5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

In light of the recent loss of DramaFever, I wanted to shift gears and talk more about the dramas we can still watch. Viki is a great alternative to DramaFever. Of course, we’re SOL for anything that was a DF exclusive, but before we all fall too deep into the pits of despair, please know that there are still some good dramas we can watch.

It won’t soothe the pain completely. I know, I know. I’m still mourning the loss of 100 Days My Prince. Of course, I finally get into a historical and the drama gods taketh away. Sigh. But let’s focus on happier things…

5 reasons you should be watching the smile has left your eyes

ONE. Seo In Guk is giving all the feels as Kim Moo Young. The show does an excellent job at having his character toe the lines between good and bad. Moo Young paints a picture of himself as young, carefree, and happy, but there’s small truths that have been given that prove to us as anything but.

He lets people think of him as they will and he’s generally not concerned with others. When he’s accused of being a murderer, he cracks a joke that makes him look pretty incriminating. Moo Young puts off a lot of airs, but he’s much more vulnerable beneath the surface. Is he actually a better person than he lets on?

TWO. Jung So Min is shining brightly. Despite all that her character Jin Kang has gone through, she’s still bright and optimistic. And the best part is that she is no door mat. When need be, she tells Moo Young exactly what he needs to hear. Way to stick it to Moo Young, Jin Kang!

THREE. The atmoshphere is intense. This little gem is billed as a melodrama. There’s also a criminal plot line involving a murder. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is dark and carries an intense, sometimes uncomfortable tone.

FOUR. Adorable side characters. What can I say? I’m enjoying our side characters immensely with the exception of one or two in particular. With the heavy element, it’s fun to watch the banter and relationship unfold between Officer Yoo and Officer Tak.

FIVE. The chemistry between Seo In Guk and Jung So Min is magnetic. These two are electric on screen, and you really see the clashing of their different personalities. Still, they are drawn to each other. And when SIG stares at JSM, his intensity sends shivers down my spine. Excellent casting decisions, Drama God’s!

5 reasons you should be watching the smile has left your eyes

And there you have it. 5 reasons you should be watching The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Seo In Guk’s character is so different from his previous dramas that I can’t help but recognize his acting chops here. I may be biased, but I’m confident to say you won’t find fault with SIG here.

And for that matter, let’s not short change JSM either. I love her acting and mannerisms here. She’s cute and optimistic but realistic and blunt at the same time. Plus, her wardrobe is cute. It’s simple, not flashy, but it’s also classy with the tucked in blouses and cropped trousers. Even SIG’s wardrobe is pretty simple. Tank tops, button down plaid shirts, long sleeve tees, and jeans. (And who doesn’t love any excuse to see SIG rocking a tank top and showing off his built physique?)

I’m loving this drama to pieces. If you enjoy a good mystery, go check it out on Viki. New episodes are available every Wednesday and Thursday.


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