it was a mess. While it was meant as a helpful gesture, she has just enraged him further. Now, he has no idea where anything is and is pissed that the document he needs is buried somewhere.

The two end up bickering and rather heatedly, Jung Rok admits that he loves women very much. There is one exception, though. He does not like Yoon Seo at all. Game. Set. Match. Prepare for lots of bickering and head butting between these two.

What’s in a Plot?

Our characters have met, interacted, and vocalized their pure disdain for the other. All of this happens in episode one. As much as Yoon Seo doesn’t like Jung Rok, at some point they will have to play nice and work together. Yoon Seo doesn’t give up without a fight, and while she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, I hope she learns something valuable through her work experience.

We have the makings of a pretty good workplace rom com coming together. The first episode sets a lot of things up, but the story moves enough that it doesn’t feel bogged down by tons and tons of backstory and history. I love when dramas shed light on characters past, but we don’t all need to know it right out of the gate.

Speaking of backstory, I’m curious to learn more about Yoon Seo and Jung Rok. While we know a few key things about both characters, there are still many unknowns. Why is Jung Rok so serious and prickly? Did something in his past happen to make him that way? He tells Yoon Seo that he eats lunch by himself every day, so he seems pretty lonely.

Yoon Seo is like the wrecking ball in Jung Rok’s life. Both are polar opposites and I wonder if they can ever manage to work together and not detest each other. It’s a tall order for this drama, but since it’s titled Touch Your Heart, I’m assuming that Yoon Seo’s bubbly, silly personality breaks through Jung Rok’s thick, emotional armor.

That said, I’m curious to see what side plots and side stories Touch Your Heart utilizes. I doubt this is going to be a super deep, tear-inducing drama. We’re not in melodrama territory here. All I can hope is that the story continues to build up and doesn’t fizzle out.

Random Theories and Thoughts.

Okay, so who feels like the writer was just placating Yoon Seo? Her image is in bad shape, and even if she proves her work by making it three months, will she be seriously considered for the role? Or is this the easy way of letting her down since no one thinks she can do it? After all, the writer makes it clear that Yoon Seo is not a good actress. So even after three months of real work experience, would she honestly, seriously consider her for the role? I may be overthinking or overreaching, but it’s never that simple in dramaland.

Will we deal with any workplace issues in this drama? I’m really curious if we’re going to get into an law related material here or if it’s more going to focus on workplace hi jinks. I’m okay with either, but I’ve really enjoyed dramas like MisaengWhat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Feel Good To Die that integrated workplace obstacles and problems into the story. It’s simply too early to tell, but one can only wonder.

I LOVE Yoo In Na, so I’m happy to see her starring in this role. We’ve seen her play an actress before in Queen In Hyun’s Man (one of my all time favorite dramas), but she’s so different here. YIA has shown some great acting chops here. She seems to be having a lot of fun in this role… think of an actress playing an actress that’s playing a bad actress.

Lee Dong Wook always seems to bring it in his dramas. His character doesn’t give us a lot to like about him in the first episode, but Dong Wook does good at mastering a steely, arrogant character. I look forward to seeing that freshened up with his character being a lawyer.

My First Impressions of Touch Your Heart:

Touch Your Heart is so much fun right out of the gate. It doesn’t offer anything particularly new to the rom com genre, but that isn’t a bad thing. I love Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na so far. And no, I haven’t seen Goblin, but I am familiar with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s other, separate dramas. If you enjoyed What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, I think you’ll like this opening episode as well. I haven’t started episode two, but I’m having a blast so far. (Update: I’ve finished episode 2 and I’m hooked! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this drama keeps up the momentum.)

If the story can keep me laughing and engaged, I’m all in. It’s too early to make a sound judgement just yet, but there is plenty of promise present. This is most certainly worth a watch. Catch Touch Your Heart is available on Viki.

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Also, I can’t end this without noting Kim Jong Dae’s (Chen from EXO) OST song, Make It Count. You may know that I love EXO something fierce, so I had to at least mention this.

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XOXO, Andrea.



  1. I watched first two episodes and I liked it more than I thought I would. I watched teasers before and so I didn’t have much expectations. It’s still better than other cliched romance com even with them trying to be funny doesn’t get on my nerves. Instead I think this will be a decent drama. Most of the time first two episodes are good but later on they mess up but I hope I can continue watching this drama.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised as well. This isn’t a new or innovative drama, but it’s pretty fun so far. It’s the kind of cliched romance where you can guess where things are headed, but the acting and writing is very good so far so I don’t mind the cliche. Let’s hope the solid writing continues and I think I will like this one a lot.

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