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Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

I round out the Give Thanks series with some of my favorite Chinese and Taiwanese dramas that fit this theme. Whether it's food, family, or romance, every drama I've listed has elements of each to get you in that Thanksgiving spirit.

give thanks: chinese drama style

Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

I’ve recently started to explore and keep a closer eye on Chinese/Taiwanese dramas. Needless to say, I’m on a roll. So, it was only fitting that I continue this Give Thanks series with Chinese dramas. I don’t have all that many under my belt, so please note that this list is a bit short at the moment.

So, lets delve deep into this segment of Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style.

Taiwanese Dramas:

Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

The Perfect Match: This drama is complete and utter perfection to me. (Okay, I digress. No drama is perfect, but this one comes pretty close for me.) Lots of good food, an interesting dynamic between the leads, and there is a great element to the story involving family. Chris Wu and Ivy Shao blew me away with their tantalizing chemistry. Both of them play chefs – Ivy’s character has a stand at the night market, which Chris’s character has a fancy French restaurant. The two couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Nonetheless, this was a fabulous drama that had me engrossed from the first to the last episode. This is a foodies dream kind of drama. Lots and lots of food. How can you possibly go wrong?

Plus, the family theme of this story was spot on. Family isn’t only your blood relation, and I feel that this Taiwanese drama showed how a bunch of neighbors in the night market came together and were each other’s families. I thoroughly enjoyed how they had each other’s back. When I first dreamed up this Give Thanks series, this was the first drama that came to mind. This is perfect for Thanksgiving.

This little blurb isn’t enough to sing this drama praises, so I hope you take a look at my Perfect Match review.

You can watch this perfect gem over on Viki.

Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

Meet Me @ 10:06: I dove headfirst into this Taiwanese drama and never looked back. This story involves time travel and romance. Our male lead, Zhen Yu is a cold lawyer that reeks of confident and cockiness. He’s never lost a case and he’s fully confident in his abilities. But when things backfire and he loses a high-profile case, Zhen Yu’s life takes a radical change. He moves into a new apartment building where Cheng Jia Le, a reporter, lived. Miraculously, every night at 10:06, time merges and Cheng Jia La and Zhen Yu’s times blend together. It’s both comedic and hard to watch sometimes as they bicker.

Zhen Yu isn’t the nicest guy, and he could really use a dose of reality and humility. Through this event, his character really undergoes a radical transformation, which is why I recommend it here. A sweet romance develops, and I feel this drama really hits all the important notes of Thanksgiving and being grateful for what you have. Zhen Yu was oblivious and ungrateful in the beginning, but he grows into someone who is sweet, reliable, and confident without the cockiness. He learns a lot about life and the same can be said for Cheng Jia Le.

As a bonus, there is an interesting murder mystery plotline that runs the entire course of the drama. If you enjoy trying to figure out who the criminal is and why, this was a good choice at it kept me guessing for a while. There’s also a twist that caught me off guard. Maybe a twinge dark for Thanksgiving, but there are so many good messages present in this drama that I just had to mention it here.

This drama used to be available on DramaFever. Unfortunately, it is not licensed on Viki, but you can request it here. You should be able to find links to watch this drama with a Google search. Sorry that there isn’t an official, licensed source for this drama. I know it’s a bummer, but if you can find links online, I can tell you it’s worth the hassle.

If you need further convincing, check out my review.

Chinese Dramas

Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style

Across The Ocean To See You: Okay, the truth is that I’m still currently watching this drama. I’m over halfway through the series and I have enjoyed every single moment of the series so far. Su Mang is in London and lives with her husband. He is unable to bear children for some reason, so his mother convinces Su Mang to go to a sperm donor bank. Su Mang is reluctant, but she wants to have a husband for her child and agrees.

Sadly, she becomes pregnant, but Su Mang’s marriage ends up in divorce because of her philandering husband. He also man handles Su Mang at one point and I want to punch him through the screen. Embarrassed and hurt, after getting divorced, Su Mang moves back to Shanghai and works at the corporate branch of the tourism business.

It’s there that she meets Zhang Chu, one of her employees at the Shanghai branch. It’s hate at first moment, but Zhang Chu is such an upstanding, resilient, and sweet guy. He’s one of the first people to find out that she’s pregnant. So many rumors spread throughout the company, but he is by her side through it all. The two form such an amazing friendship that I highly recommend this one. Su Mang is in a tough position, but she learns to love the baby in her womb, she’s softer to her employees, and she has a special connection with Zhang Chu. These two are so much fun together whether they’re bickering or standing up for each other.

I haven’t finished this drama yet, but I love Su Mang’s strength. Being a single mother isn’t such a good thing in Chinese culture, but she’s learning to embrace it. She does a lot of growing throughout the series and so does Zhang Chu. Mostly, I just love their support and faith in each other so freaking much. This is another perfect example of giving thanks.

There are a few annoying, irritating storylines with side characters, but I actually care about most of the characters and feel there are some good lessons being taught and learned. Time will tell how it ends, but halfway through and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

You can watch this gem on Viki.

And there you have it!The Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style series has come to an end. I sure hope you’ve enjoyed some of the Korean, Thai, and Chinese dramas I’ve recommended. I feel these are all exemplary choices to help get you in that Thanksgiving spirit. If you have any suggestions for other Chinese and Taiwanese dramas, please chime in below. I haven’t watched enough to recommend very many, but I felt there were a few I needed to mention.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Give Thanks: Chinese Drama Style. This will be the last one for now. I might recommend some Asian movies, but I probably won’t be posting on Thanksgiving day. Anything can happen, so please be sure to subscribe and check the blog daily. I am upping my game since my internet is currently stable, hooray!



    1. You’re welcome! I recently finished this one and thought it was a solid drama overall. There was a plot twist I was not expecting, but I may do a full scale review of this series this week now that I’ve finished it. 🙂

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