Korean Web Drama: ‘Paparazzi Girlfriend’ Review

Paparazzi Girlfriend Review.

paparazzi girlfriend

Paparazzi Girlfriend: Se Na, who once dreamed of becoming a war correspondent, became an entertainment reporter digging gossips of celebrities. She hates her job but thinks she has no choice since she must pay rent and pay off student loan. Her inner conflict deepens as her boss asks her to even spy on celebrities while her boyfriend disapproves of her career choice. Will she settle with reality or risk everything to achieve her real dream?

Where to Watch: OnDemandKorea | Amazon (Prime Video) | AsianCrush
Are English Subtitles Included? Yes, on all sources.
Number of Episodes: 5.

My Thoughts…

This is a very quick watch. You’re looking at around 30 minutes of total content. Se Na has become very jaded by her job and she has a horrid boss. Chasing down celebrities for the latest headline isn’t her personal career choice. And then there’s her boyfriend who sells socks and bought Se Na a car.

While he isn’t too thrilled with her career choice, he goes along with it. On more than one occasion, for her job, Se Na ditches her boyfriend. They even have a brief breakup that lasts less than an episode. All is well in the end, but I didn’t care much for this couple or the way that they were written.

Se Na is eventually fired by her boss. Of course he didn’t keep his promise to her — even when she brought proof to him. I loved how she totally flipped her boss off while she was packing up her belongings, but the moment he turned around, she started to smile and begged for a second chance by using aeygo.

After a celebrity took a picture on Se Na’s car with her boyfriends treasure trove of socks, his sock sales from DH Socks went through the roof and the company was upgraded to DH Fashion. While modeling her boyfriends clothing in the park, Se Na gets a call for an interview and leaves her boyfriend behind.

New Job?

The guy interviewing her is a total sleaze and instructs Se Na that she’d be reporting news on celebrities having affairs. That’s the final straw and even though he’s hired her, Se Na declines the position as she doesn’t want to pry into other’s personal lives.

After drinking in misery at a convenience store, Se Na overhears an employee and his boss. She instantly starts filming them and says she’s a reporter fighting social injustice. She says she’s focusing on unethical bosses who mistreat their employees. And just like that, justice is served. The boss hands over her employees earnings and Se Na has done a good deed.

She finally returns to the park where she left her boyfriend, who is sleeping on the ground. Poor guy. But all seems to be okay as his face lights up with a huge smile upon seeing her. Se Na’s real dream is to do what she wants to do and be with her boyfriend. It seems she’s finally achieved that.

And that’s a wrap.

Final Impressions…

This was okay for a web drama. It clearly conveyed a message from beginning to end, but I didn’t always like Se Na’s actions. I felt she didn’t always treat her boyfriend the best, but maybe that’s realistic to a real relationship. For the time, it’s not a bad watch. There is a bit of humor, but there isn’t a lot of depth with the time constraints. I mean, what can you expect in such a short period of time?

If you’re willing, it’s an okay time waster. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to re-watch it, but it was at least worth a worth. It’s fun, light, and quirky.

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