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My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018

My Favorite Idol Actor of 2018

I had a tough time with k-dramas this year. A lot of them just didn’t appeal to me in any shape or form. Try as I might, I was unable to press play on quite a few dramas this year. Sometimes we go through phases where hardly anything is appealing. I caught that bug this year and really struggled to find many dramas that called to me.

Some of the dramas I planned to watch never happened either. And to be fair, it’s not that they were bad dramas, I was simply in a slump, drained from cancer diagnoses in my family, and lacking in inspiration. I am a firm believer in that your mood dictates what dramas you choose to watch. But there were times I pushed through my slump and watched some good dramas, so a 2019 goal of mine is to keep pushing and persevering. I’m sad I missed out on so many dramas this year, but the good news is that there is plenty of time for me to backtrack and catch some of the gems that aired in 2018.

That said, even though I had a tough time, my favorite idol actor of 2018 was a no brainer. It won’t be a shock if you saw My Favorite Korean Melodrama of 2018 post.

lee junho

Lee Jun Ho.

Have you seen Just Between Lovers? Melodrama and heavy tones aside, this was the drama that put Lee Jun Ho on my radar. His acting was so impressive that it felt like I could feel and understand every heartbreaking moment his character, Kang Do, struggled with. I laughed, cried, and raged over Kang Do when he pushed Moon Soo away.

Jun Ho’s brilliant performance set the tone for 2018 and very few other projects caught my interest.

The bar was set so high that I really mentally struggled with other dramas this year. When you’re in a slump but find an amazing drama that hits all the right notes, it can be very trying to find a drama to fill those shoes.

Even in Wok of Love, Jun Ho just couldn’t top his performance in Just Between Lovers. While the foodie and rom com lover in my enjoyed Wok of Love, it just wasn’t as captivating as Just Between Lovers. I need to finish Wok of Love, so I can’t fully compare it to JBL as this time. These two dramas aren’t really comparable, so I’m throwing that out there. I will finish it for Jun Ho and Jang Hyuk, though. I just lost track of this drama and, sadly, never finished it.

Nonetheless, I’m anxious to see more of Lee Junho’s work now. He has been script reading for his latest movie: Gibang Bachelor. It looks to be some kind of historical fusion/comedic style movie. I don’t have many details, but it also stars Jung So Min, who I have loved and adored since the very beginning of my k-drama journey.

Junho’s character in Gibang Bachelor is Joseon’s first male courtesan and he’s a bit of a ladies man. One of the beautiful women he encounters is played by Jung So Min. Will she be captivated by Jun Ho’s character? Soompi notes her as having a progressive mindset, so that could be quite interesting to see that kind of character in the Joseon Dynasty period. More about that can be read here.

Honorable Mention: Lee Hong Ki as P.K in A Korean Odyssey aka Hwayugi. I don’t see nearly enough of LHK in dramas these days, so I couldn’t forget to note his memorable performance earlier this year. While this drama fell apart in the later half, I really enjoyed Hong Ki’s character as the pig P.K. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him in a leading role. The last time was in Bride of the Century and Modern Farmer, so I think we’re a bit overdue.



  1. I first saw on Lee Jun Ho pics on jtbc insta account and that’s how I came to know about the drama Just Between lovers. I decided to watch it when it started airing and I was loving it especially all those quotes in it and of course all main leads were good including Lee Jun Ho. I didn’t like wok of love but hoping his drama will be good one.

    1. Yes, so many good quotes!! I loved the one by Ha Moon Soo where she says something along the lines of, “It’s not only 48 people that died it was as many as 48 people died.” Lots of memorable content was in this drama. I need more Lee Jun Ho now, haha.

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