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New Chinese Streaming Service ‘Bambu’ Coming in 2019

New Chinese Streaming Service 'Bambu'

Disclaimer: This isn’t brand new news. If you watch a lot of Chinese dramas, you may already know about this. It’s been posted on multiple websites, but I just wanted to share anyway. If you’re interested in trying Chinese dramas but haven’t yet, stay tuned and keep reading. More options are coming, yay! 

New Chinese Streaming Service Bambu

Bambu is an upcoming, Chinese streaming media service being launched in the first quarter of 2019 by Cinedigm. This service is targeted at American viewers, specifically Generation Z and Millennials. A broad range of Chinese content will be available from period dramas to rom com’s to cooking shows.


So far, there are two pricing options for Bambu.

  1. You can watch content for free with ads.
  2. Ad-free, premium monthly subscription of $3.99.

All of the details are obviously unknown at this point, but if I had to hedge a guess, I’d say there will likely be exclusive content only available to premium subscribers. We’ll know more when this platform launches in 2019. But I can say that $3.99 is a very reasonable price tag. This will be cheaper than Viki Pass Standard which is $4.99 a month.

Good Opportunity?

I’d love to have the opportunity to watch more Chinese drama content legally. Between DramaFever (RIP) and Viki, there isn’t a massive selection. I think Cinedigm made a great decision with their Chinese partnerships. Asian dramas are huge worldwide, and it’s never a bad thing to have more content available to us.

I plan to subscribe to this platform when it launches in 2019. My main focus is k-dramas, but you all know that I do watch Chinese and Thai content as well. (Maybe Filipino content again in the future, too.)


The target is American audiences, so it’s a safe bet that anyone is the US has the opportunity to use this service. If you’re outside of the US, I’m not sure.

Could this service be available outside of the US? It could at some point. From what I’ve read, this may eventually be available as a global option. Again, that is what I interpret from the below quote from Cinedigm.

Once the service launches, we may have more details.

[Cinedigm] believes BAMBU is an important vehicle to provide immediate and invaluable audience feedback to Chinese producers working to produce films and television for a global audience. This direct consumer data should help better inform the development process in China about the categories of entertainment content, stories and character that appeal most to an American and eventually global audience.

My Thoughts?

The new Chinese Streaming Service ‘Bambu’ sounds like a great idea. More availability to Chinese content with English subs, legally, is a plus.

I wonder how much content will actually be available. Will the focus be new, current dramas? Or will we have the opportunity to watch some older content? Personally, I would love to see some older content. I’m not talking like early 2000’s old. Anything within the last couple of years would be nice.

Also, I’m curious about Cinedigm and their partnership with the Chinese. I wonder what networks are included, if there will be original content only available exclusively on Bambu, etc.

At this stage, we can only wonder and hope for a really solid service. DramaFever had a decent selection of Chinese content that we lost. It’s exciting to see someone notice this gaping hole in Asian content and is trying to capitalize on it. Smart move, Cinedigm.

I do occasionally talk about review Chinese/Taiwanese content. If you’re interested, feel free to check out my Reviews page.

Source: Cinedigm


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