Give Thanks: K-Drama Style

Let's ring in the Thanksgiving holiday with dramas that are lighter, full of positive messages, and contain some good food to salivate over. These are a few of my holiday recommendations to get in the spirit this Turkey Day.

Give Thanks: K-Drama Style

give thanks k-drama style

In the US, Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching.

Many of us will be enjoying turkey with all the fixings along with our family on Thursday, 11/22/18. Thanksgiving is a very family-oriented holiday. We’re reminded to be thankful for all that we’re blessed with in our lives. While this is a practice I try to incorporate into my daily life, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the holidays remind us of everything we’ve lost, but with my giving thanks theme here, I decided that optimism is the road better traveled.

Anyway, what is this post about exactly? I want to focus on the positive, upbeat dramas with good family values and/or positive messages. This is a perfect time to embrace the positivity and get in the Thanksgiving spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in your part of the world, feel free to join in the positive vibes and relish over some pretty amazing k-dramas. (It’s the perfect excuse to binge-watch on some of your favorite dramas!)

So let us Give Thanks K-drama Style.

Give Thanks K-Drama Style

Strong Woman Do Bong SoonOkay, so this isn’t a family-oriented drama, but there are some nice family values present. Bong Soon’s family wasn’t perfect and they didn’t always get along or agree with each other, but when need be, they came together and supported each other. Also, there is a super, sugary sweet romance between Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. If you’re looking for all the happy, fun, quirky and upbeat feels that will catapult you to cloud nine, this is that drama. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without a little bit of love to share? And who doesn’t love a pint-sized heroine fighting crime and thwarting the bad guys with her awesome super powers?

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give thanks k-drama style

Shopping King Louis

When I think of a positive story in k-drama land, Shopping King Louis is very high on my list. Louis is sweet, endearing, and clueless at times, but I always enjoyed the relationship with his grandmother. He was always such a straight forward, kind person that oozed rays of sunshine. Even when he got amnesia, he just kept on getting cuter and cuter. Add in Bok Sil who takes in amnesiac Louis. Reluctantly, they stay together and develop a very strong friendship. As they lived together, I enjoyed the sometimes awkward family dynamic. They’re there for each other through thick and thin, much like a family, which is why I feel that Shopping King Louis fits the bill. Ultimately, this is a positive and upbeat drama that will go well with my giving thanks series.

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Read my review here.

give thanks k-drama style

I Order You

Besides the weird and awkwardly cheesy title, I chose I Order You because the story revolves around a chef. Thanksgiving is also about gorging on good food. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drama simply for the food element. And while I haven’t seen that many foodie k-dramas yet (that is the operative word!), I knew I had to work one onto this list. This is not a perfect drama, but it does have some positive messages. Gook Dae is a divorced chef that is struggling to move on from his past. His life changes when Song Ah comes into his life. She helps to heal his broken heart and together they are able to effectively deal with their pasts and move forward. Even though this isn’t going to win as a favorite drama of mine, it’s still worth a watch. Plus, there’s food. What can go wrong?

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I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my suggestions. Next up, I will be posting a series recommending some Thai and Lakorn dramas that will fit the bill. If you’d like to see some movies make the list, leave a comment below and I will see what I can put together.

Happy Early Turkey Day my friends and don’t forget to give thanks k-drama style!

I sure know I’m thankful for finding k-dramas. My life has become such such a positive, colorful world. I’ve also met so many amazing people. Stayed tuned for a special podcast this week/weekend where Tiff and I focus on k-dramas and all that we’re thankful for this year. It may not posted until a day or so after Thanksgiving, but we hope you won’t mind.



    1. Shopping King Louis and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are some of my favorites, too. I Order You isn’t the best, but I enjoyed the female lead being obsessed with all the food lol.

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