Upcoming K-Drama: Feel Good To Die

Feel Good To Die sounds like a playful, crazy Workplace Romantic Comedy. With touches of Groundhog Day and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, I'm ready to embark on all the fun, zany, and crazy that Feel Good To Die can throw at me.

feel good to die kdrama

Feel Good To Die

This drama goes by two names. Feel Good To Die and Happy If You Died. As this drama will be airing on Viki, we’ll go by Feel Good To Die for the sake of cohesiveness.

This is a KBS drama that stars Baek Jin Hee and Kang Ji Hwan.

(Anyone remember Kang Ji Hwan from Lie To Me? That’s still one of my favorite k-drama rom com’s of all time. I mean, it wasn’t perfect, but I LOVED the Coca Cola kiss.)

Based on a webtoon: “Happy If You Died.” If you’re interested, you can read the webtoon here.

I saw the synopsis for Feel Good to Die and I was hooked. It’s giving me What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim vibes.

Will this be the Korean version of Groundhog Day with a taste of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s the story?

Lee Roo Da, played by Baek Jin Hee will be reliving the same day over and over again. She hates her boss with the fire of a thousand suns and wants nothing more than for him to die—hench her dream about him being plowed over by a k-drama truck of doom.

Kang Ji Hwan plays the rich, arrogant, and mean boss. Baek Jin Sang is not popular at the office—not in the slightest. No one seems to like him because Jin Sang always believes he’s right and a cut above the rest.

feel good to die

It’s not a new setup by any means. We’ve seen this kind of trope countless times in workplace dramas. We do have a clever, fun spin though. Lee Roo Da dreams of her boss, Baek Jin Sang, being hit by a truck. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds that it’s the previous day all over again.

Cue the Groundhog Day hijinks!

For anyone who is not familiar, Groundhog Day is a US movie from the 90’s where a weatherman ends up reliving the same day over and over again. It was comedy genius and it’s a movie I reference to this day. I really hope that Feel Good To Die taps into that comedic prowess.

I’m curious to find out how many days she has to relieve April 14th. What will Roo Da have to do to reform her boss? And will she even want to save him? From the synopsis, it sounds like Roo Da will even have to save her fellow co-workers from danger. One thing I know for sure is that Lee Roo Da is going to have a lot on her plate.

There are so many questions, and I honestly feel like this is going to be a really fun setup. I will be tuning in for the first two episodes, and my plan is to review them with a first impressions post. I don’t think I have the capability to pound out weekly recaps, but depending on how things go, Tiff and I might add this to our list of dramas worth podcast reviewing. Stay tuned for details.

As far as a series review, you can read it here.

Here is the summary VIA Viki:

Roo Da’s been living an ordinary life, trying her best not to stand out because she knew nothing good ever comes out of it. One day, she faces the biggest obstacle of her lifetime and is forced to save everyone from reliving the same day over and over again. However, in order to do so, she must reform her horrible boss, Jin Sang, into a decent human being. While doing so, she saves her coworkers from danger, fights against corruption, and becomes a hero she never intended to be. For everyone’s sake, she must break the endless cycle of time loop and make tomorrow come. – credit to Viki for summary


feel good to die

Final Thoughts.

If you plan on watching this drama, please note it is through Kowoca on Viki, so you will need the Viki Plus Pass to watch as the episodes air. Otherwise, you will have to wait a few weeks until episodes are available for non-Kowoca subscribers. You can check out the channel here on Viki.

All of the promo images look really fun, which adds to my general excitement. I’m game for a workplace comedy and I wouldn’t be adverse to a little romance, either. This promo image in particular, I feel, really sets the mood with the co-workers donning prison uniforms.

I’m looking forward to just sitting back and having a ball. I mean, how can you not? Workplace dramas are hit or miss for me, but adding the element of our female lead living the same day over and over again adds an interesting dynamic to a tired drama plot.

The first episode premieres November 7th on KBS2. There will be a total of 32 episodes. Each episode’s run time will be roughly 30 minutes and 2 episodes air per week.

What do you think drama fans?


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  1. I love KJH…he was fantastic in Coffee House and Incarnation Of Money. Excited for this drama!

    I also love Groundhogs Day…I think the plot also reminds of recent horror film Happy Death Day.

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