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Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Are you looking for a Chinese drama fix? Look no further. I've put together a massive list of every Chinese drama you can find on Netflix.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

There is a pretty large selection of Chinese & Taiwanese dramas currently available on Netflix. Initially, I wasn’t going to break down every drama below. However, if you don’t have Netflix and are wondering if it’s worth it, I realized that this list may be more beneficial than just sharing the link to Chinese dramas on Netflix.

This list has more than 90 dramas. Yes, you’ve heard that right. As of October 2019, there are more than 90 Chinese & Taiwanese dramas to choose from. This is easily the largest variety of Asian dramas you’ll find on Netflix.

Are you looking for a break from k-dramas, j-dramas, or even Thai dramas? Good news! There are plenty of Chinese & Taiwanese dramas available to get your fix. Whether you love your Mainland China dramas or you prefer Taiwan dramas, there’s plenty of both.

Please note: this list was a huge project. It took me days to sift through Netflix, find all Chinese dramas, and then link them below with summaries and pictures.

Also, each title direct links to the Netflix page for easy peasy access!

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Eternal Love: (aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) After the deities Bai Qian and Ye Hua meet and fall in love, their romance stands the test of three lifetimes — each an epic in its own right.

Love O2OWhen a computer-science major gets dumped by her “husband” in an online role-playing game, she attracts a new proposal from the game’s top player.

Accidentally in Love: Rejected the demands of her wealthy family, a young woman poses as an ordinary college student and crosses paths with a stoic pop star at school.

Here to HeartWen Nuan signs on to work as the executive assistant to ex Zhan Nanxian at his tech firm. Helping him at work just may lead her back into his heart.

Meteor Garden 2018: Dong Shancai is determined to excel at her dream university, where she encounters an elite clique of dashing, popular high-achievers — and finds love.

A Love So Beautiful: The ups and downs of school, family and growing up testing the affection between a budding artist and her handsome but indifference classmate and neighbor.

The Rise of Phoenixes: When a secret from the past rears its head, a respected court scholar must choose between avenging her family and staying true to the prince she loves.

Pretty Man: Doomed by misunderstandings, two middle-school classmates miss their shot at love — but a twist of fate brings them together years later.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Take My Brother Away: Bickering siblings Shin Miao and Shi Fen tackle friendship matters, school drama and the pitfalls of growing up with little parental supervision.

Fall in Love with Me: The head of a struggling ad agency finds herself torn between a hotshot executive and a kind stranger — not realize they’re the same person.

Just You: When her uptight new boss and landlord starts a war on office romances, plucky Liang-liang starts looking for ways to get him to lighten up.

Bromance: Ya-nuo’s been raised as a boy. Now at age 25, she’s caught the eye of a triad leader’s sister. But what happens when she reveals her true gender?

Ice Fantasy: The Ice Tribe prince journeys to a sacred mountain to vanquish evil but soon finds himself at war with the Fire Tribe, led by his long-lost brother.

Best Lover: Two young stars with different backgrounds and agendas enter into a fake marriage to advance their careers, until the fake starts turning real.

Tientsin Mystic: In an otherwordly river town, a policeman follows the trail of a sinister force to save his community from deadly spells.

Diamond Lover: After an accident leads to great weight loss, once-obese Mi Duo embarks on a new life working for her secret crush, diamond company CEO Xiao Liang.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Refresh Man: Ten years after a once-promising student graduates, she finds herself working at a cosmetics company run by the boy with the worst grades in school.

Day and Night: A detective with a strong fear of the dark swaps places with his fugitive twin brother every night in order to investigate a series of brutal murders.

King’s War: In 210 B.C., during the upheaval following the death of Emperor Qin, insurgent warriors Xiang Yu and Liu Bang fight for control of the Chinese empire.

Who’s The One: A doctor performs plastic surgery on a fat man who’s been jilted, and continues his transformation by turning him into a handsome, desirable man.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Murphy’s Law of Love: An online matchmaker who’s convinced she’s living under a curse finds her theories on life and love tested when she meets a shrewd divorce expert.

When I See You Again: On a visit to his hometown, a rich bachelor seeks revenge on the woman who broke his heart 10 years ago. But his plan doesn’t go as expected.

You’re My Destiny: (aka Fated To Love You) A young woman’s romantic cruise ends in a twist when she gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a rich executive, turning their lives upside down.

Two Fathers: When two single guys learn a woman they both slept with disappeared after giving birth, they decide to raise her baby girl together as a family.

