Korean Dramas Coming to Netflix December 2018

Only two Korean Dramas are coming to Netflix at the moment. Things change often, as well as the Netflix inventory, so don't give up hope. There's one solid choice on the list that I can't wait to dive into. This is a decent start for December 2018 on Netflix.

Can you believe we’re about to start the last month of the year? 2018 has been passing by like lightening speed. It’s been such a tough year, but we’ve had some expertly written, acted, and directed Korean Dramas come out of this year. Without further ado, here’s a list of every k-drama coming to Netflix in December.

Korean Dramas Coming to Netflix December 2018

Korean Dramas Coming to Netflix December 2018

Memories of the Alhambra – Starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. New episodes will be available every Saturday, starting on December 1st 2018.

Synopsis: While looking for the cryptic creator of an innovative augmented-reality game, an investment firm executive meets a woman who runs a hotel in Spain.

My Thoughts: Park Shin Hye is usually a take it or leave it actress for me. Sometimes I like her work… sometimes I make a hard pass. But coupled with Hyun Bin, I feel like we have the makings of a, hopefully, solid drama. The last drama I liked of Hyun Bin’s was Secret Garden, so my expectations are high. As far as Park Shin Hye, I’m hoping she can step it up and really impress me. I have liked some of her previous work, but I haven’t loved anything. 

Korean Dramas Coming to Netflix December 2018

The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot: Season 2 – Starring Sung Hoon and Kwon Yuri. This will be available December 3rd 2018.

Synopsis: Webtoonish Cho Seok is back with more anecdotes of mix-ups, unintended antics, and bathroom blunders in this reboot starring an all-new cast.

My Thoughts: I haven’t watched any of The Sound of Your Heart, but I’m thinking I may start. Sung Hoon has done some decent work – I liked him in Noble, My Love and Oh My Venus. I liked Yuri in Go Ho’s Starry Night, so this could be interesting. I might add this to the list for when I have time to marathon the first season. Too many dramas and far too little time. Sigh. 

This is a short list for now, but it’s very likely more dramas can be licensed and added to Netflix throughout December. I will update this post as I find anything new being added. For now, these are the only official Korean Dramas coming to Netflix December 2018.

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  1. I will start Memories of Alhambra after reading first impressions of 2 episodes. I am not yet sure about MOA. Because Sung Hoon was going to be in The Sound of your heart 2. I watched the first season staring Lee Kwang Soo. It had its good and funny part but I didn’t like most of the episodes too. But I hope this one will be good

    1. I am on the fence about MOA, but I’m going to check out the first episode tomorrow with my best friend. I hope it’s better than I expect it to be. I haven’t seen any of The Sound of Your Heart, but this latest season with Sung Hoon sounds pretty decent. I’m debating if it will be a bad idea to jump into season 2 without seeing season 1, but I’m not particularly interested in season 1.

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