K-Pop: New EXO MV – Love Shot

exo love shot

Let me tell you all a little secret.

I love EXO. A lot.

Love Shot is their latest MV and I already can’t get enough.

Some of the dance moves are so sensual. OMO. Just watch for yourself in you don’t believe me. Then, there’s the clear toy guns, the flowers, throwing wads of money in a burning barrel. And the ending? When they knock back a fake shot, it’s the perfect ending.

How many times have you watched this MV already? It’s hard not to play on repeat as there are so many different things going on in the video that I keep replaying, get more addicted to the song, and find little things I didn’t notice before.

This is their 5th album repackage. It will be released on Amazon on 12/14/18, so go ahead and pre-order or bookmark this page. (Please note this is an Amazon Affiliate link and I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase this. Thank you!)

K-pop fans, how are you feeling about EXO’s new MV – Love Shot? Have you been shot by their love?

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Without further ado, here is the official MV. Enjoy the heart palpitations and sweats.

I also purchased the 5th album repackage. Check that out here on my IG page. I took a couple of pictures.

If you’d like to see more k-pop posts like this one about EXO, let me know below.



    1. I’m not that up to date with kpop either, which is why I don’t talk about it very much lol. I know some popular artists by name, but that’s about it. I am most familiar with Exo and FT Island’s music. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Love Shot initially, but the more that I listened it, the more that it grew on me.

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