Qin Empire – Alliance: During the Warring States period, Qin state ruler Duke Xiao recruits statesman Shang Yang to help enact bold reforms that transform western China.

Office Girls: A department store mogul has his son work incognito in a menial job to prove his worthiness, while female co-workers teach him how normal people live.

Chosen: When a mysterious box arrives at his door, a doctor and father is forced to participate in a twisted killing game, or risk losing everything.

Miss In Kiss: A quirk of fate sends an ordinary, sweet-natured high school girl and her father into the home of the school genius, on whom she has a huge crush.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Autumn’s Concerto: After losing all memories of his past, a wealthy lawyer travels to a rural village where a woman he once loved now lives with her son.

Love Cheque Charge: Three years after making a wild promise to a woman in distress, a rigid businessman runs into her again and must decide whether to honor his word.

A Good Wife: As her seemingly idyllic life begins to crumble, a lonely woman in a restrictive marriage starts an affair with a gentle bookstore owner.

Life Plan A and B: Two parallel life paths begin for a man and woman in love after she is offered a lucrative promotion far away and must choose between love and career.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Love Around: After a chance meeting at a ballpark, the kind son of a former gangster tries to help an outgoing radio DJ get over her recent heartbreak.

On Children: These uncanny tales reveal a world where individuals face the tragic consequences of social pressure, parental oppression and family dysfunction.

Someone Like You: After losing his sight and his fiancee in an accident, a man hires a caregiver who mysteriously sounds — and looks — just like his late girlfriend.

What Is Love: A 32-year-old romantic looking for a long-term, monogamous relationship meets a handsome bad boy who only believes in one-night stands.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Love Cuisine: A successful Taiwanese chef moves home from Europe to teach at a cooking school. He soon clashes with a pretty teacher he met under odd circumstances.

Age of Rebellion: At their high school, a group of unruly teens wreak havoc, face bullies and navigate turbulent lives beyond school grounds.

Back To 1989: A young man who’s learned nothing about his father from his single mom has a freak accident that sends him back to 1989, the year before he was born.

Queen of No Marriage: Sparks begin to fly when a successful 33-year-old single woman and a 25-year-old romantic with few prospects navigate love and differences.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Love Family: A wealthy heir’s search for a nameless childhood sweetheart leads him to an inn run by a family with three sisters. But which one is his true love?

Love Now: When her loved ones cook up a morbid plan to make her take time off from work, Yang Yiru goes on a vacation, truly believing she has terminal cancer.

Be with You: After reconnecting with their girlhood crushes, two sisters find their lives turned upside down by surprising revelations and romantic intrigue.

Wake Up: After taking the blame for a patient death, an anesthesiologist battling psychiatric trauma fights to stay afloat in the corrupt hospital system.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

The Fierce Wife: Beautiful housewife Xie An Zhen seems to be living the perfect life but finds her world crumbling after learning that her husband is cheating on her.

Easy Fortune Happy Life: Years after a wealthy man is healed by a rural herbalist, fate lands him in the same hospital where the woman’s granddaughter is treating patients.

The Prince and the Frog: Before his wedding, a cold CEO is hit by a car and awakens a changed man. As he and the driver fall in love, more changes appear on the road ahead.

Love Me or Leave Me: When a marriage-phobic woman hires a seductress to test how faithful her eager-to-wed boyfriend is, her plan takes an unexpected turn.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Singles Villa: In a luxurious condominium complex with draconian rules forbidding all romance, two residents fall in love and dare to start a secret relationship.

An Innocent Mistake: Raised by three mothers, a self-assured teen in turmoil meets the father figure she never had. But she also stands to drive the man and his son apart.

The Year of Happiness and Love: Sparks begin to fly when a successful 33-year-old single woman and a 25-year-old romantic with few prospects navigate love and differences.

Lucky Days: When laidback Ren, who is about to divorce his money-crazy wife, finds a time-traveling computer, he decides to use it to reboot his marriage.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

Days We Stared at the Sun: A model student resorts to violence after witnessing greed and corruption wreak havoc on his life.

Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark: While vacationing at a mountain cabin, a group of longtime friends uncovers an old scandal that could have deadly consequences.

Love Storm: Three grown siblings must rethink their idea of family when they learn their parents are getting divorced and have their eyes on new partners.

