End of Year Musings

Hi, drama fans and friends!

I wanted to come to you all with an end of year musings post. As I’ve mentioned before, 2018 has been a roller coaster. I can’t necessarily say that it was bad, but I can’t say that it was good either. It was a year full of challenging obstacles in my personal life that directly impacted the amount of k-dramas I watched this year.

Challenges aside, It Started With a K-Drama went through a radical change this year. Not only did I change the site layout, but I upgraded to the business plan, which is why you saw ads this year. Web hosting costs are no joke, especially when you’re a small scale blog like mine. I also introduced my podcast Weekend In Dramaland, which I host with my real life BFF, Tiff.

I know there are so many ways I can improve my blog, and I already have a list full of resolutions and goals. Not only am I committed to learning Korean in 2019, but the podcast will be done on a consistent, scheduled basis. The same goes for this blog. It’s tough to find the time to give it the attention it deserves when I work full time and take care of my grandparents. (One is currently going through chemo and radiation treatments, so the past two months have been physically and mentally draining.)

But I truly believe I can find time if I try harder to follow a schedule. This blog is my solace and I love sharing all of this content with all of you. So, I hope you’ll continue to be patient and cheer me on. I’m already branching out into k-pop and I have Korean language software, so I’ve got many things in the works that will also be great blog content. Maybe even some k-food content because who doesn’t want to see pictures and reviews of yummy Korean food?

So I guess the purpose of this post is to say thank you for being here for me. Thank you for following and enjoying this blog. I promise to work hard and keep it going for as long as I possibly can. As long as k-dramas are part of my life, you will have me here reviewing and talking about them.

That brings this post to a very, very important area. I need your input and thoughts.

Do you like my posts? Can I improve on anything? I know I am far from perfect, and I work hard to bring content to this blog, but I know my posting schedule isn’t very consistent. I promise it’s a 2019 goal. Constructive criticism is important. Even if you don’t find fault, what else would you like to see me blog about here?

Tomorrow, 12/30/18, is my birthday, so I may not respond to comments immediately. I always respond and/or like every single comment left on my blog, so please don’t be shy and don’t feel frustrated if I take a day or two to get back to you.

I will post in the new year my list of goals, plans and resolutions so that I have to hold myself accountable to them.

More details will follow at that time, so keep a close eye. I may also introduce a raffle to the blog as a thank you from me to you for all of your support. Honestly, all of you who are commenting and visiting the blog regularly are what help fuel my passion and give me inspiration for new content.

I love you all.

XOXO, Andrea



  1. Happy birthday to you in advance…I too want to learn Korean Language. I finished one course from Lingodeer app early this year but I want to redo it as I forgot a lot. I want to learn Korean language and late Japanese and all too. Korean food related posts sound good too. I am only hardly get Shin ramyun delivered here so it is very difficult for me to get ingrodents. Not sure how many kdramas I will able to watch this year but I hope they are good ones. Good luck for your blog in 2019.

    1. Thank you! Good luck in learning Korean and Japanese. I’m hoping I can finally learn this year with enough discipline and better time management.

      I will try to squeeze in some Korean food posts. I don’t have any Asian markets around me, so that makes it tough to create certain dishes. I know I can at least order gochajang. Of course, I could probably order some other things but I wouldn’t be able to make kimchi with napa cabbage as I don’t have access to that, which is unfortunate because it’s something I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve been hoping to make bibimbap and start small with things like that and ramen. Definitely more details coming this year.

      Also, I’m not sure what k-dramas I will watch this year either, but I hope there’s more of them that catch by attention in 2019. I need to start paying attention to what’s coming out this year. I haven’t been keeping up at all. Also, good luck with your blog as well! Fighting! 🙂

      1. Thanks. I tried making kimchi once with cabbage that’s available here but not that good. We order shin ramyun when is little spicy but taste great in winter now. Haven’t tried anything else. I am going to start some new kdramas like Touch your heart, The crowned crown, Kingdom, Romance is a bonus book. Hope they are good ones.

  2. The Shin Ramyun sounds good. I enjoy spicy, and with it being winter here as well, that would be a great way to warm up. I will probably watch Romance is a bonus book. I might try one of the historicals from your recent post.Will have to watch teasers/trailers as I can be a little picky about historical dramas, but The Crowned Clown at least sounds intriguing and a bit different from the norm.

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