ISWAKD Getting in the Halloween Spirit

Hi, all!

Are you into spooky movies? If yes, this post may be for you.

This week, the 31st, is officially Halloween. It falls on a Wednesday, so it will be hard to binge watch any series this late in the game, so I opted for some movies instead. I haven’t watched all that many Korean movies, but I wanted to focus two different choices that should be available to most of you. If you have Netflix and Viki, you’re all set.

Note: I may add some Chinese, Thai, or Japanese movies in a part two. (Need to watch some movies that fit the horror bill in these languages. Stay tuned!)

train to busan

Train To Busan: Who doesn’t love a great zombie apocalypse movie? Okay, so decent zombie movies are very few and far between, but Train To Busan was magnificent from beginning to end. This movie was so successful that it aided in Gong Yoo’s small screen drama comeback. The cinematography, music, and acting was top notch, and I’d scream from the rooftops how good this movie is.

I was fully invested in the characters, and there were numerous times I was so moved by the content that I shed tears. If you want to see a high-quality, thriller with zombies on a train, this is a must-watch. (Gong Yoo is magnificent if you need another reason to give this movie a try.)

This is available to watch on Netflix.

Spellbound: If you want your fill of spooky, but don’t want the gore of zombies, Spellbound isn’t nearly as creepy. And for all of my fellow romance lovers, there is a little romance in this movie. If ghosts are a little more your speed, the main character, Yoo Ri, can see ghosts. There are some darker tones in this drama, but it’s overall much lighter than Train To Busan.

Want to skip the gore and see a ghost-skittish Lee Min Ki who plays a magician? This is just your ticket.

This is available to watch on Viki.

Honorable Mention:

Flu: This movie stars Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae. I watched this probably two or so years ago when it was available on Netflix. It might have actually been longer than that.  Flu is an outbreak movie, so it’s on the same vein as a zombie outbreak, but here this outbreak of the flu is killing people within 48 hours. I remember this drama being very intense and that Jang Hyuk’s acting in particular really made this one stand out. It was after this movie that I started watching movies starring Jang Hyuk.

The reason this is an honorable mention is because it’s currently not available on Netflix, Viki, or any other legal places. (It was on DramaFever, but since that site is no more, we’re out of our normal options.) But if you use your Google-fu, you can definitely find this one to watch at other places.


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