Inborn Pair: Betrothed while in utero, a resort group president enters into an arranged marriage with a legal assistant. Despite their bickering, love blooms.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

The Womanizer: (aka P.S. Man) Libertine He-jie finds himself torn between the lovely Amanda and fiery Xiao-qian. But now he faces a new problem: arrogant rival suitor Cheng-en.

In Between: An author having trouble finishing his new romance novel because he’s lost faith in love regains his romantic soul after meeting a flight attendant.

Ex-Boyfriend: Still haunted by the traumatic event that ended her high school romance, a young professional gets a new subordinate: her former sweetheart.

Happy 300 Days: An unexpected pregnancy sends a woman back to her hometown to share a house with three nice guys. Each has problems, but each would make a great dad.

Chinese & Taiwanese Dramas Currently On Netflix

What She Put on the Table: Based on the life of TV chef Fu Pei-mei, this drama follows two women — one rich, the other poor — who fortuitously cross paths in 1950s Taiwan.

A Boy Named Flora A: A 28-year-old layabout begins to re-examine his life when his dysfunctional family assembles to pay respects to a dying grandmother who won’t pass on.

Have You Ever Fallen In Love, Miss Jiang?: A new teacher finds herself in an unenviable situation after witnessing a troubling interaction between an administrator and a student.

Dancing Angels: A group of aspiring young musicians yearn for stardom while navigating the ups and downs of friendship, romance, and life at school.

Lavender: Before one of them moves to the U.S., two childhood friends promise to reunite as adults. But illness and the vagaries of the heart stand in the way.

Game Winning Hit: An army deserter hiding out in a small coastal town becomes the coach of a youth baseball team and develops warm relationships in his new community.

Memory Love: Losing her memory — and her boyfriend — after a car accident, Jia-en crosses paths with a heart transplant recipient who helps her recall her past.

Lion Pride: After crossing paths at a crime scene, a renowned math teacher and an antiques appraiser embark on an unexpected journey of love and self-discovery.

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities: A Taipei doctor and a San Francisco engineer swap homes in a daring pact, embarking on journeys filled with trials, secrets and unexpected encounters.

Ashes of Love: Hidden away by her mother, the Floral Goddess, the naive Jinmi is drawn to Xufeng, the Heavenly Emperor’s son. Yet forces conspire against him.

The Perfect Match: A night market vendor clashes with a lofty celebrity chef in a culinary challenge, fueling the first sparks of a romance.

Iron Ladies: Three 30-something women in high-level jobs at a beauty e-commerce firm seem to have it all — except when it comes to love and romantic chemistry.

See You In Time: A series of mysterious text messages from the future send ripples through the lives of a delivery woman and an accomplished cyclist.

Deja Vu: After losing everything, a prima ballerina accepts a stranger’s offer to dial back time and reclaim what was taken from her — but at a great price.

Single Ladies Senior: Four best friends and spirited career women navigate the treacherous world of romance — even as it stands in the way of work and friendship.

Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark: While vacationing at a mountain cabin, a group of longtime friends uncovers old scandal that could have deadly consequences.

A House of Blocks: Yijuan and her mentally ill sister Kaiqui struggle to be happy in the face of misfortune, criminal intrique, marital strife, an exorcism and a ghost.

All About Love: Mysterious ghosts — determined to reconnect with the living world — begin to cross over and disrupt the lives of those they left behind.

La Grande Chaumiere Violette: Reminiscing about his youth in Taiwan’s turbulent 1920’s, Guo Xuehu reflects on his passion for art, a friendship with a painter — and a doomed romance.

Love @ Seventeen: Radically changed by a misunderstanding 13 years ago, a biotech expert runs into an old flame and suffers an illness that takes her back to the past.

Well-Intended Love: To secure a bone marrow donation, an actress diagnosed with leukemia makes a marriage pact with a young CEO — but love and secrets get in the way.

I Hear You: Love blooms between a bubbly, aspiring voice actress and a cool, enigmatic violin-maker after they cross paths on a reality TV show.

The Princess Weiyoung: A princess descended from a ruined noble family disguises herself as the woman who saved her life and embarks on a mission to avenge her loved ones.

Legend of the White Snake: In this new take on a classic tale, an ancient snake spirit transforms into a beautiful woman and falls in love with a doctor unaware of her true form.


Somewhere Only We Know: A language major bickers with — and falls for — a doctoral student as she navigates the ups and downs of love and friendship with college classmates.

