DramaFever Shut Down

In an abrupt move, DramaFever shut down October 16th 2018. This is a sad day as Tiff and I were in the middle of watching and recapping 100 Days My Prince. Of course, I couldn’t blog about this when it hit the news because I was sitting at the county courthouse, summoned for jury duty. I spent my entire day surrounded by jury duty related things, so it wasn’t really a possibility for me to effectively blog from my smartphone. Sigh.

What we happen? We don’t know but Tiff and I hope that Viki or somewhere can pick up 100 Days My Prince or anything that was previously licensed exclusively to DF. (One can hope even though it doesn’t seem likely.) It would be a huge shame to lose an official, legal way to watch this drama. Podcast recaps of this drama will be temporarily on hold until we find a solution to watching the rest of the episodes. Here’s what you’ll see if you go on the DramaFever website:

Now, we have one less place to watch dramas.  Between Netflix and Kocowa, it’s hard to say if this was a reason that put DramaFever out of business, but I’m willing to bet it was a contributing factor. I haven’t researched or read any articles on this, so I can’t report any official details for the closure accurately. I can only speculate based on what I’ve seen and there’s definitely more competition in the market.

I am a subscriber of DF, so I will report back if I’m refunded for my subscription plan. Stay tuned for details. I was billed yearly and had the Rookie Annual Plan (back when that was an option), so I was only paying $11.88 every April 30th. 

I hope we see more content on Viki, Kocowa, and/or Netflix now. Let’s cross our fingers that we don’t lose any other streaming services for Asian drama content.

DF closing like this, with no warning, was really shocking, but I think we’ve all noticed that their k-drama selections and licensing wasn’t what it once was. In the past two years, we’ve seen a surge of Chinese dramas but much fewer Korean dramas. Although, they’ve had some decent Korean drama selections in the past few months that have caught my attention. 

I might get together with Tiff and we’ll record a podcast with some of our thoughts, concerns, and future concerns regarding the end of DF. Let me say, I have a lot of thoughts that I didn’t want to cram into this post. It seems like that’s the only thing we’ll be podcasting about for now. Or we may have to start recapping another drama in 100 Days My Prince’s stead.  

Comment below with your thoughts on this unfortunate loss. 


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