Give Thanks: Thai/Lakorn Style

Keeping up with the tradition of the last segment, this time we focus on Thai Dramas and Lakorns. Both may be spoken in the same language, but the style of storytelling is so much different. Be sure to read and check out some of my Thai and Lakorn suggestions below to help you get into the giving thanks mood.

give thanks: thai/lakorn style

Give Thanks: Thai/Lakorn Style

Just to clarify, I’m going to briefly break down the difference between Thai dramas and lakorns below. Although, they are all spoken in the Thai language, the content differs pretty greatly.

Thai Dramas (or series) are typically aired on cable networks and the content is targeted at the young and new adult age demographics. Think high school and college-aged characters. An episode airs once per week and a lot of the themes you will see dealt with in these stories are school, family, love, sexuality, and more.

Lakorns air on the major networks in Thailand. They tend to be a bit crazier and more dramatic in content. Think of an amped up soap opera. Some of the themes are revenge, hate to love, violence, and sometimes rape. The content can be triggering at times, so I opt for Lakorns that aren’t as dark or brutal.

Here are my Thai Drama suggestions.

give thanks thai/lakorn style

Full House – Yes, this is a remake of the Korean version. I’ve never seen the original, but this remake was a home run for me. (It cemented my love for Thai dramas. OMG, I can scream from the rooftops how much this drama made me laugh, cry, and swoon over the sizzling chemistry that Mike and Aom have.) Aom is tricked by her own family and loses her home to Mike. Of course Aom, an aspiring writer, has many attachments to the house and refuses to give it up just like that. Mike is a superstar, who reluctantly caves into Aom.

If you like cohabitation stories and marriages of conveniences, this one was a lot of fun. While Mike and Aom bicker incessantly, they’re so dang cute. I have re-watched this drama multiple times. It’s a blast to watch these two turn from strangers to reluctant friends to more than friends. It isn’t an easy road, but there is a lot of cuteness. And not only do they learn to lean on each other but they also learn to be thankful to each other.

With this blog theme, I find this a very fitting Thai drama to watch. It’s the first one I ever watched and it is one of my favorites to date.

How to watch? There aren’t any official, legal ways to currently watch this Thai drama, sadly. You best bet is to use Google and you will definitely find sources to watch this one. If you still need help, let me know below.

give thanks thai/lakorn style

Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match – This Thai drama is set during college. Junior is rich, young, and beautiful. But unhappy with her face, she decides to get plastic surgery at the insistence of her friends. This backfires and she ends up breaking out with horrible acne all over her face. Her so-called friends ditch her and poor Junior is so horrified that she begs her parents to let her study in the countryside. At this college, she also receives treatments to help heal her face. It’s there that she meets her senior, Suea, played by Push. Suea is very sweet and charming and never treats Junior any different because of her face.

I feel like this Thai drama promotes a good message that follows suit with this giving thanks blog theme. Junior eventually becomes comfortable in her own skin, and that’s the true beauty of this drama. Looks are only skin deep. And Junior learns who are her true friends and those that will stand by her side no matter what.

This is a younger skewing drama, but it’s one of my favorite of the Ugly Duckling Series stories.

Even better? You can watch all episodes of this drama on Youtube with English Subtitles. Score!

give thanks thai/lakorn style

Leh Nangfah – This is the first true lakorn I ever watched and it still holds a special place in my heart. Lalalit is spoiled rotten and has a horrible personality. The way that she treats the people around her isn’t much better. This is not a light drama by any means as the female lead is very unlikable and hard to relate to. But as the series goes, she undergoes a major metamorphosis and begins to understand the error of her ways.

If you want to see a character turn it all around, this is a great choice. It is a bit heavy and intense, but it isn’t as violent and crazy as some other lakorns. No one is the world is perfect and we all have our faults. This really humanized Lalalit’s character for me and her journey was a delight to watch. While this is not light or fluffy content, I always appreciated the messages this lakorn pushed.

Also, who doesn’t enjoy a happy ending?

P.S. If you’re a fan of Push, he is the pra’ek here. Also, I have reviewed Leh Nangfah, which you can read here

Leh Nangfah is not available to stream legally. If you do a Google search, it’s easy enough to find it with English subtitles. Viki does not have licensing rights to Lakorns. But if you’re willing to give a storyline with an utterly spoiled brat reforming into a great young woman, I feel it’s worth digging on the internet for.



    1. I haven’t watched Jao Sao Jum Yorm, but I see it stars Mick Thongraya so I may have to add it to my list. Are you a fan of his? He is EXCELLENT (yes, caps needed) as a mafia in Once Upon a Time… In My Heart aka Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai. Definitely a drama worth checking out if you can handle revenge/mafia style lakorns. I’ve re-watched it multiple times. Mick is so swoon worthy and really gives this one re-watch value.

      1. I am his fan after watching this one. Most good looking Thai actor I have come across. I would definitely add the drama you mentioned to my plan to watch list. I got to know this drama by chance and immediately started it and it’s only Thai drama I watched this year.

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