Unrequited Love: A complicated, one-sided secret attraction sends ripples through the lives of a mild-mannered student and her dashing classmate.

A Thousand Goodnights: To carry out her dad’s wish and discover her roots, Dai Tian-qing embarks on a journey around Taiwan and finds love and redemption on the way.

The King’s Avatar: When an elite gamer is forced out of his professional team, he becomes a manager of an Internet café and reinvents himself to return to online glory.


Green Door: A troubled psychologist returns from the U.S. and sets up a clinic in Taiwan, where mysterious patients and uncanny events shed light on his murky past.

Way Back Into Love: After years in the U.S., a Taiwanese immigrant returns to her hometown with a young daughter in tow to assist her father with his bed-and-breakfast.

KO One: Gifted with special powers, fighting skills and slick hair, the rowdy KO One navigates tough friendships and high school romance.

Be With Me: They were the boy band to beat until fame tore them apart. Ten years later, five friends and an ex-love reunite and find themselves closer than ever.

Final Notes:

Phew. *wipes brow*

This took a long, long time to put together. Still, it was a very exciting project. I had the opportunity to pay attention to dramas I normally wouldn’t have.

I will try my best to update this periodically. If something is no longer on Netflix, please leave me a comment. Also, please let me know if Netflix adds new dramas. Please keep in mind that content availability is regional. What’s available for me in the US may not be available for you. Still, I hope you find this listing helpful.

As of right now, these are all of the Chinese & Taiwanese dramas currently on Netflix. I never realized there were so many—much more than k-dramas. There’s a huge, vast selection of Chinese dramas on Netflix. It may not have all of the newest or most recent offerings. Nonetheless, this is a huge variety to choose from.

If you’re still not finding what you’re looking for, I also suggest Viki for more recent content. Viki is a legal, fan subbing community, which means that episodes are released raw and the teams create the subtitles. It may take some time until it reaches 100%, but this community does an excellent job at explaining

Even better, coming sometime in 2019, there will be a new Chinese streaming service called Bambu. The launch is supposed to be mid-year in 2019, so we might see something soon.

If you’re still here, I also have several posts regarding other Asian content on the streaming media giant: Thai dramas on Netflix, Filipino movies and dramas on Netflix, and Japanese dramas on Netflix. There are many opportunities to watch TV shows in countless Asian languages on Netflix. I hope these lists help make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments. I am constantly updating and maintaining these pages for the latest and most accurate information.

XOXO, Andrea.

Updated 10/09/19



  1. I can see the hard work you put in this post. I recently made post about all kdramas of 2018 and I was so exhausted . I have watched few Chinese dramas this year and nine Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. This would be very helpful to choose next dramas to watch.
    I have already watched and loved Eternal love, loveo2o, accidentally in love, meteor garden, love so beautiful, fall in love with me, just you. Hated Best lover, Easy fortune happy life. Autumn’s concerto is a drama that everyone will love especially the second half is love. Didn’t know about most of the dramas. I will watch Bromance (heard good things about it.) And more.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad this is helpful. I saw some Japanese content on Netflix, so I may put together a post for all Japanese dramas on netflix next. How was Love O2O? I saw you loved that and I might start it in the new year. I have to be good and finish some k-dramas first. 😂

  2. Thank You so much for putting this together ! I am always searching for new Asian content on Netflix. I didn’t know they had lion pride ! the others popped up in my various searches. I heard they were going to release I hear you this may i hope they do !

  3. Wow didn’t know a decent CN/TW drama selection was on Netflix. One’s I’ve seen:


    Eternal Love: Wasnt as good as I hoped from the hype, probably because I couldn’t really get into the fantasy setting, I felt they could’ve at least made action better with that budget
    Love O2O: Good lighthearted drama
    Miss In Kiss: surprised Netflix didn’t obtain the Taiwanese original maybe cause it’s dated but it’s much better, couldn’t finish this version.
    Princess Weiyoung: decent Chinese palace politics drama, good intro to the genre if its a first


    Autumn Concerto: pretty good, nice build up into big moments
    Fall In Love With me: higher than average standard TW-drama
    You’re My Destiny: my absolute favourite, takes you on an emotional rollercoster higher than Autumn Concerto, filled with humour too. Only drama I’ve watched more than once full run.

    1. Nice! Thanks for sharing your list – Netflix definitely has a nice selection of Chinese dramas. I’m currently watching Love 020. I’ve also seen Fall In Love With Me as well.

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