Thai Drama: ‘Kiss Me Again’ Review

Kiss Me Again Review.

kiss me again review

5 of the ‘Kiss’ Novels by Hideko Sunshine

Disclaimer: There was a lot going on in this version. They crammed so many characters into this drama. Why they decided to cram in 4 books of content into one drama, I’ll never know. It made it overall messy and sometimes lacking. (At least Blue Kiss will have its own drama, so lots of Pete/Kao for you bl fans.) Still, there was good content here and I generally enjoyed watching. I hope you check out my review of Kiss Me Again.

Kiss Me Again is based on the following books by Hideko_Sunshine: Red KissViolet Kiss, and Peach Kiss. The focus is on Sandee and Sanrak’s older sisters: Sanson, Sansuay, and Sanwan. We also learn how Pete, Sandee, Thada, June, and Kao all became friends. We’ll also see how Pete and Kao became more than friends.

kiss me again review

Before we dig into my Kiss Me Again review, I’m going to do this post a bit different and break it down by characters as opposed to chronological events. There was a lot of content and many characters with story arcs of some kind. I decided to focus on the main cast.

Going forward, I was thinking I may even start to do episode recaps of GMMTV dramas. Only if I see something I like enough. If you like Thai dramas, please leave me a comment below or like this post. Your feedback helps me choose my focus. (Although, I do still watch and blog about what I love.)

kiss me again review


Where can I start about Sanson? I felt like her character was the worst of all the sisters. She was very selfish with her tactics to investigate if Matt was gay or not. Of course, she agreed to find out at the behest of Matt’s mom, but it was still so wrong on so many levels.

And then she recorded audio journals on her phone about the entire investigation. I face-palmed so many times at her behaviors. I really hoped she had the sense to delete that content when she finally removed all of the incriminating photos.

What’s worse was that she staged all of these “gay scenes” to make it look like Matt was gay. Then, she secretly took pictures of him in incriminating situations and sent it to his mother. Really, Sanson? Really?!

As two people who were once childhood friends, I felt the most disappointed and disgusted in the lengths she was willing to exploit Matt to gain a car from his mother.

Her character improved towards the tail end of the series, but she never really won my approval. When she called Pat out about liking Matt, I got really angry. You think she would have learned from the last time, but she used that opportunity to have a competition with Pat to see who Matt actually liked.

Maybe she never, in a million years, believed he’d like her, but I was entirely crushed by Pat and when he was rejected by Matt. Hoping that Pat finds someone — we get a teaser at the end of the episode where he ran into a stranger and they’re smiling at each other.

It also sucked that Sanson kept her past with So a secret from Sansuay. The truth was leaked from a source she despised. I feel there’s nothing worse than that. (By series end, that issue was water under the bridge, but Sanson was easily the most immature out of all the sisters.)

I didn’t hate her in the end, but I surely didn’t like her either. Out of all the sisters, I felt that her story was the weakest and least interesting. What didn’t help was that I felt the actress playing Sanson wasn’t all that convincing.

In the end, Matt and Sanson cleared up their misunderstandings and get together. Unfortunately, they never made my heart flutter. Too often, I was tempted to skip Sanson’s scenes, but I made it through anyway. As a positive, the way she helped So regarding Sansuay was sweet.

Sanson was also there for her sisters, which I appreciated. I’ll give her kudos where they’re due, but that’s it.

I always dreaded her scenes. Also, why did Sanson have these ridiculously short bangs? She looked like she was maybe 14 half of the time! That only added to how immature her character felt.

At the end of the day, I truly believe it was never her intention to hurt anyone. She just made poor judgment calls and sometimes suffered from her decisions when things turned awry. In the end, it seemed like she learned her lesson, so I’ll give her that.

kiss me again review


I wasn’t sure what to make of Sansuay at first, but she grew on me. It’s rare for me to root for former couples to get together, but So and Sansuay were so freaking adorable when they got it together. Sure, it was mostly Sansuay resisting, but it was such a sigh of relief when she finally gave So another chance.

Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about Sansuay, but she seemed to be the sister that most had her life together and knew what she wanted. She loved designing and worked hard at Ordinariez, her fashion boutique/clothing store. I loved her fashion sense and her hair was my favorite of all of the sisters.

