Watch K-Drama: ‘On Demand Korea’

Watch K-Drama: ‘On Demand Korea’

on demand korea

I decided to put my Google-fu to good use after we lost DramaFever, and that’s why I’m going to talk about watching k-drama on On Demand Korea.

To be honest, it’s been a very scary week in dramaland. The worst is all the new shows you might have been watching that were DF exclusives. I know this is a huge blow and people are still left with a sour taste in their mouths after DF abruptly closed without warning, but I decided this is the perfect opportunity to see what else is out there.

If you’re from the US, I have another legal streaming website to mention: On Demand Korea. I haven’t seen and/or heard much about this service, but I thought I’d do some investigating and see what I could put together for all of my readers and fellow drama watchers.

What ODK offers:

  • Korean and English Subtitled content. (There is some Chinese subtitled content as well.)
  • ODK is available on ChromecastRoku, Roku (for ODK Plus only)Google Play, and iTunes.
  • Episodes available within 1 hour of airing in Korea.
  • Full HD quality video.
  • ODK is part of T-Mobile Binge-On. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber like I am, you can watch all the ODK content to your heart’s content to stream unlimited video. (This also applies to CrunchyRoll and Viki as well!)
  • Korean dramas, movies, variety series, documentaries and more.
  • A large amount of content is free to watch with ads once you sign up. Sign up is completely free.
  • If you choose to subscribe to ODK Plus, you have access to movies and certain dramas that require a subscription.
  • There are premium Korean movies available to rent through the pay-per-view tab.
  • There is a very, very small selection of Chinese movies available to rent through the pay-per-view tab.
  • There are also some Chinese dramas available. If you use the search bar and type ‘Chinese Dramas,’ you will see a small selection of Chinese dramas pop up.
  • ODK Plus is $6.99 a month and is billed monthly. What you get is an ad-free viewing experience and access to some of the exclusive content. Some options can already be found on Viki, so if you have a subscription there, it may or may not be worth the additional money.

on demand korea

Lingering Thoughts & Opinions.

ODK (On Demand Korea) has been available to US subscribers since 2012. It offers a pretty large library of Korean content that is worth checking out. Some dramas are not available on Netflix or Viki, so it is most definitely worth a thorough search through the site.


  • There is plenty of free content to watch once you sign up.
  • Dramas can be sorted using ‘on air’ as well as popular, new, and alphabetical order.
  • You can sort content using the TV Guide feature, which gives you a Monday through Sunday date range. This is useful if you want to look at content that aired on a specific day. It looks to only show the current/last full week, so keep that in mind as you search.
  • Unlike Viki, which is a volunteer driven community, ODK episodes are released fully subtitled.
  • There is now a decent selection of English subtitled dramas.


  • Unless you subscribe to the monthly ODK Plus pass, you will have to sit through ads.
  • No easy sorting by genres. I feel this is important because sometimes you’re not looking for a specific drama but instead you’re looking for a specific style. The saving grace is that you can search genres in the search bar and some options do appear.
  • ODK Plus is a little pricey at $6.99 per month. This is cheaper than Netflix but more expensive than Viki Pass Standard. It will really depend on the difference in content to see what subscriptions are best for you.
  • Lack of community and interactive experience. You can’t comment on videos and there really isn’t a way to interact with others. Not a huge deal, but I feel it’s worth mentioning.

And there you have it. I hope this helps you learn more about On Demand Korea. I’m sorry this isn’t useful information for anyone outside of the US, but I will continue to use my Google-fu and keep my eyes peeled for any services that are more International friendly.

I will be reaching out to On Demand Korea to see if I can obtain any additional information to share with you. I’m not sure if they’ll respond, but it is worth a shot.

Also, I have added On Demand Korea to the sidebar under the “Where To Watch” links. I hope this information was useful to some of you. Let me know in the comments below if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or other legal streaming services for Korean dramas/movies that I might have missed.

I still think Viki, Kocowa, and Netflix are your best options right now, but ODK has beefed up its selection of subtitled dramas, so maybe it might be a contender for you.

Maybe, one day, they will be a major player. Until then, I’ll keep a close eye on the site to see how it progresses. Until they, you can watch some k-drama on On Demand Korea with english subtitles. Viki obviously has the largest library, but it’s possible you might find a different drama on ODK.

If you’ve found this information useful, I also post drama reviews and I have a list of a few popular k-drama tropes. There is a lot of information to find at ISWAKD. If you found this info on ODK useful, please feel free to like, comment, share, and subscribe to the blog for the latest updates.

*This is not a paid advertisement. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own.

XOXO, Andrea.


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