One of her faults was her unnecessary cruelty. When it came to the model Nicole, I felt that Sansuay’s behavior was out of line and put Na’s magazine/photo shoot in jeopardy. Nicole became angry and vindictive after several bad conversations with Sansuay. That lead to her trying to ruin Sansuay’s reputation as well as drag Ordinariez through the mud.

Thankfully, So saved the day and worked with Na, who released a statement to help clear up the misunderstanding. No matter what, he always seemed to be in Sansuay’s corner.

When Sansuay agreed to date So again at the end, I was overjoyed. When Sansuay wasn’t bickering with or pushing So away, I enjoyed them together. So’s support and pure love for Sansuay was a treat to watch.

I was happy when they got together, but Sansuay’s story wasn’t that intriguing. I didn’t have the urge to fast forward through her scenes, but it took some time to warming up to her character and carrying about her story. She won me over halfway through.

kiss me again review


What can I say about Sanwan? She was the cliched nerdy girl with big glasses. Sanwan studied hard and didn’t even bother with boys. They weren’t even a thought to her. At the beginning of the series, the sisters were all together and talking about boys. Sanwan blew off the conversation and stated she couldn’t study, so she left.

Sanwan was a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. Even though she was billed as the nerdy girl, she didn’t take crap from anyone. Her story was extremely cliche and easy to predict from a mile ago.

At her mother’s insistence, Sanwan agreed to date a doctor named R. He’s a major playboy. Of course, he had a girlfriend, Sinee, and wasn’t interested in anyone else, but his father had other plans. When his father paired up with Sanwan’s mother, the two arrange for their children to date.

R wasn’t thrilled about the arrangement, but he was determined to get his father off his back. He and Sanwan created a fake dating contract and pretended to date in order to fool their parents. All the while, R continued to date Sinee. It didn’t take long for R and Sanwan to generally gain affection for the other, and Sinee was right on it.

While I felt that Sinee had every right to be angry with R/Sanwan’s relationship becoming real, she went over-the-top villain here and called in reinforcements from Wayu. As if Wayu and his friend trying to rape Sanwan once wasn’t enough, Wayu tried again! Unbelievable! And then Sinee and Wayu previously dated. What a mess.

Still, it was so cute to see Sanwan interact with R. She had no dating experience and was really uncomfortable with physical affection. Sanwan had zero issued with putting R in his place, but at some point, they started to enjoy each other’s company.

Their story is a bit of a love/hate relationship. It was so cute when Sanwan agreed to date with R. He really proved himself and showed Sanwan how much he cared about her. He even rescued her from being raped. She helped him recover after he was stabbed, and R finally kicked Sinee to the curb.

Good riddance, Sinee!

Sanwan finally agreed to date R for real. And the fake dating was finally a thing of the past! Yay, these two were my second favorite couple. Cliche or not, I really looked forward to their story. (I’m also partial to contract relationships, so I enjoyed that plot line as well.)

Sanrak: Honestly, Sanrak didn’t do that much in this series. While her character wasn’t always my favorite in Kiss The Series, I’ve always enjoyed her smile and her relationship with her sisters. While I love Mook, it was a little disappointing that she didn’t have that much to do in the prequel. Of course, we already heard her story.

We did get a small scene where she ran into Na and was all cute and embarrassed. So, it’s easy to tell she had a crush on him early on. In order to really get a feel for Sanrak, you’ll need to watch Kiss The Series as Kiss Me Again does very little for her. Again, she wasn’t the central character, and there were so many characters here.

How faithful was the content to the book series? I don’t know. But a part of me wished we had a little more focus on the sisters.

kiss me again review


Sandee was and always will be my favorite out of all the sisters. I loved how she was the only girl in the group and helped keep the boys in lines. Even if she didn’t want to play mother, sometimes she needed to with the drama between Pete and Kao.

To think, it was all because of the adorable and relentless June that we have the DeeDa pairing. (Might need to watch Kiss The Series to understand that reference, but June refers to them by their “shipper” name which was just the cutest dang thing ever.)

Let’s not forget Mild Wiraporn is one of my favorite Thai actresses, but she had a busy schedule with other filming duties. Unfortunately, we don’t see her for the last part of the drama and it showed. It was slightly disappointing as Sandee was such a cornerstone part of the group. Of course, the writing tried to accommodate her absence, but it was obviously when Sandee wasn’t around.

If you really want a Sandee/Thada fix, you need to check out Kiss The Series if you haven’t.

Like Sanrak, Sandee’s character didn’t have a whole lot to do here, but her origin story with her friends made it worth the while.


I loved June so much. He was the glue that kept the friends together. If anything, he was the practical joker of the group and found ways to ease the tension. June was outgoing, had no problems with making friends, and he was the reason we got to enjoy the gang.

Also, who else didn’t love how ridiculously cute it was when he would repeat everyone’s name and state it was their gang? D’aww. I’ve missed you, June!

While not classic handsome, I love this actor. Why doesn’t he score leading roles?

Nicky Jutapun’s acting has presence and he completely embodies his characters so well. He always gets relegated to a funny, secondary character. And while Nicky excels at the comedic, I need to see him be the star in a drama one of these days.

Someone give this guy a starring role, please.

kiss me again review


As most of their story was lumped together, I’ve included both of them. Pete and Kao had bad blood back in high school, so it’s not hard to imagine how against being friends they were in the beginning. I felt bad for Pete being so confused, but he was often lashing out at poor Kao.

You can’t help what the heart wants and Pete’s heart wanted Kao. While it wasn’t an easy battle, I grinned from ear-to-ear when they were back on good terms. I know I don’t have a lot to say about Pete and Kao’s story, but I feel their arc was one of the strongest ones throughout Kiss The Series.

When they finally got it right, I had so many butterflies in my stomach. They were truly a slow burn romance, so the payoff towards the end was worth it. I loved them together and think their chemistry together trumped the other actors/actresses, but that’s just my opinion.

If you love bl (boy love) stories, you’ll find that Pete and Kao are such a treat. They were the standouts and I’m actually really curious to see them back together in Blue Kiss. Pete has such a dominate, outgoing personality while Kao is much sweeter and shy. I liked the balance they gave to each other.

kiss me again review

Final Thoughts.

Not enough Na, Khun Jane, Sandee, and Sanrak. I know they had plenty of screen time in Kiss: The Series, but I loved these characters and wish we had less of the other side stories.

I’m going to be fair and admit that the first series Kiss was much stronger and chock full of more likable characters. That’s not to discredit Kiss Me Again in any way.

It was a solid introduction of how Pete, Kao, Sandy, June, and Thada all became friends. For me, that was the biggest selling point as they were my favorite part of Kiss.

Pete and Kao had the most ‘explosive’ chemistry here. Also, I liked Sansuay/So and even Sanwan/R. There were too many stories and side characters. I think that’s what hurt this story the most. We didn’t much much development and quality time with some of the characters. Some stories were underdeveloped.

The other side characters weren’t really on my radar. I didn’t care much for Mint or Rain. Who else wanted to punch Prize? He was such a smug douchebag!

I hated Angie as much as I hated Sinee, Mork and Wayu. (Wayu apologized to R in the end, but still.)

And then there was Sun, Rain’s older brother who has a crush on Kao. But it looks like Mork has a crush on Sun? I found Sun and Mork to be a bit boring. I don’t have anything against bl (boy love) story lines, either.As I said, so many characters and it was spreading the story so thin.

Important Note: Kiss Me Again is the prequel to Kiss The Series. For the sake of understanding and overall consistency, I recommend starting with Kiss The Series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I binge-watched it pretty quickly and don’t regret any of my decisions. These are strictly my own opinions and I recommend you start watching to form your own opinions. Something I might not like may be something you love.

Kiss Me Again is not a bad story at all. Many people are only watching BL scenes of Pete and Kao.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are other stories that I think are worth a watch. I wouldn’t have amazingly high expectations, but I never regretted watching Kiss Me Again.

You can watch Kiss Me Again with English subtitles on youtube. If you’d like to read some of my other Thai drama reviews, you can check out my Reviews page.

I talked briefly about Kiss The Series if you’re interested in learning a bit more about that story. The events take place after this story, but Kiss The Series actually aired first. Honestly, I’ve never reviewed the first series, but if there’s enough interest, I might go back and rewatch it just so I can do that.

If you enjoyed my Kiss Me Again review, please like, comment, subscribe to the blog, and feel free to share this post on social media. I always look forward and value your feedback. Thank you for supporting my blog. I couldn’t do any of this without all of you.






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